Singh unveils NDP’s costed campaign platform, vows to go after those who ‘rig the economy’

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  1. If you extract wealth from a country, you must fairly pay your taxes… charity should not count as political power. After all the convolutions it’s really that simple.

    1. @Dave Dismantled No, not being paid a livable wage is Slavery yet the corporations you defend do just that. They exploit a desperate workforce to the bone, they leave, and another round of workers come in with no change in work atmosphere. It’s despicable and It’s capitalism gone too far

  2. You voted him in all those times? What does it take for you to make a rational decision….sorry mate you won’t get my vote.

    1. And pushed the Liberals to double the CERB, increase wage subsidy, bring paid sick leave, and give assistance to students. Did you even look at the NDP track record?

  3. Why is child care the only issue here< there’s a whole lot more….who paid for these lame questions….pathetic. The questions are infantile….a possible president needs a lot more of a grilling….

    1. you are correct…it means nothing to my entire extended family…no one is under 20…the economy is always the most important issue….everything depends on the economy..

  4. He wants to increase spending. Who is he kidding? The working class always pays because of these champagne politicians. Get a job Jughead and use your own money.

    1. He wants to tax the ultra-rich who hide their money in tax havens and shell companies. Are you a proxy for the ultra-rich?

    2. Canada is broke and stretched to the limit. Singh—“time to spend more money.” Massive tax increases on the way.

    3. @WE’RE HAVING A SHITQUAKE Broke and stretched to the limit with consecutive Liberal and Conservative governments at the helm. Time for a change.

  5. I see negatives in all the parties. I don’t trust any of them. I’m voting for Darth Vader and the Emperor. They will get things done….oh wait, they’re not real….darn. Keep smiling 🤘😃

    1. Lol!! Check out the PPC, complete opposite of all these guys!! You might feel like you actually have a choice, haha… refreshing really

    2. I will vote for a better tomorrow. Lord Vader for Prime chancelor of the galactic Empire formally known as Canada.

  6. trudeau hasn’t prosecuted a single case of tax evasion…how can he when he is doing it himself? you think he is going to arrest himself, try himself and throw himself in jail? look at how useless the rcmp are, they won’t even investigate trudeau when the ethics commission found him guilty of interfering in the lavalin case

    1. @MrPitbull his spending is reasonable when you take the increased revenue into account. The non-partisan PBO says they will have a smaller deficit than the Libs or Cons

  7. I’m not sure if its because of my financial background but I just cant take Jagmeet serious. I actually like his ideas but he is all rhetoric no specifics. I prefer he actually gives dollar amounts and percentages. For example, a wealth tax increase of this percentage will amount to this amount of money which will go towards housing affordability, pharmacare. This may be in the costed platform but its important to say those numbers when you are speaking because most canadians are not going to read through all that. Just my thoughts.

  8. Most Canadians…. “nah, Ima keep voting for the same political party I’ve always voted for, that my Daddy always voted for and that his Daddy always voted for before him. Change is too scary!!!”

  9. Jagmeet does a terrible job at explaining his point but he’s right that the ultra wealthy are sickeningly wealthy and the wealth is extremely concentrated in the hands of only a few. This is not healthy for democracy. Look up neoliberalism…endless wars, the super wealthy, exporting jobs to the 3rd world. Everyone else gets poorer except for the 0.1% who only get richer.

    1. True. Jack Layton was much better at articulating this than Jagmeet. NDP is gonna need a new leader if they wanna actually steal progressive votes from the liberals.

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