Singh pledges to end for-profit long-term care if elected 1

Singh pledges to end for-profit long-term care if elected


An NDP government would ban the opening of any new for-profit care homes for seniors, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said Tuesday.

Speaking to reporters on campaign trail in Mississauga, Ont., he said his party, if elected, would implement a plan to take profit out of long-term care homes and would create national care standards to hold institutions to account.

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    1. “who would run a hospital for free?” they don’t but they don’t run for profit either. It’s called public services. We’ve had them for decades

  1. Now a Toronto billion dollar company is buying homes and condos and rental buildings on Vanvouver Island
    Also PM Trudeau brought in 350000 immigrants to Canada July 2021 and they had to have money to start businesses in Canada buy real estate and be skilled workers. We know of one that bought my aunts property a private residence and the business is renting a room out. It sold instantly they purchased sight unseen from Toronto my aunt lives Rural alberta Trudeau wanted an influx of money into the economy. So rental units are full and real estate unattainable and no training put towards the almost 2 million unemployed Canadians. And non of these 350000 were refugees or refugees from Afghanistan who helped keep our troops alive for 20 years.

  2. He literally parks his bike on the parliament building and doesn’t use a bike rack. If he’s breaking the rules just for that imagine what else he would
    do if power was given to him.

  3. An idea like that would easily be challenged under the Charter and struck down. This would be worse than the half baked social programs that were created under Lester Pearson, Pierre Trudeau, and Tom Kent.

  4. Low income housing are also hard hit from job loss.
    Liberals abandoned them but cutting CRB… gigs and food bank not jobs are keeping little food on the table.
    An anti-poor conservative government for Canada will only lead to civil unrests.

  5. I don’t think Singh has any idea what the long term care system is really like. The government run facilities are far worse than private because they are unionized and instead of firing staff on the spot for abuse and neglect they “re-educate” them and send them back to work where they continue the same behavior.

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