1. The only true precaution would have been not to go. But for those who aren’t wimps and want to go anyway, there are ways to prevent bad things from becoming worse. Those crevices are practically invisible from the surroundings as you just saw, so when you go on these trips don’t go alone, and bring some climbing gear like ropes and possibly ice picks. Bring first aid equipment, and a way to call for help if you need to.

    1. No, that is prevented
      by skill. Skill frees an alertness that hovers over the situation and tells you exactly what youโ€™re at, exactly on time.
      This enables you to stay in control of yourself and the situation, whatever the situation may be. Bowels included.

  1. With a lot of luck – add that to โ€œwith the help ofโ€ – how that skier was able to get out alive

  2. Even though he survived the fall, it could’ve been days, weeks, MONTHS before anyone found him (IF they found him at all)

  3. So they carried a couple hundred feet of rope… nice.
    I once punched through ~10 feet above a flowing stream… just my bud and I. Just to my waist, crawled to solid pack.

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