Situation in Bakhmut is ‘much worse than officially reported,’ Ukrainian soldiers say

Ukrainian soldiers in Bakhmut describe a worsening situation on the ground as Russian forces continue to apply pressure to capture the eastern Ukrainian city. #CNN #News


  1. Allies take too damn long to deliver weapons and denying Ukraine on the weapons they need to do the job. Always talking about puttin feelings of escalate. Russia already escalate long time.

    1. @Ništa Ukraine of course would like this to be over, but Russia should want to hurry up and finish this, because they are rapidly expending their stock of old shells and proving incapable of producing anywhere near enough new ones, and N. Korea and Iran can only supply so many. The Chinese might be reluctant to supply them with shells. India will not supply shells. Russia currently relies on artillery for most of this war effort. What will they do if they run out of artillery shells and have to use only as much as the Ukrainians use?

    2. @Lotso Huggin Bear How is this relevant? (BTW, Democrats overwhelmingly know what gender they are, too, including the transgender ones.)

  2. The population pre war was the same in Bakhmut as in Sieverodonetsk about 70,000. The river does provide a barrier. Once again for a pass through withdrawal to high ground.

    1. ​@Billy_Herrington1969 Nobody cares about Ukranian civilians their irrelevant.Any negotiation that would have saved their lives should have taken place before the tanks rolled across the border.

    2. Let us pray, ‘Virgin Mary Mother of Christ, with Ukraine the first country consecrated to you, please protect Bakhmut from Putin, the Russian soldiers and Wagner group. Alleluia. Amen.

    3. @Shurely Russia lost the information blitzkrieg and is not trying to take revenge on this front. just grinds Western resources and people. under this noise, the economy of Europe is humiliated.
      it was the first, and the second you don’t know Russian to make the right requests in telegram

  3. Love the morons in the comment section who can’t understand the concept of gathering resources and buying time, which is what the Ukrainians have been doing for months. The situation with tanks and supplies is obviously the most important right now, not losing territory that no one lives in anymore. I have complete confidence in Ukrainian military leadership that the situation will eventually get better. The politicians will not look good after they lose Bahmut, and this reflects poorly on Zelensky, but that’s a part of war.

    1. No it’s just funny because our media tells us every day ukraine is undefeatable and then tell us they lost another city . Meanwhile Russia goes back a inch and “Russia is on the brink of collapse “

    1. Imagine a world where the NATO-NAZI has no adversaries and can do us all like they did Japan/Middle East, if Russia can’t push the NATO-NAZI back, that very well may be the world we’ll have to live in, it may be “paradise” for some but it will be hell for most!!

    2. Ahhhh.. those “full semi-automatics” are WAY WORSE than the regular semi-automatics! Hahahaha

  4. I have seen Bakmut as the Mariupol of the East for some time now. I would say that the importance of this battle is not importance of the city but the importance of Russian casualties. If Bakmut offers the potential of greater Russian casualties then it is worth the fight. The city itself is already a complete ruin, so it’s not like there is anything there worth saving.

    1. @Bob NZ your part. Wishing people to go to the front line or whatever silliness you came out with.
      But I do agree that the war could have easily been avoided.

    2. Bakhmut has a very large salt mine, that’s been built up throughout the years, like a city. With over a 100 miles of tunnels that can transport vehicles. They’ve even had concerts and soccer matches

    3. Ukraine has taken way more casualties trying to hold it. Majority of casualties come from artillery. Which the Russians have a major advantage
      This is leveraged by the defenders being immobilized.

    4. It is strategically important because it is the rail hub to the North, South and West, as well as many highways

  5. Ukrainians urgently need air support and superiority over their country. I fear that they have suffered too many casualties to maintain this ground war. They should have been training from the very beginning of this war to operate the F16 or any other warplane our allies have.

    1. @Jeremy Dussault Nato have proved its capabilities in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya… Just massive air power against defenseless countries. Against Russia, it won’t stand a single chance.

    2. ​@Bob Padokdon’t compare useless conservatives government in UK with rest of Europe. NATO is ready for war. Better trained soldiers, more advanced equipment. Now you troll – join Russian orcs. Plastic bags are waiting for you in Ukraine

    3. ​@Mourad BelkasLol 😆 🤣 sore looser. Russia is struggling and bleeding for a year now to keep up with Ukrainians. If NATO got involved it would take maybe a month and Russia is no more. Keep dreaming

  6. Greater love has no one than this That he laid down his life for his friends God bless these Valiant defenders of their homeland.

    1. Matters must be bad for Fake News Network to tell it as it is. No heros here, just fools fighting a proxy war and losing.

    2. @Benjamin …said the Christians as they pillaged, raped and killed…Nature demands you hate your enemies, always defend yourself and kill those who have the ballz to steal from you, otherwise you will starve to death if you’re not raped and killed by some Christian first!!

    3. Zelensky and the USA led NATO disobeyed Jesus. Hence will be severely defeated.

      Luke 6:30
      Jesus said
      Give to everyone who asks of you and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back.

