Slotkin: Milley Made The Tough Decisions In Final Days Of Trump's Presidency 1

Slotkin: Milley Made The Tough Decisions In Final Days Of Trump’s Presidency


Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin (D-NY), a former CIA analyst, joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the final days of the Trump presidency and General Milley’s belief that President Trump could stage a coup. Rep. Slotkin says that her House committee worked to get Gen. Milley and Def. Secy. Esper on the record about how they would act if the President did not allow for a peaceful transition of power. She says they told Milley that it "may really come down to him that he might have to make some tough decisions in
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  1. Wait – deciding not to engage in a coup if it were ordered is a “tough decision” now? I’d classify that as a pretty darn simple decision.

    1. @Hankakah There are many examples of a leader having the military but losing control to someone else. It’s not the way we do it anyway.

    2. Are you people really this stupid? MSNBC could tell you the moon is made of cheese and you would believe it!

      This country is doomed.

    3. Timothy Collins… the decisions General Milley took were critical. It was preparing and bringing all
      the critical players, military, CIA, FBI, on board. He saw all the moves Trump was doing in replacing
      important people in positions who would follow his orders when he gave the order for a coup.
      Milley prepared for the potential of a rouge president and disruption of the transfer of power.
      January 6 was Trump’s trial run. He would have been successful had he tried and the military
      leaders were not prepared to defend the country. So thankful General Milley was ready.
      Gen Milley’s had already made the decision not to take an illegal order . But the tough part
      was preparing a plan for the possibility.
      I have no doubt Trump had the thought in mind.

    4. @Timothy Collins – whether an order is legal or illegal is not simple. There are situations were a coup would be the best outcome. The general has to be very clear about military law and case law.

    5. @Common Sense Dude I knew people who went to jail for having a party and someone dropping dead. What Trump did was no different.

    1. @Maxmartin So this is getting ridiculous above this post *Is a YouTube link to the National guard being deployed in Minnesota during the summer riots.* I started *sending them to posters under this topic but YouTube algorithm flagged me for trolling by sending the link. Now if you don’t trust me type National guard in 2020 riots in your YouTube search and you will get several results saying what I just said!*

    2. @Avery Chance Huh? Isn’t that what my comment stated? U.S. Military CANNOT be deployed against U.S. citizens within U.S. borders.

    3. @Maxmartin Read my full comment, *I clarified that the national guard was used for riot control not a military action, but protestors and looters a like were subjected to non lethal rubber bullets & tear gas by the National guard in the 2020 riotes!*

    4. @Avery Chance The National Guard is a sub-section branch of the Military. It is deployed only when a State Governor requests it’s services. This comment section is below a video about General Milley the head of the JCoS. He has nothing to do with the National Guard.

  2. And so many people that were in the same room have said that this is BS. So show US THE MONEY!!!!!!!

  3. so sad to have a traitor so high up in the military he should be striped of command today

    1. Being against a coup is the opposite of being a traitor. But I guess you can’t expect russian trolls to udnerstand that.

  4. At least with Milley.. Mike Pence will have someone to talk to at the kids table at every event.

  5. Oh, the coup was staged alright, but it wasn’t Trump. 10K plus National Guard troops and 10′ tall chain link with concertina wire, because biden won??? lol, yeah, nice try. THAT’S EXACTLY what a coup looks like.

  6. Headline: “ Badly- Aging Drama Queen Mark “silly” Milley writes science fiction novel about stuff that never happened.”

  7. General Milley is nkthing but a cross dressing queen!!!!! What a Phukyn joke he is turning the military into!! If china wants to challenge us to a Drag Off…… Milley will dominate😕💃💃💃

  8. Regardless of what trump wanted he cannot order the military to help him take over the US that would be a failure to uphold the constitution would also be treason.

  9. Repent and be baptized, everyone Of you in the name of Jesus Christ, for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit…Acts 2:38

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