1. “Corporations” and “businesses” are soulless things that only care about money; they do not care about ANY lives, let alone black lives. Therefore, “corporations” and “businesses” will SAY whatever it takes to make money, or, at the very least, not to lose money. The really important thing is to watch who gets their POLITICAL CONTRIBUTIONS.

    1. Guess where most of the money donated to BLM goes to help blacks NOoo to rich white democrats running for office so they can destroy more lifes. You idiots have been punked again by the party of the kkk.

    2. Blah, blah, blah! Work for a living and tell me above how everyone caters to your every whim. Without profit, your doors close.

    3. Politicians are soulless things that only care about votes; they do not care about ANY lives, let alone black lives. Therefore, politicians will SAY whatever it takes to get votes, or, at the very least, not to lose votes. The really important thing is to watch who gives them their POLITICAL CONTRIBUTIONS.


    1. @Jim myz Did you ever think that he is mixed? Don’t be so critical and listen to the message instead of picking every little think apart.

    1. In 200,000 years the mentality of some humans hasn’t evolved. They still can’t get passed their differences and disagreements without getting violent. Not understanding that money, the economy, and the capitalist mentality could vanish from the earth and that everything necessary for life on earth would still be here is SERIOUSLY not evolved…, more like regression.
      Not understanding that any system that induces monetary dependence and voluntary submission to those with the most money is a beast of Revelation system is just plain dumb.



  2. Popeyes statement of “We are nothing without black people” before quickly correcting 😂 I’m dead

    1. @Ocasio-Cortez4prez2022 your name isn’t that of a white person …your name seem Hispanic or Latino…you are not a European Caucasian….you trying to pass…..however! What l said is true.
      ….and l stand by it!.

    2. @Escape yeah you would be lynched for just being black lucky you. And i mean that. I know you are being sarcastic but oh well that’s just ignorance on your part.

    3. @Eye. stupid Benny Spy you are being sarcastic at a time like this proves that you have no soul but you can’t help it because you are a KKK.

    1. ​@Land of the Free Compare the following to 9/11/2001 and the right wing dubya and company’s leadership of America on and after 9/11/2001.

      “Why of course the people don’t want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally the common people don’t want war: neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But after all it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or fascist dictatorship, or a parliament or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peace makers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

      ― Hermann Goering

      Bushco and the right wing took the page right out of the NAZI playbook. That’s YOUR closet fascist party, and it becomes more and more obvious every time a right winger speaks.

    2. John Smith 👈🏼😂 capitalism allowed you post all that long winded drivel my way – that I haven’t even bothered to read. You wasted 30 minutes of your life on me. Now that I’m in your head, how much for rent? I’d like to prepay.

    1. my business will NOT cater to only one race. If you work for me you wont be wearing anything saying Black lives matter or you will be fired..I sell guns and ammunition….I dont sell political issues or beliefs and NEVER will!!

    2. ​@Roboman Robo Things do even out in the end if you raise everything at once and encourage capitalization. The proper analogy is not the framing of a house, but more akin to filling cement into a foundation(or putting sand into a hollow space with uneven ground) – the cement or sand follows the path of least resistance, lifting up areas that would need small amounts of capital for larger gains, and eventually level ground emerges at the top without any discrimination necessary. Trying to fill in gaps individually would not only be a painstaking and inefficient process, but would also require a constant game of whack-a-mole as one part becomes more level than the other and you end up filling a different spot needlessly.

      If it were me on the other side, I would demand of myself pure individual responsibility – I would be well aware, hopefully, as I am now, that inequality and unfairness exists in almost all aspects of life. It is universal, the entire world runs on unequal processes working in tandem, and that is especially true of the human brain and the human condition. There is no better way to level the playing field than to advocate individual responsibility from the ground up, removing victimhood and instead encouraging each person to do the best they can to rise above their challenges, and with each misstep or perceived injustice, to instead look inward and ask questions than to blanket entire groups as the victims or the oppressors.

      So if it were me, I would ask myself what the precise value of my work is and begin from that point. I am a software developer, so I would begin looking at each line of my code and demanding that I improve for each bout of perceived injustice I received from my out-group peers. If it’s not the color of my skin, then it’s a smaller neuron count, a mental disability, or simply being an inefficient learner. That’s unfairness, but it’s life, and the more issues you turn into “Us Versus Them” dichotomies, the more opaque the view of your own abilities and product is. The most pleasing thing to me is the product I produce and how hard I work at it to make something wholesome that other people want to buy or see as my value. That’s the emphasis of individual responsibility I would emphasize, and that’s the type of holistic strategy I would use over Black Lives Matter to achieve justice and more equality.

