‘Smart, Qualified, Serious Progressive Credentials’: Krugman On Biden’s New Economic Team

'Smart, Qualified, Serious Progressive Credentials': Krugman On Biden's New Economic Team 1


Paul Krugman, economist and columnist for the New York Times, shares with Rachel Maddow his assessment of the team President-elect Joe Biden is assembling to handle economic matters in his new administration. Aired on 12/1/2020.
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'Smart, Qualified, Serious Progressive Credentials': Krugman On Biden's New Economic Team

44 Comments on "‘Smart, Qualified, Serious Progressive Credentials’: Krugman On Biden’s New Economic Team"

  1. Millions will be dead or homeless regardless of a vaccine, due to the lack of a covid relief package from Congress for the people.

    • ​@Joan Sparky It’s 2100 pages. It could be one page, right? Just like Trump asked for. Remember, old Nancy is famous for “pass the bill so you can read what’s in it” when she was pushing Obamacare through.

      Is a national law against voter ID’s a good thing for a stimulus bill? Why would you want that unless you want to fraud elections?

      $417 billion to bail out Democrat states like CA that are bankrupt because of their failed ideology? What does that have to do with COVID and people that need money?

      How about an additional $225 billion for schools when the normal budget is $68 billion? Thanks to the corrupt unions, they’re not even in school right now! LOL
      Only $5 billion, or 2 percent, would go to making schools safer by improving air quality or installing sinks and other hygiene upgrades. That sounds reasonable, but what is the other 98% for?

    • @hector heck
      No no no sweatheart..
      You were going to list the political garbage that was in those bills, not that Trump would sign anything he approves of that would be put in front of him.
      That’s not how this works.
      Congress works out those bills and the President signs them, not dictates what he’d sign.
      So keep going, list the political garbage please. I’m waiting..

    • @Joan Sparky I did list a few. It’s relevant that Trump specifically asked for a clean bill and he’d sign it but Democrats don’t really care about people do they?
      I listed a few. Let’s see if you’ll have any comments agreeing they’re not relevant to directly helping people put money in their pockets.

    • @hector heck
      Sweety, Obamacare was the Republicans baby, not Democrats.

      As for voter ID’s.. people have to identify at elections, so why extra hoops of bureaucracy to jump through to vote?
      Do you want to demotivate voters by any chance?

      People life in states that need money?!
      I’m sure the red states get equal amounts for their people?
      And whats a state ideology please?
      I thought you all were in the United States and got your constitution?

      As for the school budget, no idea mate. You got those numbers out of the bill?
      Can you please cite the pages so I can look it up?

    • @Joan Sparky If you have time to comment here, you got time to look it up yourself. You’re clearly from another country so there’s not point to chat.
      When I voted, I wasn’t asked for ID. That should be rule 1 to vote unless you eventually wish to create fraud like we’re seeing now. Does your country ask for ID? If you’re too lazy to obtain an ID, maybe you shouldn’t vote?

  2. Janet Yellen? Progressive?

  3. Please , Georgia, save America. Vote for patriotic Americans, not the self dealing crooks who will put self interest above your interests every single time.

    • The vote being discussed here will happen on January 5.
      This is a run off election for 2 senate positions. This vote will determine which party controls the senate.
      Joe Biden is President elect.
      Jan 5 vote in Georgia will decide if Kentucky Senator Moscow Mitch can continue squashing bills he refuses to even bring to the floor.
      TOTAL OBSTRUCTIONIST! Moscow Mitch Mcconnell!

    • America is about balance. If people are smart, they’ll continue to give the Senate to Republicans. It’s the best thing for America.

    • @hector heck for many years I might have accepted this as a great discussion.
      Today , I just want to sterilize my world from this HATE!

    • @Greg Kump Balance is now HATE? Please explain.

  4. brilliantly said, ty mr krugman and dr maddow. pres-elect biden has made excellent choices across the board in every sector. ladies and gentlemen, we have a real president coming into office!

