1. Show me the policy that is racist. Disparities in outcomes doesnt mean racism is responsible.

  2. If there is a systemic racism in Canada🇨🇦, Singh could have never had a chance to become a major Canadian party leader.

  3. China🇨🇳 is the source of the problem. If you look Chinese and are discriminated against,
    – blame it on China. Just say you are not a mainland Chinese.

    1. That’s sure to help when the cops are trying to arrest/stop mass-shooters, bombers, or any criminal using firearms/explosives! Brilliant!

  4. This piece is based upon an unproven premise. If we don’t have the data, why do we assume there is systemic racism?

  5. Still waiting on one of these mouthpieces to show some proof of actual ‘systemic racism’. If it’s so prevalent, surely there’s all kinds of proof?

  6. If you are going to neuter Canada’s ability to protect its citizens then you must prove that systemic racism exists first. Questioning this rapid moving revolution must not be permitted to be the basis for canceling.

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