Singh: 2022 budget ‘reflects the priorities’ of Liberal-NDP deal

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh explains how the new Liberal budget reflects his priorities.

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  1. If you are reading this, never ever give up. We will succeed. I’m cheering for you!

    Have a great day! 🖤

  2. I refuse to acknowledge the NDP, it’s leadership and it’s caucus for their unelected power

    1. @jake you would be too if the conservatives had a coalition with the bloc. Those voters didn’t get a say in that

    2. thank goodness then that your acknowledgement (or lack thereof) means nothing to Canada. Keep pouting lets see how that changes things

    3. @Deft One coalitions shouldn’t be allowed. The whole point of party’s, is to give Canadians a choice. Now they took away that choice.

  3. why does everyone keep saying “we need more housing” ummm no we need housing that isnt over a million for a simple family home

    1. How do you think you bring the price of housing down? The cost of housing is driven by demand vs supply. Demand outpaces supply by a massive ratio because this country’s government stopped prioritizing building housing over 20 years ago.

    2. @Fizzyx13 right? Justin trudeau: we implemented 10$ a day child care.. but raised fuel and taxes so high that it will cost you 40 to drop your kid off and 80 to feed them for the day.

    1. Yea, privatise everything, cut all social spending, give all your money to big foriegn corporations, make the poor pay.

  4. It’s amazing how many times the word tax comes out of Jugheads mouth. Would love to see his CRA filings!

    1. funny how he didn’t say it once until asked the question: “what about this 15% tax on banks making more than a billion dollars…” crazy to talk about tax in that answer

  5. Jagmeet is like trudeau, the only budget that is important is his own bank account. They dont care of ruining Canadian. Really sad to see where we are going.

    1. Look up: Ralph Epperson.

      He has a 6 part series on just what has been going on in this world for some 200 years now.

  6. “Additional elements” he is referring to is a pay raise and a guarantee he stays in office for awhile.

  7. Oh boy, this guy is such a sucker!” Well, no this didn’t happen and this we don’t agree with”.
    This is as close to any kind of power the NDP will ever have federally. We’re screwed till 2025.

  8. Banks…insurance companies..eventually big box stores will merely pass ALL new burdens and costs on to consumers….and ad a bit more for the hassle….they just dont get it.

  9. Jagmeet happy to finally have a friend. Well sort of Trudys mom used to buy all his freinds. Sad for both of them

  10. Hahahaha Jugmeet Singh again SPOKE from his experience.. He is a guy who EXPERIENCeD everything. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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