1. @Egg-Roll it’s been set at 250k per year since 91-92 by Brian Mulroney. There was also a proposal on nafta that would ruin the remaining manufacturing unions. The liberal were elected to reverse some of Mulroney’s plans and balance the budget. Well they only the libs only did one of those things with great cuts to our social security increasing taxes and lowering them for corporations.

    2. @Starky513 Any government before it? Trudeau with about 35% and Singh with even less? It’s like the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks holding hands to keep power. Christ, what a disaster.

    3. @Belly Dancer How does immigration HELP ANY nation? They come in w nothing and BANKRUPT the govt w all their NEEDS. Wake up. Or perhaps you are deliberately deceiving ppl.

    1. Yeah, She’s Joyce Napier.
      A realy competente journalist, and frankly, I think she have even more teeth in french !

    2. No. The Liberals are neoliberals and hopefully their desire for privatization and p3s will finally be reigned in.

    1. Actually they are working to turn Canada into a dictatorship with Trudeau running the show and Singh being put into a high position.

    2. Stephen absolutely.!!! Singh yapping about the dental and pharma for so long and “affordable” housing 1500$ rent. OR you have to have 43000 a year Gross income. And never did anything about that. He is not on side of hard working Canadians.

  1. How come politicians never answer questions? They just ignore what was asked and continue talking about something else.

    1. It’s a lefty thing. Trump used to answer questions directly. Love him or hate him he started 0 wars.

    1. They would be better off in a coalition with some cabinet seats. Hypothetically . You’re right the NDP get some of their legislation passed but no real power on how they are rolled out or priority when. It comes to time frame. Like another “goal” to reach

    2. @Christopher power Every election I hope for this coalition. The young liberals have allies in the ndp. It’s the bosses that hold back progress.

  2. What a huge disappointment this guy is. I don’t understand how he can say they’re here for Canadians when everything is insanely expensive and you can’t peacefully protest.. joke

    1. We will be protesting it or we will be living in Justin’s commie dream and I’m not willing to do that. This summer will be border to border protests

  3. Congrats to Justin and Jagmeet for bravely coming out of the closet and finally embracing what we’ve all known for years.

    1. @Ifyagotajab Uradumsheep Who pays for rebuilding your house when it burns down? Your insurance company does, but it’s all the premiums paid by individuals who really pay for it. Well, it’s the same thing with government programs. Taxes are like insurance premiums with the exception that there is no profit to be paid to insurance companies.

    2. You know if Singh sees this he will call you a racist, why? Idk but we all know he doesn’t know how to identify racism and discrimination.

  4. Yes, indeed Singh is soundling like every other politician after we had to suffer through his ragging on Trudeau for years.

  5. Between Singh’s stance against the convoy protesters and this, the NDP will never get my vote again

    1. You guys were told many times that a vote for the NDP is a vote for Trudeau and you refused to listen, so shame on all of you.

  6. Of course he’s going on a spending spree: it’s not his money. It’s our grandchildren’s money.

  7. This dude really knows how to sign blank cheques.

    Thanks to everyone who voted liberal and NDP last autumn.

  8. This has been a thing for years, it’s just official now. Canada has fallen. Best of luck to everyone out there

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