1. …btw …would love some one in medical to chat , who can read numbers( Singapore ) …I feel like pulling their wings off today ..

    1. Lol Trudeau would have already been gone through a no confidence vote but the ndp voted it down. Better do some research before you fall for his smoke and mirrors

  2. what are you selling ? smoke screen , jumbie politic when did justin cut health care. stop pulling this country apart.

    1. @Islay Lamb why ? Because he propped up Trudeau at every chance he could. He voted against the no confidence vote to go through. That should be enough of a reason

  3. I’m all for prioritizing healthcare. What is the lower priority item that will be reduced? That’s the rub. Nobody will accept a reduction in anything to ensure high priority programs are funded.

    1. @ransom182 Sure, put that on the reduction list. It won’t be enough considering the huge deficit overhang, but it’s something. Corporate lobbyist have been doing a booming business since the current government took office. They will object. Unifor supports the current government quite strongly. They will withdrawal their support if any of their members suffer job cuts due to the reduced government largesse.

  4. jughead has all these brain fart ideas but no clue how it will be funded and payed for! spend tax spend tax spend tax the ndp and liberal way no difference between the two both are the same clown show!

    1. @Max Weinbach no its called they don’t have a clue in the world what fiscal responsibility is! they just spend and tax everyone to death when a bag of grapes cost 10$ because of inflation caused by idiotic spending its a huge problem!

    2. @420CRiMePaYz420 sure but with proper budgeting, you can give additional funding to health care. Other areas will suffer but that’s the essence of budgeting; some things have to go.

    3. @Max Weinbach in order to ”budget” you have to have money this country is broke the most debt in this countries history trudohh put more debt in his time as pm then ALL THE PM’s in this countries history combined he’s borrowing money from the boc with high interest rates Canada is being bankrupted liberals cant even pay off the interest on the money they are borrowing let alone pay off the whale sized deficit!

    4. @420CRiMePaYz420 so nothing will help? Doesn’t matter who we vote for then, according to your logic.
      There’s still government revenues and there’s such things as short term and long term obligations. It’s how you allocate resources (budget) that matter.
      Also the person in the video isn’t Trudeau. I’m not vouching for him, just saying.

  5. Explain how you’re going to pay for it Singh. This is nothing but empty words. Its nonsense from a weak leader who supported Trudeau on everything.

  6. Better to train and hire more nurses, soon, as many of them are retiring or leaving the profession after the pandemic surges. One only needs to remember that the military was asked to send in its medical units to deal with the lack of care in long-term care facilities, only to find them in appalling conditions. There’s a lack of nursing staff at many hospitals and clinics, now, (no thanks to Trudeau and the provincial leaders). Any other party leaders promoting this, in this federal election? Apparently, only the NDP is putting this issue forward. Meanwhile, Trudeau can explain why ranked-ballots are so important!

  7. Instead of increase funding. How about do a better job and quicker job? We all know the health care workers are very well paid!!!

  8. We want the home rent to get down I am earning that much and I pay it all just for a one bedroom apartment nothing to save or eat

  9. Just Like Trudeau, Singh Will Have To Print The Money To Pay For That , Effectively Putting Our Children into Blockchains And Indebted Servitude.

  10. The last segment this translator sucks over all but the last segment had me dying of laughter ” so this promise will increase the problem” LMAO

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