Singh hasn’t ruled out working with Liberals in minority

Singh hasn't ruled out working with Liberals in minority 1

Jagmeet Singh says he has not ruled out working with the Liberal party in a minority gov't scenario despite Trudeau's brownface scandal.

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27 Comments on "Singh hasn’t ruled out working with Liberals in minority"

  1. Singh just lost my consideration … he won’t work with conservatives because he believes the liberal smears against them over what 2019 conservatives are saying but will work with Trudeau and his corrupt liberals because they say things that Singh agrees with while they erode and abuse our public service

  2. It’s all lies.

  3. Anyone who would even consider working with the liberal government under Trudeau will get zero support from me.
    Politicians in this country are in the sewer. They don’t care about working Canadians their only care is about power.
    I used to think Jagmeet was different but, I was wrong.

  4. This just goes to show that the NDP doesn’t mind working with corruption and hypocrisy. No one should be surprised.

  5. NDP is liberals little brother

  6. Looks like the NDP leader is a hypocrite too if he does work with them. Totally lost my respect for Mr. Singh. The NDP will never recover after they booted Mulcair.

  7. Its interesting how the demeanor of the host is one way for PPC leader ( condescending ) and another way for the NDP leader ( baby talk compassionate ).

  8. SkyAFluidInMotion | September 22, 2019 at 7:55 PM | Reply

    I would accept Trudeau’s apology if it was actually sincere and after Trudeau resigns to show he is taking responsibility.

  9. Singh let Trudeau off the hook. Never going to win anything like that.

  10. Oh I’m sorry did I miss something? Did we have the election results already?🤔

  11. The Great Dominion | September 22, 2019 at 9:44 PM | Reply

    I think we are going to find out shortly why Trudeau was dismissed from West Point Grey Academy, among other things.

  12. You Canadians have to get rid of trudeau real quick before he passes some kind of reparations. It will be all hell breaking loose if he thinks he can buy your votes. Please remove trudeau

  13. Two face one is a psychopath.

  14. Basically this pseudo Indian /Canadian doesn’t care what Trudeau has done he just smells an opportunity for power and the chance to open the floodgates for more mass immigration liberal voters, if Trudeau groped little kids he would be forgiven, He’s right about one thing though , it’s not about TURDEAU It’s about a political Opportunity. What the hell has happened to Canadian politics.

  15. Nice little inquisition, Trudy’s behavior is not a reflection of the average Canadians heart and soul.

  16. So you criticize the guy and then JOIN WITH HIM?

  17. So the timing? Steering the sympathy votes towards ndp

  18. Singh: Yes I would consider combining the NDP’s 9 seats with the Liberal party to form a coalition.

    A party that is going no where willing to latch onto a sinking ship.

  19. Singh was bought. That’s why meetings are private.

  20. Another virtue-signalling, power-hungry weakling. Have a moral backbone, already.

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