    3. Look it’s really simple at the end of the day we all want to go to work and go home to our families. You can either see that and understand it or you cant. In this country no one should have to worry about going out and not coming home because some cop with a hard on for control killed you cause you didn’t give him the respect or whatever it was that he thought he was entitled to. We want to live peacefully just like everybody else and live our lives. What’s so hard about that?

    1. @Land of the Free
      I think Blacks aren’t black enough if they vote for Donald Trump. I’m Black and I agree with Joe! I do.

    2. @cj p I don’t recall paying the government anything in over 20 years. You must be another ignorant troll.

    3. @Evelyn Brown If i was fuchsia with crimson polka dots I would vote for Joe Biden. It’s not about whether he agrees with me or ancient history. It’s about Biden being the more qualified person for the job and recent history.

  3. this has gone too far. its going to hurt the cause. This is why efforts have always failed. It gets stupid and turns people off.

    1. @Sparky’s Space sorry. Can you clarify? Am I right to process that you mean that in this protest, all lives doesn’t matter at all?

    2. @Vhalrouge Larfouxe All lives should matter, but clearly they do not, if all lives mattered, black lives would matter, it is meant to draw attention to the fact that they are not treated equally, it is about them, not us, it is not meant to devalue our lives, is it meant to bring value to their’s.

    3. ​@Sparky’s Space It’s not the protests that turn people off. It’s the riots, and bullying public figures and corporations into making public statements supporting a cause. These corporations don’t want to make these statements. They are practically being forced to at gunpoint by radical leftists. You guys on the left have become tyrants, and normal Americans are scared of you.

  4. Any company that hires black people need to be speaking up (also black people built this country if you remember 🤷🏿‍♂️)

    1. my business will NOT cater to only one race. If you work for me you wont be wearing anything saying Black lives matter or you will be fired

    2. Bob Bob you mean Candace Owen’s type black elders? Just because one elder makes a statement suddenly rewrites history? Africans till date have a very strong sense about family, and would never sell their family members for anything. The child soldiers that pushed us back from Somalia were joining those militia to prevent other militants from bullying their family. That’s why the first thing the slave owners attacked was the Black family structure.

    3. cozy Cool most people won’t even believe it when you tell them the original jews were black. Moses would never have blended in as one of Pharaoh’s princes. Even Jesus’ parents ran to Egypt where they would blend in after Herod ordered the killing of babies. Samson in the Bible was described as having 7 locks of hair. Today, they call it dreadlocks.

  5. The words are meaningless; it is the action that these corporation take in daily business life that matters.

    1. I don’t get what all the complaining is about my people just don’t have a ruling class mentality no so called race in the HISTORY of mankind ever begged another race for a hug people in power don’t give up their power it’s really the international bankers who control everything so if we wanna take the fight to someone how about resolving the federal reserve bringing back the Gold and Silver standard

    2. @Mulinaster imagine this for a moment. Your friend comes to you and says his dad died. What is your response to him? Do you say that it doenst matter all people die or do you recognize that in this very moment its him you need to be concerned about and show sympathy towards? Asking for a friend.

    3. @MrMagicJs that is such a terrible analogy they talk about “defunding the police” and they took over part of Seattle it’s way beyond sympathy now

    4. I know that we shouldn’t kill anyone, even convicted murderers…which I totally agree with. But can I even ask the question, why are we turning George Floyd into an icon when he was a major thug?

    5. @Joshua Turpentine White girl you are missing the point. Wake up you have been strangling us for over 400yrs. George Floyd was the straw that broke the camel’s back it’s not just about George it’s a whole lot more than George. You’ve been living your privileged life so you would never understand. Try being black for a day. I dare you.

  6. Somebody please tell the NFL and Starbucks that “principles” are not the same as “public relations”.

    1. the NFL is full of reetards… barely literate steroid-ridden simpletons, whose IQ’s are less than that of the football they kick and throw around

    2. @Anthony Scales It is a common belief that people that play often cheat thru college and move on to Major leagues, NFL…. etc mainly for the money. Also many injuries could mess with their mentality.

