Sky News Unplugged: Snooper’s Charter

Sky News Unplugged: Snooper's Charter 1


We're debating the merits of the Snooper's Charter with Sky's Technology Correspondent Tom Cheshire and Political Correspondent Beth Rigby

2 Comments on "Sky News Unplugged: Snooper’s Charter"

  1. sound quality is crap, plus who cares about policies making cause every
    government lies through their teeth.

  2. Snooper’s Charter has probably been pushed to justify past actions rather
    than future actions. Just to make it legal to commit the act itself.

    Most of the public have no idea how equipment interference works, many have
    not been exposed to things like having their phones/computers restarted and
    internet not working when they really need it to work.

    Or directions altered on their way somewhere, or another voice in your
    phone calls etc.

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