Slow Recovery In New Orleans In Ida's Aftermath 1

Slow Recovery In New Orleans In Ida’s Aftermath


Power outages could last for weeks in some parts of New Orleans after Hurricane Ida ravaged the city. NBC's Ellison Barber reports. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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  2. OMG, how terrible, that must of been terrifying to go through,and the aftermath is just devastating, I’ve never experienced anything beyond a destructive Storm, nothing even close to this,at the worst some roofing off and displaced trampolines,and floods, but that’s not me personally, my heart goes out to you all, much respect for your community to get up,brush yourselves off and get into making sure your all ok,well done ,wish I could help 🙏🙏

    1. I certainly hope that all of my lefty friends and their entire families are fully vaccinated by now. Believe in science, be safe and be kind to one another!

    2. @Billy Zee I am not American but grew up close to the border and had friends in upper New York. I did a bicycle trip through the mid west and found Americans to be incredibly friendly. Of course I have not been there through the pandemic and only saw bad news. It is refreshing to see acts of kindness. The news rarely covers this but I think Americans are mostly good people.

    3. @Georges Narbonne from what I am seeing, the percentage of “good Americans” will be increasing within the next 2 years. Everyone seems to know of at least one gullible person who is suffering bad effects caused by the jibbies if you know what I mean…

    4. @Billy Zee True. Trump seemed to bring out the hate in people. By my calculations, Americans were 99.9% good. That would have been prior to 2016.

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  3. It’s been 5 days since the 5th strongest hurricane to hit that area. It’s not a slow recovery. What do you expect? Instant gratification? Geez. Give the utility crews a break.

    1. They should expect the richest country in the world to expedite food and supplies for their citizens and not have them traveling from FEMA tent to FEMA tent trying to get enough food to feed their grandchildren.

    2. @Thyalwaysseek : Well, at least they don’t have to suffer the indignity of an Orange Oaf turning up three weeks late and a trillion dollars short, tossing paper towels at their heads and wondering why no one’s clapping . . . So, there’s that. 😉

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  5. Always baffles me why America doesn’t learn from years of repetitive disasters that always hit the exact same areas.

    They just rebuild on the same spot.

    It’s the equivalent to building a tree house 300Ft above a volcano. And every so often, they are baffled why the people died and the only solution is to ignore nature and build on top of it again.

    1. The heavy rains flooded my basement a little bit, my old sump-pump couldnt keep up, i learned from last time not to put stuff on concrete floor, i set it up on wood shelving, and nothing was damaged, im never moving from here, i can find work, and if i cant my friends and family nearby will help out, that wont happen if i move

    2. Nola isn’t “rebuilding”. We’re just waiting for those energy dudes and dudettes to get the lights back on. Have you been paying attention?? The areas WEST and to the COAST of the metro area took the hit. We’ve been here for 303 years. Those dense, deep old neighborhoods are just fine. (Nola)

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  7. MSNBC’S favorite POTUS
    Jose “buzzard bait” Biden blasted for ‘cheat sheet’ he used in Louisiana while surveying storm damage: ‘Weak and incompetent’

    1. @sugarcookiecubeAgain icBREAKING: Taliban Refusing To Allow Planes Of Americans To Leave, Effectively A ‘Hostage’ Situation, Report Says. 🤪 Again nice going Jose Biden NICE GOING JOSE

  8. Thankyou howi for feeding those in need. America really is an amazing place and we take care of those in need. If everyone was as kind as these folks the world would be a better place.

  9. republicans showing “concern” for the people of Louisiana, while at the same time banning mask mandates, calling climate change a hoax, and actively trying to take away affordable healthcare. 😅😂

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