Sky News Witnesses Distressing Refugee Rescue

Sky News Witnesses Distressing Refugee Rescue 1


15 January 2016
Sky News has filmed distressing footage of the ongoing human toll of migrants trying to cross into Europe, with three children drowning in one rescue attempt. Lisa Holland's report contains distressing images of the rescue.

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14 Comments on "Sky News Witnesses Distressing Refugee Rescue"

  1. Feel guilty yet? Hilary Clinton did this yet we have to take the risk?
    Saudi Arabia have taken none of these people in and that is a perfect place
    for them, after all they are rich and live under Islamic law….

  2. this is old footage

  3. Adopt the Australian approach to illegal migrants – no asylum to those who
    come uninvited

  4. more bullshit propaganda from the corrupt mainstream media.

    • pseudo “dumb guy” intellectual | September 6, 2016 at 3:32 PM | Reply

      tell me. what is their motive? what does the media hope to accomplish with
      this “propaganda”?

  5. This is mis titled. False advertising?

  6. A new life in Europe? Refugees are only meant to be given temporary stay to
    protect them from the war. When the war is over in Syria, they go home. No
    European nations are supposed to be handing out citizenship like it’s free

    • Europe has plan in Syria and here is the outcomes. They support the
      militants in Syria and they caused all of this. God always is just.

  7. Tell Rupert Murdoch to invite them all to stay at his home

  8. Rebekah Mcfatridge | September 6, 2016 at 1:43 PM | Reply

    the Saudi King Yemen and the other Mideast country’s are closer and
    compatible with these people..they should not come to the west..we can’t
    afford them and we know it’s the caliphate we don’t want sharia law and we
    won’t convert…and this is old…more propaganda for the West to choke on
    …don’t fall for this bs

    • In the first place European should stop interfering in other countries
      politics and this would not have happened at all. No one will ever think to
      come Europe to implement sharia law.

  9. big human crisis, stop raging wars and creating instability in any country
    around the globe. leave the world peaceful. crying, drowning in cold and
    deep ocean babies are requesting.

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