Slavitt Discusses Role Businesses Should Play To Encourage Vaccinations 1

Slavitt Discusses Role Businesses Should Play To Encourage Vaccinations


Former White House Senior Advisor for the Covid-19 response, Andy Slavitt, and CNBC's Andrew Ross Sorkin joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss whether corporate America should require vaccinations or enforce other rules for the unvaccinated while hesitancy persists throughout the country and restrictions loosen. Sorkin says that "business is the last line of defense" and Slavitt explains why his job ended as coronavirus cases tick up and variants spread.

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Slavitt Discusses Role Businesses Should Play To Encourage Vaccinations


  1. So… Business’ role is to discriminate? Shame? Use fear and divisive rhetoric?

    The ends justify the means.
    “In THIS house we believe science is REAL!”

    1. If you don’t think business have the right to enforce rules designed to protect their employees, you got an entitlement problem.

    2. @Demetria Karnavas
      (Gasp) they don’t want to bake a cake because it violates their deeply held religious beliefs?!

      Just shut it, hypocrite.

    3. Demetria, in this case it is the fact that the State and Fed Gov were counting on every business to throw down the hammer on vaccinated employees. Therefore becoming the bad guys in all of this and our fearless leaders would just sit back and say the same thing you did. And now that that isn’t happening Slavitt is whining about it.

    4. @M W F You’re a drama queen if you think the state and feds are counting on every business to require its employees to get vaccinated.

    1. Of course Rubio pushed to the head of the line to protect himself and his family. He’s not stupid. That job belongs to his constituents.

  2. I do not believe businesses should have the responsibility of “policing” people. There will always be someone to challenge the efforts. Wear a mask to protect you and others, just like getting vaccinated. You only have “control” over yourself.

    1. That will only fly until businesses get sued because someone caught covid in their facility & was hospitalized or died. So they do have a responsibility to look after their own health, the health of their workers & the health of any patrons that visit their place of business.

    2. Businesses are responsible for policing what goes on in their buildings to keep their workers and patrons safe.

    3. These businesses will be investing in the health of their employees. This should be the priority. They want safe and healthy workers; no risk takers, open to a virus, that could make them sick, or worse still, die !!?

  3. Vanguard and Blackrock own NBC, CNN, BBC, ABC, Fox News, CBS News, and MSNBC. They also control sizable shares of Facebook, Apple, and Alphabet (owners of Google and Youtube). Any guess as to who the first and third largest shareholders of Pfizer are? Yep, Vanguard and Blackrock.


    1. If Walmart’s business appears to be in decline it’s more likely it’s because customers, like you, are shopping on line.

    2. Wtf Walmart hasn’t tried to enforce masks period, and I’m in the state where Walmart originated, it animates our state. And I would forget my mask and think “I’ll just run in real quick and try not to breathe on anyone” and I’d walk right in, not a god blessed word

  5. The Unvaccinated should be treated as if they have leprosy or plague. They choose to be a threat to a society, the society can choose to defend itself.

    1. Maybe the vaccinated should be treated the same way. Maybe we should form two totally separate societies?

    2. @Demetria Karnavas yea but those variants could soon outpace our vaccines and then we’ll all be boned:/ what people dont understand is that EVERY covid 19 infection is BAD for everyone, even if that person doesn’t get sick- because covid19 has two little loops of genetic code and when that virus replicates the genes can all swap around and create imperfect copies of themselves- some of these screwups will end up helping the virus, and this happens much MUCH more quickly (and dramatically) than with influenza or HIV.
      So if this were smallpox or something I’d say “let the antivax idiots eat their pox cake!!” But their BS is gonna spill over to the vaccinated sooner or later

    3. @Jesse Lillico really? We already do have societal pressure and separations based on such things. Try to send your kid to school or college without vaccinating them against meningitis or hep B

    4. @K H I get you, brother. But, after spending the last year watching these morons hyperventilating over a piece of cloth weighing one gram, I’m over it. For now, I’m focusing on the things that are within my control—i.e., whether I’m vaccinated and whether the people I’m around on a daily basis are likewise vaccinated, masking up when I go to the grocery store and other public places, maintaining my distance and avoiding crowded, indoor places. I’m in the midst of making an exciting career change and can’t be bothered squandering anymore energy fretting over these idiots. I’d much rather have these people die if it means I won’t run into them.

  6. Just read Mr. Slavitt’s book Preventable. Excellent read. Impressive information on the disparity of Americans and access to healthcare.

    1. Slavitt is practically whining because businesses aren’t going to do the dirty work of laying out mandates that the State’s are too afraid to do. “We gave them all this money, and they aren’t bringing the hammer down like they were supposed to! It’s not fair! They should give the money back.”

    2. @M W F His book was still an excellent accounting of the failures of the pandemic as well as a great explanation of the disparity in the health care system.

  7. Darwin’s Law baby, Darwin’s Law !
    At this point, I am seeing loving people, who care about everyone, just say “F’ them, let em’ die, it’s their choice”. That was eye opening for me, to see social workers fed up 100%, just tired of the stupidity of U.S. citizens……….. they are dying to “own the libs”, and doing a good job of it. Darwin’s Law.

    1. And yet statistically the most COVID 19 deaths are in leftist progressive states like NY and California! Hint: unless you are wearing an N95 or higher rated mask you are not accomplishing anything other than smelling your own behind and feeling ‘superior’.

  8. Attention all republicans, head to the closest fun event. Be sure to thank those you had fun with using sincere handshakes and hugs. Carry on soldier!

  9. Here in Arkansas, I haven’t been asked ONCE if Ive been vaccinated (even as I started going out without a mask; now I see almost no masks when I go to somewhere like Walmart, even tho the delta variant severely sickens 34% of people versus 4% with the original, and we’re under 50% vaccination here)

  10. Slavitt is upset that businesses don’t want to be the bad guy with mandates like they were secretly counting on.

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