Slavitt As Vaccinations Ramp Up: 'We're Not Out Of This Pandemic Yet' | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Slavitt As Vaccinations Ramp Up: ‘We’re Not Out Of This Pandemic Yet’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


As the number of coronavirus vaccinations increases in the country, cases are also climbing. White House covid-19 adviser Andy Slavitt tells Stephanie Ruhle that lifting restrictions as millions remain unvaccinated is "the equivalent of playing with fire." Aired on 03/30/2021.
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Slavitt As Vaccinations Ramp Up: 'We're Not Out Of This Pandemic Yet' | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Governor ducey in Arizona has opened up all of the bars and gyms. This is what led to the huge surge in May of last year. He refuses to listen to the doctors who strongly advised against this. He only has political ambitions and simply does not care.

  2. Is the person was vaccinated they should still wear a mask because they could be asymptomatic they should be carrying the Cove it around and without a mask on their spreading it

  3. If it’s Just A Flu With 99% Survival Rate, why are Asian Americans being blamed and assaulted as if they brought over the Zombie Apocalypse?

    1. How Dare you use Logic! I’m sure that all the… Americans busy attacking Koreans and Japanese and Thai and Filipinos etc etc etc because of China will explain themselves perfectly reasonably and –

      Oh. They’ve all ran away. What a shock.

    2. Because stupid people need someone to blame even though its clearly the gov and our leaders on both sides who made thw flu and pandemic and a few months quarantines to years. These reasons make people incredibly frustrated

  4. While there are clear quantitative criteria for identifying when an epidemic or pandemic can be declared, there don’t seem to be any clear criteria for when such things are over. I’m not an epidemiologist, but the principle I operate by is to compare Covid-19 to other highly contagious and severe diseases, like tuberculosis, malaria, polio, measles, and necrotizing fasciitis. None of these diseases have disappeared from the planet, but they have all declined in incidence to a blessed and manageable minimum. How many cases of any of these in your local area within a short period would give you cause for concern and extreme caution? If there were 50 cases of measles in your city of 400,00 during the last 48hrs, would you send your child to school? Would you be careful who you associated with and how? When the local case count for Covid-19 declines to a rate we’d be comfortable with for any of these other serious diseases, THEN you can consider the pandemic over. Until then, mask up, wash up, and keep your distance.

    1. Federalism versus States Rights has been a debate since our founding days. No other country has this high level of contradiction. Which is why a place like China can move an entire nation in one direction quickly, while it takes the US decades.

    2. @Bat Boy That’s a true complicating factor. At the same time, all it takes is a persuasive and consistent message from the top to fill in the gaps in all the state-to-state inconsistencies in formal mandate. Plenty of people in states that did not require masks still wore them and made efforts to stay home. Just not enough of them, largely BECAUSE of the inconsistent and inappropriately persuasive messages from the top and from their state.
      As for China, many Asian nations have a tradition of masking up, simply because of higher population density. The provinces have their own bosses and practices, but if Beijing says “Jump”, they say “How high?”. It’s what Trump *tried* to do with Georgia, but couldn’t get done. But that’s a whole other discussion.

    1. @kathy weis Trump didn’t fall down at all! Dementia Joe fell down 3 times and it is likely a cognitive disorder that caused him to fall 3 TIMES!!

    2. @Ro G Biden couldn’t even hold a press conference, without a huge book of answers! Dementia Joe Teleprompter turned to the wrong page and when asked about gun control he talked about infrastructure for 5 minutes!

    3. @Karen Rowland No they both did but Biden had more kids and banned the press! Haven’t you seen the pictures of kids being held in conditions worse than Trump had them in? This is a fact that you could deny but you would be wrong! I think you know what is going on but you only cared when it was Trump!

  5. “Stay calm, it will go away. You know it — you know it is going away, and it will go away, and we’re going to have a great victory.” – The Commander in Bleach, one year ago today.

    1. @Lil John Really? Please tell us what specifically did he do to enable the vaccine? Was he running the trials? Was he doing the research? He didn’t even sign the check that funded the first vaccine. Germany’s money funded it. The only thing t’rump did was entertain us with his stupidity!

    2. Baby Ro, Operation warp speed was a big investment of money and taking a chance that a vaccine could be made in record time! While Dementia Joe Fingers said preventing the coronavirus is xenophobic and Rotting Corpse Pelosi told people to gather in China town, nothing to worry about!

    3. Yet you’re still obsessed with him. Focus on joe and what his handlers tell him what to do and say lol

  6. Better to be safe then sorry think of it like buying another gun for that just in case moment that you hope never happens but want to have all the bases covered

  7. Civil discourse was abandoned 4 years ago and has spread like wildfire. If you don’t want to wear a mask don’t. If you don’t want the shot then don’t. You also don’t have to talk crazy about people who disagree with you. To each his own

  8. Does anybody know where I can find the story of the two black girls who killed the Pakistani taxi driver here on MSNBC? I can’t find it anywhere.

  9. Wish some were not so negative….Biden was elected fair and square….Russian HACKS need to go.

  10. Soon you will have to have a bar code I.D. on your smart phone in order to get on a plane or go into most public places. Not sure exactly how it will develop but everyone will probably have an I.D.

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