  5. Don’t forget to embrace your authenticity.

  6. Kevin Alexander NZ | December 1, 2020 at 4:19 AM | Reply

    What’s a “green eye shade flinty type person”?

    • Kevin Alexander NZ | December 1, 2020 at 4:29 AM | Reply

      Googled it. Saw a GIF showing Jim Carey as The Mask smoking a cigarette with a big old fashioned accountant calculator printer thing. Presumably a deliberate reference somehow since I’ve heard “Star Wars Bar Scene” twice in a week and “Green eyeshade .. type” once in my entire life. Something about old bankers and new lighting technology as we entered the industrial revolution in the late 1800’s. I think I prefer that [banned] hairy old gorilla and his 1776 routine tbh.

    • green eye shade means an accountant type. So a tough accountant.

  7. 💗💕💗💕💗💕💕💕

  8. How to stop McConnell and his Republican obstructionist Senate from stopping Biden and his team of experts? You need a sensible Senate to save your country from disaster.

    • Yelled is a agent of Wall Street Warren was the people choice

    • jo johns……We need to keep Warren in her Senate seat…. she agreed/acknowledged that. She’s in a very valuable position there. So she recommended Yellin…. because we HAVE to have someone in that position who understands Wall Street, but isn’t afraid to manage it. The choice was a matter of sensible foresight.

    • @K. McKee Yellen is a agent for Wall Street QE queen Warren can do a lot more good for all the people as treasurer Keep a seat is wrong A Democrat will win it anyway warren was cheated

  9. Wy are usa in self destuct mode when most of the world has yhe pandemic under control

    • Lol.
      Like France, Germany, UK, Spain,Chyna, Russia, africa, Brazil, or argentina?
      You only make yourself sound stupid when you speak out of ignorance.

    • They are in self-destruct mode. 47.7% of them (57% of Whites) wanted 4 more years. Georgia was by a slim margin. The chances are good that they will re-create the Obama gridlock – a virtual 8-year lame duck admin.
      EVEN BETTER than the above, half of them really believe the election was stolen in-their-faces but are sitting on their assault rifles doing nothing, while calling other people “snowflakes”. It gives you such confidence about them, right ?

    • @Stanley Wong as opposed to the left who call for open Racism and overt Socialism with a touch of c0mmie Sympathizing?

    • That’s a good question that seems to elude all of the “experts”. The rest of the world doesn’t have it “under control” but if anyone supposedly does, isn’t that what organizations like the WHO are all about? To share information? How come they’re not?
      It’s not Trump. Fauci has said directly Trump did everything he asked him to do. So what is it?

  10. Alessandro Del debbio | December 1, 2020 at 6:14 AM | Reply

    The most important task that Biden will have to face in the first months of his presidency will certainly be to bring back together a country that,thanks to Trump, had never been so divided and indeed split, if we exclude the period of the Civil War in the second half of the 19th century.
    Then he will have to choose a foreign policy worthy of the name because among the other disasters committed by Trump is that of not having carried out a foreign policy but a series of acts dictated by emotionality, sympathy or antipathy.
    Greetings from an Italian.

  11. Tanden is not progressive.

  12. Hi Rachel Anne.👋🍺.

  13. Do people put a desk in a library aisle before they go on zoom?

  14. You can’t go even one news cycle without lying. Fake news!

  15. I beg to differ, one of the women wants to do cut backs on Social Security and Medicare… there’s nothing progressive about that.

    • This piece is a farce. There are no progressives on Biden’s cabinet. The problem is that the neoliberals are co-opting the term “progressive”. Time to stat a new party.

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  16. Every day I can breathe a little bit better. Thank you.

  17. All corporate shills Yelllen QE queen Wall Street bail outs Red lining black community

  18. Biden’s cabinet….progressive???? ROTFLMAO this channel is comedy gold!!!
    You’re being lied to here.

  19. Government is of, for and by the people… not of for and by the corporation

  20. No such thing as “smart, qualified, serious Progressive credentials”. Period. So called “progressives” are actually anti progress.

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