Slavitt On Ramping Vaccinations: ‘We Consider This A Wartime Effort’


  1. You might want to get politicians, who likely have gotten a shot, to stop insinuating to their constituents that maybe it’s a questionable thing. This is B.S. they spread in order to try and sabotage the national vaccination program viewing it as a ‘win’ for Biden rather than a ‘win’ for America. Oh ya, get Carlson to s.t.f.u.

  2. Now that kids are going to school, people are coming out of their homes and interacting. Made a difference in my family where folks were “waiting”.

  3. Andy Slavitt just doesn’t get it!
    The people we can convince with facts we have already reached and already understand. The rest of the populace won’t accept facts and instead of trying to reason with them, appeal to what appeals to them.
    Maybe if Fox ‘News’ told people some b.s. story about an Antifa plot to convince patriots to avoid vaccination as part of an effort to weaken America so that Central America can invade, and that Trump loyalists have found the proof on Hunter Biden’s hard drive, then maybe some would get vaccinated.

    1. What facts? No long-term studies and no vaccine liability for manufacturers yet. Where are those mRNA animal studies? You looked into what happened during phase 3 during animal trials? You realise Dr.s and scientists have worked for big tobacco/oil/weapon manufacturers… You think scientists and Dr.s can’t be bought out and curropted?

    2. @NebTheWeb Screw Trump and the ruling class. Left and right are wings that belong to the same bird. United we stand divided we fall. We must resist the “Great Reset” being brought forward by the World Economic Forum and the International Monetary Foundation. Prepare for the global ression.

    3. Mr Romney, if you’ve been led to believe that it is only those pesky conservative, white, evangelical dimwit troublemakers who are refusing this vaccine, then I suggest you grab your saddle horn, and get ready to hold on tight.

    1. You got brainwashed. Funny how you think you’re on one side or the other but aren’t even on the team. Both sides of the government are laughing all the way to the bank with our money. Most are in bed with China. Sad all they have to do is tell you orange man bad and you fall in line like a good little cheerleader.

    2. No long-term studies and no liability for vaccine manufacturers. Anyone read into the animal studies for mRNA vaccines, what happened during the 3rd phase… the news is propoganda it truly is.
      Science is to be discussed and information is to be provided and we see little to none of that being done. Screw the ruling class, keep you’re poison for ya Wuhan lab tampered virus.

  4. *AMERICA* the answer to the question “what happens if you don’t educate your population?”

    1. Then you have an over abundance of democrats. They aren’t educated they are indoctrinated. Communists!

    2. The Democrats are not communists. They are a lot smarter than you would even think possible.

  5. Rand Paul: why did you fund gain of function research in wuhan?
    Fauci: we didn’t send money to wuhan.
    Paul: you used a subsidiary to fund the research.
    Fauci: let me explain why that was done.
    Lmao you sheep are brainwashed. Now they are working on a covid 15 times stronger. But hey orange man bad and let’s talk about Liz Cheney for weeks.

    1. It baffles my mind that these sheep are so blind they can’t see what’s going on right in front of their face. They believe and obey everything CNN and our corrupt, illegitimate government tells them. It’s pathetic.

  6. Several yankee players vaccined have caught the coffid again
    Your doing good lab contestants

  7. “wartime efforts” no wonder you have so much violence in the USA when everything is labeled as a war. This worship of violence should end before a civil war breaks out because of it.

  8. 2.2 million people average daily.
    I’m sorry, but that sounds like a pretty successful program. And our host pointed out the fact that this was an uptick from the previous week.
    Why are those in charge really so desperately worried? This country will be in a very strong position by this coming Fall to prevent another surge like last Winter. Regardless of the total % vaxxed by that point.

    Right now cases/deaths/ hospitalizations have absolutely plummeted since mid -January.
    Why can’t any of those elements be emphasized while still encouraging folks to get the vaccines? Why the constant bashing of the Panic button about hesitancy?

    Could it be this: They want to keep pushing as many people across this finish line now, while the vaccine program is still an easy sell. Free, available, effective, and VOLUNTARY. That last word will be scratched from the list before the ink is even dry on the FDA’s Fully Approved paperwork.
    Many, many School Boards, Corporations, Big Business and Small, are frothing at the mouth for that moment. The greedy, stupid ones are trying to do it while still under the present EUA. Which has really caused them to tip their hand….
    I predict that this is going to get very serious, very ugly, very nasty, very quickly once the Full Approvals start rolling in.
    The more people they can desperately drag across the line now, the less to deal with later on.
    A Wartime effort, indeed.

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