Slavitt: Requiring Vaccines Would Make 'Difference' In Fight Against Covid-19 1

Slavitt: Requiring Vaccines Would Make ‘Difference’ In Fight Against Covid-19


Former White House Senior Covid Response Advisor, Andy Slavitt, discusses the growing list of businesses requiring their employees and customers be vaccinated against coronavirus as the delta variant drives cases up. He tells Stephanie Ruhle that "leading companies need to find a path to vaccinate the workforce."

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Slavitt: Requiring Vaccines Would Make 'Difference' In Fight Against Covid-19


    1. So…. Why is the CDC not giving all cures away for free or in other words… Why aren’t they making us take cures for Cancer, Aids, and the slew of addiction and mentally illnesses … Hmmm

  1. Don’t Waste Vaccines on Fools.

    The World would be a Better Place
    without Keyboard Experts. 🤷‍♀️

    1. Maybe that’s the way to go. Joe should come out and say he doesn’t want the fools getting the shot, only the smart people should. After all, most Republican politicians and all the Fox News people got it. Are they fools or the smart ones? The problem would be getting the message out if Fox won’t run it.

    2. Good so why don’t you be a cheer leader and tell the rest of the world that. Because i haven’t one anti vaxxer who wants the shot.

    3. The irony is, the people who have the vaccine usually don’t know much about the topic.
      (Mainstream Medical knowledge)

      When you ask them simple questions that any highschooler should know, they fail to know even basic topics.

      That’s why the news headlines always gives them whiplash which each new admission.
      If they knew the basic knowledge of the subject they’d expect the headlines coming down the pipe.

  2. You guys have gave us the information we need ( Thank you)….Now the people need do what it takes to protect the children ( At Least)!

    1. YT also flags keywords or phrases. There is one particular one I know that gets deleted every time.

    2. @mark two Cool Hand Luke. Paul Newman movie. You shouldn’t criticize people that are much more informed educated and worldly than you. It makes you look dumb. I do thank you for not sending a bunch of emojis to cover for your inability to articulate.

    3. @gary quarty You definitely got a hang over dummy because you are making NO sense. So whatever education you have apparently it didn’t work out for you.

  3. Not letting in people from over 150 different countries at our southern border would really help too.

    1. Not resorting to disingenuous and exaggerated accusations about the southern border to cover-up for those states’ decision to fight Covid safety measures at all costs would help even more, Mikhail.

    2. @Alvah Nomicron you are a sad excuse of a human if you actually believe the dumb nonsense you just typed ??? there has not been 1 variant out of america. only from other countries. how do they get to america ???? the border? right… close it up and see if anymore variants make it here.

    1. Depends on if you do rapid tests or pcr tests. We have the rapid tests. The same ones when I was tested in Copenhagen that you can do at home.

  4. I hate it when the talking heads use the term “tools in our tool kit”, most of them wouldn’t know which way to hold a hammer or screwdriver.

  5. Stress is the worlds largest contributor to death, It is a health crises and here we see a health menace that stresses everyone out but no one seems to want to curb.

  6. Probably the percentage of irresponsible low-IQ peasant in the US Banana Republic is much higher than e.g. in the Dominican Republic, where despite a later start the percentage of fully vaccinated people is already higher.

  7. It makes sense for companies to mandate vaccines;- they need to keep their employees productive. Won’t impact Republicans, the ones who aren’t on foodstamps are waiting tables.

    1. Chris, that’s not helpful any more than it is when right-wingers say all lefties are on food stamps. Both parties have a wide range of socio-economic levels, and both have mostly working class voters. And, as the inaptly named Samuel Adams made clear, their voters are quick to turn to violence and vandalism. Not a demonstration with 1k peaceful demonstrators and a few opportunistic sociopaths who treat it like a football riot, but overt attacks on people and property. When they get violent it’s not a glitch in the system, it’s a feature. Also, “Samuel Adams” clearly doesn’t know how our Founding Fathers dealt with smallpox when it could have lost us the war. If he did, his mind would boggle.

    New Zealand finished the Covid race with 26 deaths 1 year ago.
    China finished the race on 14 January 2021 with 4,636 deaths.
    America is still struggling mid way through the race with 631,816 Covid deaths with 600 more each day.

  9. Sorry buddy! This is America, and you or anyone else can’t force people to get an experimental vaccine.

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