Skeptics Change Their Mind About Covid Vaccine As Cases Soar In Mississippi 1

Skeptics Change Their Mind About Covid Vaccine As Cases Soar In Mississippi


Skeptics change their mind about Covid vaccine as cases soar in Mississippi
Ellison Barber brings the latest from Mississippi where some skeptics are changing their mind about the Covid vaccine as cases soar to "catastrophic" levels.

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  1. All these people refusing masks and vaccines are indirectly responsible for the people who die, because a bed is unnecessarily being taken away, when prompt treatment could have saved that patient’s life.

    1. @S McDonald I think the ones with the mental problems are the violent vaxxers says the unvaxxed all should die. Many are instigating hate crimes.

    2. @Sandi Harris ivermectin is an anti-parasitic. I can’t even guess how it would work for a virus. That makes zero sense. But then again, I’m guessing you think colloidal silver is a great cure all as well

    3. @S McDonald Numbers don’t lie unless overly cooked. We could discuss. I will accept minus a little cooking that possibly 90 percent of deaths are unvaccinated. That leaves out rather risky jabs though

    1. @cat videos – My definition of activism involves recognizing reality and taking responsibility for my own well-being rather than throwing tantrums, denying that there’s anything I can do or any need for me to do it. A virtuous person also recognizes that his actions can affect others and does what he can to avoid causing them danger. You wouldn’t know this, but that’s what living in a society and not inside your own navel means.

    2. @Jonas P Why don’t you show me a study on that or the long term effects of the vaccine? Oh yeah, you are just making stuff up or repeating what the fake media has told you.

      Real studies or just pipe down. No one trusts liberals anymore.

  2. If I was a nurse or doctor it would be very Hard for me to stay in the workforce. Your job and joy is to help people. But seeing majority ppl in the hospital now were unvaccinated and unmasked. This is insane. Enough is enough.

    1. Wrong. The CDC no longer tracks or reports covid breakouts by the vaccinated. And just look at what companies/ agencies do not mandate vaccines… the cdc is one of them (for employees).

    2. @William Diaz like the jab injuries? Go look up VARS… and the censored doctors who are treating ppl with vaccine injuries. Too bad the media doesn’t report on those injuries … it’s super scary

  3. All these anti-vaccine people keeps telling us that this is about freedom and personal choice. First, you need to be alive to enjoy freedom and by not taking vaccine, you are taking away other people’s choice of being safe.

    1. @Jennifer Nordlund : You don’t have the right to knowingly spread disease. If you want to be unvaccinated and not wear a mask, stay home.

    2. @Trumpocalypse oh big whiny baby I don’t have any diseases that I’m spreading. Stay home yourself.

  4. A few words come to mind about the physicians amazement and none of them are good. As “being amazed” can either be horrific or joyful in today’s world of rhetoric.

  5. I live in Jacksonville Fl a dead RED area, and we have high numbers of cases. I will say that since cases of the Delta variant have become worse, I have noticed almost everybody wearing masks again in places like Wal Mart. More people are getting vaccinated as well. Sad this has become political, but people are wising up

    1. @Stuffstuffington Stuff I dare you to give cpr to a dying covid patient with no PPE. I didn’t think so.

    2. Simply amazing how many countries created their version of pokes all in record time and how despite rigorous tests they are all considered safe. I have a feeling new vaccines and boosters are going to continue to come out all over the world for who knows what and be mandatory.

    3. @Buck Benelli Yeah, that proves what? All emotion, no brain. That’s a great way to F the whole country as we’ve seen over the last 5 years.

  6. You’ll notice, but our poor Republican friend hasn’t, he has 1/2 a dozen comorbidities boiling inside his body. He may have saved his life more ways than 1.

  7. When anyone is wrong about anything and they change their mind thanks to information, it shows a level of intelligence that makes us human.

    1. The vaccine has been available for about 6 months and the pandemic has been raging for about 1 1/2 years. How long does it take the average human to become intelligent ?

    2. Yeah, but when it takes the healthcare system nearly collapsing before people listen to that information that’s widely available and scientifically credible these people are about as intelligent as fried chicken.

    3. @Seymour Butts Unfortunately right-wing news and anti-vax nutters have been covering up the actual facts for all that time. Those who listen to them are unfortunate, to say the least.

    4. @Seymour Butts We’re not talking about the average human. We’re talking about America’s right wing. 2 billion humans fully vaccinated and we’re the most infected country and have easy access to the vaccine. Our problem is unique.

    1. Nonsense, paleontologists have found evidence that dinosaurs hoarded toilet paper as the asteroid approached.

  8. IQ45: I’m proud of the vaccine. I came up with it
    Fox: Trumpoison doesn’t work
    MTG: Trumpoison is failing like Trump

  9. The stupid have been dying off for many reasons since the beginning of time. This is just more stupidity at a greater level.

  10. Great job sir!! I can regain respect for a person that objectively looks at the data eventually and corrects their decision. Hope many many more follow your lead

  11. They claim to be so concerned about not knowing what is in the vaccine and yet they are obese people who stuff their face with fast food and GMOs.

  12. What happened to Southern Hospitality? That should include taking the vaccine to help your neighbors.

    It seems like southerners are leaning toward in-hospitality.

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