‘Slow and uneven’: US official on Russia’s progress in Ukraine

Russian forces have made some progress in Moscow's renewed assault on eastern Ukraine, according to US and NATO officials, as their military tries to fix the myriad problems that plagued the early weeks of the invasion. The progress is "slow and uneven," a senior US defense official said, allowing Russian forces to advance only "several kilometers or so" each day. #CNN #News


  1. “When I look into Putin’s 👁 ☠️ 👁 eyes I see the KGB.” Republican Senator John McCain

  2. Russians budget is 65 billion a year. Not to mention. More then half of that goes in the pockets of generals.

  3. Gosh what a nightmare! Watching all the war videos, I dreamed ww3 last night. In my dream, a Russian nuclear rocket landed right on me. It instantly vaporized everything else, but me. It felt as if I was taking a shower. When I later checked myself, I found out that my noodle was missing. 😂

    1. Russian economy stabilises
      US/EU economy faces massive contraction.

      Just 2 months into the war, the roubles appreciated higher
      than it was 2 years ago,
      inflation in Russia is checked and food supplies are okay.

      The same can’t be said of Europe/US,
      their economy is battling challenges
      and it’ll likely be worse in autumn/winter
      when demand for energy climb and prices go up further.

      At this moment, Putin is winning,
      the collective West is losing
      even as they struggle to put up an integrated front.

      Russian economy now is less dependent on imports on products
      and financial influence from Europe
      and this is key reason on why sanctions don’t work
      but the West still doesn’t get it.

      Russia has more than enough raw materials to manufacture
      and exports raw materials in the form of energy
      and other materials to the rest of the world
      so other countries can use them for their manufacturing industries.

      This why the EU don’t want to embargo oil or gas from Russia,
      and why the US begs Venezuela for oil, wheat, etc.

    2. @Great Time Stoopid or just paid to be Stoopid. Yeah, Russia, cannot build any new tanks, aircraft or missiles because critical components are imported. Also 95% of automobile parts, and 100% of parts for foreign made civilian aircraft. 90% of Oil and Gas machinery, 85% of food production. Yes, Russia’s just doing fantastic

  4. Surrender is the death wish for soldier Ukraine
    Never keep up on any situation 👈👁️ all way it’s hope

    1. I agree that what we did in and to Iraq, and the whole Iraq war in fact, was wrong, very wrong. But that doesn’t make what Russia is doing to Ukraine any more acceptable. I think it’s absolutely disgusting, especially the intentional targeting of civilians and the sickening massacres in places like Buchka.

    1. @Great Time what are you smoking. EU will suffer short term pain until it arranges alternative supplies. Russia is fast becoming a beggar nation

  5. My grandfather came here from odessa russia, now Ukraine. I served in our army and navy.we need the means to defend this country

    1. Zelensky’s stand is resulting in the destruction of Ukraine. The region of Ukraine is historically the S/W corner of Russia. Had Zelensky complied with Russia’s requests that were not onerous, but were required to secure its own position, then life would have continued as usual, a bit boring, perhaps, but not disruptive and devastating with loss of life. Because of the position that Zelensky is taking, citizens will be rent/debt slaves for the remainder of their lives until Ukrainians are depleted from the land. Zelensky, a little dictator, himself, seems-to-be-seen to be defending Ukraine, but the consummate actor is manoeuvring to destroy it and eradicate this land off its own people. NATO nations bow down to the little con man.

      ¹ Assuming a successful outcome of the conflict for Ukraine. Canada served as a test market that proved the viability of this concept. A halt is deliberately placed on the use of land for housing causing home prices to skyrocket beyond reach. The nation is turned into a country of tenants paying maximum rent that is concentrated into a few hands. Ukrainians that realize that their children cannot become established do not raise families. Population is continually replaced by immigration. Tenancies replenished from a world wide pool. The country as a whole takes on the characteristics of an enterprise by which the lifetime earnings of residents are exacted through rent and shunted to the chosen few. An EU NATO protected Ukraine will continue in existence as a vassal state that will not be populated by Ukrainians. The courageous Ukrainians are fighting and dying in order to facilitate the transfer of their territory away from themselves to those who are not of their heritage. In order for Ukrainians to realize their vision of a land for themselves they should join up with _mother_ Russia of which that region is an integral, ancestral, part.

      ² The Antichrist is a highly influential leader from the tribe of Dan, despises the faith of his forefathers, is accomplished in theatrical/magical performance, is aided by the nations of the world that are mesmerized by his spell, brings the world to the brink of destruction, suffers a mortal wound and recovers. _See Zelensky playing an electronic keyboard on Europe Got Talent._

      ³ Public officials spurn _Christianity_ and pay obeisance to the _Cremation Cult,_ a Satanic faith that is the _de facto_ state religion of western nations, _faking_ belief so that they will not be characterized _deniers._ The _immaculate cremation_ succeeds the _immaculate conception._ World leaders bow down at the Altar of Satan.

  6. Something that everybody that lives near Russia says truly will bring light into everybody’s life when they finally realize it “nothing good ever comes from Russia”

  7. I wonder if the Australian Bush Masters, which can be used as armoured transport, might be used at Mariupol. Australia gave 20 to Ukraine earlier this month.

  8. Why on earth would Russia allow the Azov fighters to just walk away and start fighting again from a better position?
    That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard of.

    1. – PoW exchange
      – It allows the Russian troops in Mariupol to be freed up to other parts of the front where they’ll be more useful
      – It secures the land bridge across the southern front in Ukraine from partisans which will ease the logistical burden
      There are still fairly obvious reasons not to do it, but negotiators at least aren’t totally reliant on the goodwill of their invaders.

  9. Excellent screen work, gentlemen. Good graphics. I would like to have seen the original lines of the DNR and LNR and how they have been extended, but that is just a quibble. I will keep watching. Thanks.

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