‘Smells Rancid’: Sen. Whitehouse On Trump’s Dismissal Of SDNY U.S. Attorney | All In | MSNBC


    1. @John Watt Too bad we have to wait for the tank to fill before the flush. Here’s hoping they all drown in their own faeces.

    2. @Shellie Wolske That’s an insult to Oranges and Toddlers. I prefer to call him by his most sophisticated Royal name of *”Agolf Tweettler”*. At minimum and as an act of good education and respect, sometimes I use his Given name before he ascended to royalty, *”Bunker Boy”*.

    3. @John Watt hopefully. Just undo everything Trump has done. Until you stop electing the rich and ban lobbying there will never be a proper government who hold the interests of the masses to heart.

  1. The Trump Crime Syndicate is still alive. It, and all its GOP accomplices must be obliterated November 3rd 2020.

    1. @dean woolston Yeah, Obama lived with House and Senate both Republicans and no indictments, either he was clean or the GOP was clueless and/or complicit. Which one was it dumbfuck?

    2. @TheBase1aransas Oh, yes, I can tell you have never been manipulated like the rest of the Trump cult. Admitting you are a brainwashed cult member would be a good place to start.

    3. “Obliterated” is a good word. We need a landslide for Biden. I’m not at all excited about Biden’s lead being at 10 points, or thereabouts. It actually horrifies me that there are more than 5% of the people in this country who would actually vote for Trump, but Biden needs to win by at least 20 points. Two reasons for that are 1) to overcome massive gerrymandering, and 2) to make a strong statement to Republicans that this country isn’t ever again going to put up with the kind of s**t we’ve seen for the last four years — in the White House, in Congress, and in some states with Republican governors and legislatures.

      We also need to flip the Senate — in a big way, but we especially need to get rid of Mitch McConnell. I would personally like to see numerous high officials in the present administration prosecuted after the inauguration. And, dammit, SCREW Nancy Pelosi if she says something like, “We should put all of that behind us and begin the healing process.” THIS healing process begins with people going to prison, chief among them, Donald Trump!

  2. He wants to have a carrot for Erdojan and lure Turkey into helping him get re-elected like he already has with Russia, Ukraine and China. There is a case (Herks bank, maybe, in addition to many others in SDNY) that the Trump administration would love to have disappear…

    1. 6 22 20 Hey Scott Parnapy, Maybe, you remember Mulvaney said “Get used to it, we do this all the time (obstruction)”. Stay safe, keep calm, & be well. v

    1. A lack of information quickly gets filled with speculation, and these reporters act like they have information to make judgments. They are all about the rhetoric of rhetoric.

    2. @Mike Morgan Yet… Barr said he fired Berman with Trump’s agreement… and Trump said he was not involved.
      Speculation or not, it sure smells fishy to me

  3. This has to be the most corrupt administration in US History. And Republican Congressmen and Senators just sit there and say nothing. I hope historians rake these Republicans over the coals for enabling this corruption. If Obama or Hillary Clinton had fired all these IGs and US Attorneys these Republicans would have impeached and removed them faster than you can blink an eye. They are nothing but total hypocrites.

    1. $500+billion taxpayers $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
      Divvied up betwixt the white house thugs & thugs in GOP congress, scotus, ag Barr, moscow mitch/chao leningrade lindsey grassley. Yep they had to pay off “all” the “acting” stage hands to corrupt the USA. Now you know why “putins” impeached individual#1 trump never filled the ambassadorships. They would have turned in evidence on individual#1’$ thugs. Remember Putin congratulated Mr. MUELLER on a thorough & complete investigation of him & their crime in our 2016 election. TREASON.

    2. Just disgusting!!..and these are the people that are in charge of law& order in US??? This is the same country that went to a whole another country to kidnap, murder and enslave other human beings for over 500 years!😨😳😒 are you really surprised?🤔 I’m not…. USA have some dark, sinister DNA

    3. Why wait? I’ve got some charcoal briquettes, who has the lighter fluid? Marshmallows? Asking for a friend…

  4. It sucks because this will never stop. Not with the senate. We need some changes in this country. Especially after what Mitch has done to our country.

    1. 79goldmaster1 AG burned cities and attacked the police and doesn’t like racism ? Who in the world would do something like that? And Why?

    1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the economy is going to explode with the stock market taking a deep dive. The airline industry is done, restaurants cannot pay their bills with scant attendance, movie houses are going bankrupt. Fast food franchises cannot make a profit with just drive through. Mall stores cannot make their rents and malls will close throughout the country. Over 44 million unemployed and the unemployment money will reach zero as more apply. We have a criminal president who is not concerned about what happens to this country because he did not take the action a president should take to minimize the virus. Trump is so far in debt with Russia that he has to do whatever they want and like many Russian presidents said in the past, “we will bring the country down from within.” When Trump stood with Putin and took Putins word over all our intelligence agencies that should have been the end of Trump but we have too many Russian republicans in congress that allowed this to happen. I have said it many times, the John Birch Koch foundations that run the country are in bed with Russia. No one wants to address this.

  5. This has the murder of Epstein and Taxes, Turkey and Deutsche Bank all over it. The smell is the smell of dead bodies.

    1. Yes, this is true Old Scribe, it will all come out eventually, just wait. No one can keep a secret and there is lots of money in reporting them.

  6. This is straight from Third Reich playbook: they overtake little by little of every part of government..and when you realize what they are doing it is already too late.

    1. @79goldmaster1 Ironically, that’s what the Nazi were saying: We are doing this because it’s “Them” ( communists, jews, etc) that want to take your freedom, your rights. And mindless, brainwashed sheep like you were the first in line to defend them.

    2. @Loostreaks SPOT ON. Relieved to see at least a few Americans understand the danger the country is in. There is nothing bizarre about Bill Barr. He is installing and “legalizing” authoritarian christofascism at the speed of light. Now let’s see if the American people care enough to actually show up in November, and in such numbers to be able to defeat the nationwide voter suppression system. To be honest, I am not very hopefull…

    3. 79goldmaster1 Look Russian troll we have the conspiracy theories covered by FOX news so your conspiracies not needed.

    1. This is up to the Voter’s The people. Tik Tok Kids did it. We adults Can to Vote Them out… Use. mail in..Blue all around.

  7. Barr is as corrupt as they come. They need to get rid of him, he is a definite poison on this country. Bunker/boy and Barr are both lying this just has to stop.

    1. Trump had something on Barr and possibly others – Barr last person to see Epstein. Epstein filmed everything – Lord knows how many wealthy statesmen, lawyers, judges etc. were involved with his paedophile ring.

    2. What is the alternative to Republicans ?? Communist liars and anarchists calling themselves Democrats. You’re crazy. Law and order IS the issue in 2020.

  8. He will continue replacing everyone in the government with his own cronies until there’s literally no accountability whatsoever. This is unbelievable…

    1. Todd Toure — The most plausible answer to your question, I think, is Glenn Kirschner’s, outlined in his recent YT video and based on clues provided by John Bolton in his leaked book. The Turkish bank Halkbank is under investigation by the SDNY for its alleged nefarious business dealings, and Turkey’s president Erdogan was reported by Bolton to have complained about it to Trump. Sensing another opportunity for yet another quid pro quo, Trump’s reported answer was, as you might expect, mafia-like: “Don’t worry; that’ll be taken care of”. Now, it seems, the process of getting rid of key prosecutors dealing with this grubby affair has started.

  9. So you believe it when Trump says he has nothing to do with it? How bizarre. How very bizarre.

  10. This country is under destruction by corrupt officials and a criminal president incompetent government with zero oversight

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