Small children dropped over U.S.-Mexico border wall 1

Small children dropped over U.S.-Mexico border wall


Video shared by the U.S. Border Patrol shows two children being dropped over a wall at the Mexico-U.S. border on March 30.

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    1. @skate metal
      It wasn’t Obama’s fault when he was putting kids in cages… it was Trump’s fault entirely.
      And you probably are incapable of understanding how imbecilic that train of thought is.

    1. No it’s partly the USA fault for staging coups all around centeral America and now most of them are Poor and corrupt stop blaming the current president for everything

    2. @Wasteland so you’re saying the Mexican and other central American countries Government didnt do this and it’s all big bad America

      Lol okay nice liberal talking points

    3. @DeadNorth 86 no not all the USA fault but they had a part in destabilizing central American countries United States isn’t a hero in other counties history books there a bully I’m not a liberal

  1. in a weeks time the parents will join them .America you are being invaded ,slowly but surely .

  2. Is Rachel Maddow bawling yet? The worst woman in America couldn’t stop her tears during the Trump border crisis.

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