1. @purple ‘triggered’…john boy…
      need i say MOOR..?
      hard to tell when you are ‘flushed’ though with your thick dermis….epidermis
      north star Axis is the only truth on the magnitude POL sphere…
      cheese eater
      sorry you are SOL lost

    1. Judging by your comment who says you’re not a typical pathetic virtue signalling weak minded liberal, FEEL FREE TO VISIT MECCA AND WEAR A CROSS OR STAR OF DAVID AND SEE HOW “TOLERANT” THESE SCUMBAGS ARE OF YOUR RELIGION!

    1. if meat eat her wrong though… she gives olfaction..
      use tartar sauce to reduce the knows receptors

    1. women are allowed to ‘go’ as long as they have a proper ‘john’ keeper…
      baths are separated so blood do not mix…

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