Simone Biles speaks about mental health and decision to pull out of events before beam | USA TODAY 1

Simone Biles speaks about mental health and decision to pull out of events before beam | USA TODAY

After returning to competition and earning bronze in the balance beam, Simone Biles spoke to the media about the importance of mental health.

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  1. The thing about the Olympics is, nearly EVERY SINGLE athlete has been through or is going through hard, challenging life events.
    What matters is how they are able to cope with those challenges and persevere.
    That’s what makes the champions of the games so incredible and why we are all mesmerized by the athletes tenacity.
    Simone Biles cracked under pressure and “literally”, which is still mind blowing, WALKED OUT ON HER TEAM DURING THE COMPETITION.
    NO ONE, no “champion/goat” would ever do such a thing.
    It was disgraceful.
    Millions are spent by our country to train these Olympic athletes so they can go represent the USA.
    No Simone, it’s NOT all about “you” right now. You weren’t competing for “yourself” which even saying is a disgrace. You were competing for your country and your TEAMMATES.
    She has and still is digging herself a very deep hole by making such self centered statements. Not once has she apologized or showed anyone how bad she felt about her behavior.
    She should have at the very least, stayed with her team for the entire competition.
    Instead the “goat” has gotten a very big head and decided they weren’t worth sticking around for.
    Then she goes back and competes beam? Wow…

    1. She was there and watched every team mate in their competitions. Do you understand that if Simone had carried on she could have killed herself or been paralysed for the rest of her life? I honestly don’t understand how you could think she should have carried on

  2. The core truth is that she is eating some humble pie..a word from the wise,
    “When pride comes, then comes shame; but with the humble is wisdom.”
    Proverbs‬ ‭11:2 I wish her positive growth for her test of character development.

    1. Considering some people want to claim that being the most decorated gymnast in all history is the result of Simone getting a pity party for being black…it appears that she is treated differently by the racist public at least. I think people would believe her more for sure if she was white. There’s a study that show that even doctors that don’t appear racist tend to send black people home from the ER for the same complaint they would admit a white person. I think people are less likely to feel her pain because she is black.

  3. So she does not a have mental health issue, she was just stressed and choked. Calling that a mental health issue is an disservice and insult to anyone dealing with actual mental health issues.

    1. @lolalolalola1231412 He deserves a medal for copying and pasting the same comment in hundreds of videos.

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