1. Imagine our surprise. 1 Billion? Really Simone? 🙄🤔
    Do you know how ridiculous that sounds?

  2. What the hell does this have to do with the FBI, nothing, but I guess you get nothing by sueing the jerk who’s responsible

    1. Don’t tell person assault that she wanted it. Other victims had to as well their parents made them.

    2. @Michelle Biles was not forced by her parents. She went back because she liked it. She went to him hundreds of times.

  3. if cops local or federal such as fbi get sued and get found guilty tax payer money should not be used to pay for their stupidity they should pay out of pocket no more free ride

  4. Well what happened is they have already spent what they got so now they’re wanting more.

  5. The sad thing is we the tax payers will have to pay the billion dollars in this lawsuit. What should be done is take the money out of retired FBI agents pensions and make them pay and not us. Their pensions are way more than they deserve any way because they don’t do anything to deserve these huge pensions because as this case shows they don’t do anything to protect young women from sexual abusers.

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