Single Mother Standing Tall Despite her Disabilities | TVJ News - Oct 4 2021 1

Single Mother Standing Tall Despite her Disabilities | TVJ News – Oct 4 2021


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  1. It is a blessing to know u determined to do all the u can do to provide for ur children with the mind set to help others ur bless God is going to give u ur heart desires trust God and continue to pray I bless u and ur family with the blessing of God amen

    1. @Silver Cat Christianity controls peoples through fear bullying and brainwashing, I have a university education I know the truth! Christianity is a money making business plain and simple! There’s no invisible man hiding in the clouds watching anyone! The preachers lied to you lol

    2. @Page Onethe word religion mess up the society ,everyone wants to create their own religion, listen I’m not trying to convince you into believing anything, walk good

  2. This is the Lady THATS reaaly needs help. She has potential very determine to move on and pursue a great life and her future will be great

  3. The money most of you peoples is giving these churches why don’t you help peoples like this lady don’t you think that money would go to better use ? Your imaginary friend sweet Jesus doesn’t need money ! By helping or sponsoring a child can help to keep children off the streets and away from gangs!

  4. This is the type of person who requires help not just some random people with 10 kids. These people come first

  5. What an amazing lady to watch . I need to complain less about my circumstances and work with what I have .

  6. Dah lady ya mek mi know say mi lazy an mi have too many ezcuses,,,a mind control body ,,with confidence you have already won,,she is going go back to school and get her masters in Mathematics like she says,,,Thanks for highlighting this Amazing Woman

  7. Lady your and inspire ration, never give up my Jamaican queen,these are the stories we need to hear on profile each Sunday, believe me I respect you queen.

  8. These people with ” money” are helping those who have zero disability and the disabled aren’t getting assistance. The government of Jamaica need to put in measures to help the disables because the too need to be happy and comfortable. So if people don’t come on social media and ask for help can’t they see that they need help?

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