    3. @11 11 This is a very sensitive moment and you have no soul. Goes to show how warped and disgusting you are as a person. Whether you like it or not BLM and we are not going to stop until you realize that and you are going to realize when you see changes.

  7. Capitalisim corporations supporting communist movements. Lmaooo They must be confused hahahaha #NoLivesMatter
    BLM uses racist ideology. Lmao you just cant help but be hypocrites hu?

    1. As they should…Do you think if I start a small business I should care about you? WTH man…business is the art of making money…period.

    2. Expert witness, that’s my point, cutting personnel is not hiring. It also means that production is cut, so either production is being moved offshore, cutting more jobs, or the company is shrinking and profit taking.

    3. As long as profits and unchecked capitalism are all that matter to those businesses, they can go the way of everything else in this world that has failed; Capitalism’s days are numbered. As a species, we need each other to survive; collaboration, cooperation, and community are important elements of our survival.

    4. @Adria MacDonald Yuck and ugh…obviously, you are a socialist…keep on dreaming…your agenda will never happen in the U.S.

    1. @aboates except some of us white people aren’t racist assholes and we actually think that black lives should matter just as much as white lives. Do your math.

    2. @aboates and what does wearing a black lives matter pin hat or shirt have to do with being a welfare nanny? Your racism is showing.

    3. @aboates people talk about being able to wear a black lives matter shirt or black people having money and the first thing you go to is welfare? I mean, wow dude.

    1. watch this video to get a different outlook,,,, Is Trump Responsible for The Death Of George Floyd? | Larry Elder

    2. @Factsthat Hurtfeelings it’s all a show what’s the point of participating when they always take orders from bankers / AIPAC ; they only need you to go to work and buy stuff + tax , usury !

    3. @Dennis O’Brien there are two classes Here : Losers and those who prey upon losers. demon rats are the losers and their followers, the lemmings lib turds ,the losers that get preyed upon.

  8. Everybody just needs to chill out, go to Wendy’s and enjoy a nice 99 cent Frosty. And try not to set each other on fire on your way there.

    1. @Land of the Free wow! That’s common number 37 or so. All doing the same damn thing. Trying to bait me into switching subjects from the one you know you’re full of s*** about. So I will get to each and every one of them just as soon as you catch up on racism in America to the last 80 years. You just let me know when you’ve done that and then we’ll move on to your stuff. Thanks

    2. @Land of the Free yeah, you can call me a boo boo head as many times as you want. I’m really not worried about it. Or you could use this time to catch up on the last day of the years of Rachel history in America?

    3. @Land of the Free hey, so why do you keep trying to distract from your ignorant comments about racism in America today? All you have to do is say you’re full of s***. And we’ll move on to your stuff.

    4. Cropper Copper 👈🏼😂 hey genius — the OPINION cites FACTS taken from the LEFT WING news outlet, Washington Post’s data base tracking police shootings, taken from the Justice Dept Crime Statistics, and taken from the Academy of National Sciences & taken from Harvard Researcher Roland Freyer Lol! You didn’t even read it. ROFL! So let’s see your stats proving ‘sys…sys…sys…systemic ra….ra…ra..ra…racism in law enforcement.’ Post it! You can’t. Lol

    5. Cropper Copper 👈🏼😂 crickets from you on Nancy’s father dedicating a statue of Robert E Lee … 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗

  9. NIKE is a corporation for equal rights but not for slave labor in their own factories, just more examples of hypocrite corporations.

    1. @Faub so you are going to bad mouth the very cities that out there taking a stand for #BLM. I would say they did a hell of a good job raising these people if you asked me. They have a heart unlike those that don’t get the need for change.

    2. @Mulinaster they made up of a business plan that never includes the human condition in the calculation

    3. @Sandy Allen If you don’t think productive value and “value add” ideals, which are an intrinsic part of self-actualization and human value, are not made into a business plan I don’t know what to tell you. Society does not run itself off of circle jerking each other off and far flung ideals of empathy. Money must meet value must meet the rubber on the road. The corporation as a “legal fiction” entity is quite necessary to provide momentum to human enterprise and entrepreneurism. Those that do not dare to be creative in how they make money and add value to the world are doomed to whine about others that do so with their own brains.

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