  7. “more and more demonstrations against what’s happening” may be true but those Russians seem to primarily be against how poorly the war is being conducted and not the immorality of the war.

  8. Well… Bastogne has significance as it included the intersection of multiple roads, some of which would allow German forces to push to the west and threaten other units. I would equate this more to Stalingrad (in miniature). Stalingrad became a focus, not for its strategic importance but because it became significant to Hitler and Stalin – essentially because it was named after Stalin. The fight for the city sucked in massive numbers of troops and material, and the Russian strategy to send just enough resources to hold it while they prepared an offensive seems familiar in this situation.

    1. @G Rich the equipment being sent is already paid for, your argument is moot because of this fact. Go complain to your local representative, city council, or congresspeople. Complaining here is pointless and makes you look like a whiny twit

    2. @G Rich I can tell you are just a child because your lack of understanding and why we are helping goes beyond just education. Nothing that you said has anything to do with our supporting allies. You are the type of person that is out with his “so-called friends” gets into a fight and then runs away as his friends are getting bullied and beat up. Helping our allies does not stop any suggestion you made for back home at all. If you want to stop supporting something how about REPUBLICANS who are actively fighting against those very programs you mentioned. No, you won’t do anything about that you will just complain about one thing which has nothing to do with the other. Now I understand the push for free education because you so desperately need one.

  9. The comparison to Bastogne is inapt. Bastogne was a key road junction that the Germans absolutely HAD to take in order to continue the attack to the west in the necessary strength. A better comparison is to Verdun, which was irrelevant strategically speaking, but became vital simply because both sides decided to fight for it. Stalingrad might be a similar comparison as well — not necessary in a military sense, but vital politically and morally to both sides.

    1. @G Rich Hey Rich.
      Sometimes you have to use both,brain and heart.America has been assisting to resolve problems in tbe world and America must continue doing that.
      Can’tyou see we are now at a brink of III World war.
      Please .an,think for the others as well,not about yourself only.

    2. @G Rich We’re spending a fraction of our defense budget to get major reductions in the army and economy of the biggest threat to NATO countries we’ve seen in years, which we are a member of, and bound by article five to defend. At the same time, our partners have suddenly realized that defense is something they should be spending money on, instead of just relying on us. It’s been a win, win, for the US. I personally think if Ukraine can take back the rest of their country, we should help them, as much as we can. Not to mention it’s morally right. I say Slava Ukraine.

    3. ​@Wiseman Sifiso Hey, Wiseman thank you for amusing me so much I couldn’t stop laughing. Of course America could not stop to continue doing so. Taking money from your pockets.

    4. @alexander lazarev Alexander Lazarev.Not like that my good friend.
      America is assisting the world to stop the invasions. Look how Putin is destroying Ukraine…
      But he still blames others(the west).
      America is and the west are promoting peace,unlike Putin.

  10. Generally when Zelenskyy says “increasingly difficult” or some such for a week or more it’s a way to brace the public for news of a strategic retreat. Ukrainian civilians are traumatized enough, of course he’s not going to state conditions as “hellish,” nor lower morale by saying it.

    1. ​@Notyourbusinesshaha! Troll. ‘needs more cash money from American tax payers’ ill pay my tax happily if it goes to military aid to Ukraine! Its only about 15$ a week.

  11. Bakhmut was important in preventing Putin from having a victory to announce just before the one year anniversary of the war when he addressed the Russian people recently. While the city isn’t important in and of itself, it is bleeding Russia troops and weapons. More importantly, it is providing Ukraine with the time it needs to get the Western tanks/armored fighting vehicles and the GPS-guided glide bomb, along with the necessary training on them, as well as allowing the Ukrainians soldiers to receive combined arms training to use them effectively. The average Ukrainian soldier is better trained and equipped that the average Russian soldier (even the elite Russian soldiers). Once late spring/early summer comes, Ukraine will launch their counteroffensive and Russia will be in a world of hurt.

    1. Those are Western fairy tales. NATO trained Ukrainians are losing to inexperienced Russian convicts fighting for a private army in bahkmut, the 500k experienced Russian soldiers that Putin mobilized haven’t even started fighting yet. NATO training and weaponry are just overrated junk that have failed to help Ukraine so far and wont help going forward since even the west themselves have admitted to running out of weapons to send Ukraine.

  12. “A small town at the intersection of a couple of roads and a couple of railway junctions.” Later, this smart general will say: “Ukraine is an insignificant country with several roads and several railway junctions” …

    1. I’ll take the assessment from a competent US General from a competent Army and you can take assessment from clueless Russian generals from Russia’s clown army 😂

    2. @james Oh sure! Brave Americans are the winners of the Papuans! The Americans have become famous for centuries with the “indelible glory” of the valiant killers of defenseless savages ..)

    1. It’s closer to 4 kilometers. The Russians have been saying Bakhmut is nearly cut off/captured for the past 8 months they’ve been assaulting the city. They’ll most likely take it when the Ukrainians have decided they’ve killed enough Russians. It’ll be a pyrrhic victory for the Russians and a pitiful showing that they’ve taken so long to capture a city where they have greatly outnumbered the defenders in every category.

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