1. Pucker up those lips a little harder. Face it, its progressives turn to lead because your corporate establishment has failed miserably

    1. Most of the so-called progressives couldn’t successfully run a lemonade stand so I think I’ll take a pass.

    1. Damn!
      At least Trump is helping the greater community by encouraging all the too dumb to learn and knuckle draggers to come out into the open where they can be seen, recognized and identified. And hopefully kept from hurting themselves, others and what’s left of our democracy.

    1. Elizabeth Warren came out swinging her tomahawk. Hey ya hey ya. Watch your scalp she’s on the war path.

    2. You’ll love it even more when they cook up some dumb reason to put YOU in prison. Warren is full of hot air and Harris is a male basher who is out to put as many men in prison as she can.

  2. Joe the Serial Hair Sniffer. Sniff Sniff Ahhhh. Brought to you by the most trusted name in Fake News CNN

    1. Lol you support a orange raccoon looking idiot that can’t get laid without paying more than you will make in a lifetime.. Yeah.. You’re easy to see coming.. Trump supporters always have a orange ring around your mouths.

    1. @David Madison Human beings in general are pretty fucked up. And people don’t get to positions of power by being saints. Ultimately, all politicians are equally deplorable.

    2. He isn’t conservative he is a moderate democrat. To the radical far left he probably does look like a conservative.

    3. @Randy4me These labels people use are so idiotic and meaningless. People will do anything to anyone to advance their own personal agendas, including crossing party lines. Ultimately, a politician is nothing more than a greedy, power-hungry despot.

    1. I lived in Harvey and Dolton Il. and they did bus Blacks to the schools in the 1970’s. Those have been all black towns for 40 to 50 years now..

  3. Smerconish just doesn’t get it. Biden’s donors are all billionaires and millionaires and he has promised them that nothing would change if he were elected president. Americans, whether Democrat or Republican, want change. Biden is the centrist and corporate, exactly the type of candidate CNN wants – someone that will maintain the status quo. He will not fight for medicare for all, green new deal, $15 minimum wage, or any of the progressive policies. Smerconish is a multi-millionaire who hates progressive programs.

  4. Joe’s biggest defenders are conservatives. Just want to remind people this is a Democratic primary

  5. Smerconish it’s great how you are trying to defend Uncle Joe but you’re missing the point. Joe Biden actively reached out to the worst of the worst as far as racist elected officials go, and asked them to help him keep black kids from being allowed access to better education.

  6. Creepy grandpa Joe and the fake news Network….sounds like the dumbocrats got everything figured out. Lmao

  7. This guy is trying to defend Biden . This is the same guy who brought it the central 5 cop to lie on national tv and blame the Ava.

  8. Busing is not Biden’s biggest problem, he was pro Drug War, and pro Crime Bill, he also was against killing bin Laden (coming down on the side of caution.) No Clueless Joe please.

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