1. Since Twitter banned Trump for life but the leader of the Taliban can have a Twitter account. Kind of dumb huh?

  1. Yeah, centralizing industry AND media under a single economic figure is pretty scary to anti-authoritarians.

  2. Why would free speech ever be a left or right issue? I thought we were all on the same page that censorship was a universal evil. There have been many star trek(non Kurtzman) episodes
    about this. Not one of them painted censorship as a good thing.

    Many people died in the past so we could have free speech. I very much hope it does not come to that again.

    1. @Neithen Cruz then go live on an island, by yourself. if you want to live in society, there are rules. period.

  3. The breakdown of his political donations was hilarious. The amount he pledged to each candidate is almost trollish.

    1. Musk is not in the middle when the left moves more and more to the left. It’s the physics of being a progressive, always be moving.

  4. fyi, elon musk donating a million dollars is equal to a normal person who makes $50k donating 1.9 cents.

    1. Wrong. I made under $30k and still paid in. Guess I should open an NFP or S-Corp next year. Right, Biden?

    1. Libertarianism is a sub-branch of Anarchism. But good luck making a libertarian accept that easy fact in the political science.

    2. @Mohsen ? Cool okay I’ll accept that. Libertarians can also come from conservative households where the younger generations stop being socially conservative like their parents were.

    1. Everybody loves free speech until someone starts posting their home address and phone number on social media

  5. I think both sides have good ideas just like both can have bad ideas. Neither party should go away because you never know where the next great idea can come from. The problem is when both Dems and Reps can’t come together more frequently on important issues just because both sides are upset that they didn’t get what they were aiming for….

    1. Everybody loves free speech until someone starts posting your home address and phone number on social media

  6. Elon stated that the government can decide the rules, so even though Twitter is a private company, it would be subjected to regulations via government if government cares. The problem is lobbyists and such influencing government. An issue with letting private companies decide who to sensor runs the risk of an agressive future Twitter that is super biased against one side. Does Twitter get to decide winners and losers in an election? We are all assuming that Twitter is doing a good job now without looking at their algorithms

  7. I really don’t understand this argument here. Most right-wing news outlets aren’t supporting him because he’s conservative. They are supporting him because of this specific ideology that targets conservatives. You could say the same thing about Joe Rogan where a lot of conservatives supported him despite Joe being liberal on many issues.

    1. Yeah, you’re one of the informed.
      unfortunately most people are not, and people like us have to suffer through these idiotic debates.
      I hope he does buy twitter!
      love from Denmark.

    2. That’s because people like Rogan and Musk don’t crucify anyone with a different opinion. Conservative try to find common ground whereas Leftist try to find any imperfection you have and demonize you for it.

    3. @mobiusraptor7
      Rogan and musk are nice people, i think both are situated around the middle of the political spectrum.
      And in my Opinion the middle is the best.
      go too far left and it’s madness.
      go too far right and it’s madness.

      But i agree that alot of Left winged media are on the verge of the extreme and seem to wage war on everything that is’nt alligned with their own opinions.
      i’d say the same for the right winged media, but not alot of right wing media exist to be fair.

  8. I will never forget a line I heard many many years ago. I have based my understanding of things on that quote ever since. Paraphrased: Quote: “Every word uttered by a human in conversation on this earth since the beginning of time, is an OPINION.” Therefore every TV show, every commentator, every lecture is an opinion. Simple. We don’t know where this is going. The reality will be the truth. That’s all. What we should look into is the stake of the Saudi’s. That is MUCH more important than the lefts’ meltdown in which only their opinion, their agenda, their ideology, their idea of free speech is valid and righteous. What crap is that? And Max Boot? A grown man is “frightened”….of a change in a publicly held company. What would a change at Walmart that he doesn’t agree with, do for him…Give him the Twitters? All they ALL can give us is an opinion. That’s all.

  9. Here is my question: should one single person be able to determine what is “free speech”. The size of Twitter, which I do not participate in, as a platform is immense. I question whether it should be a “private” company. Nothing that goes onto that platform is private in any way, shape or form. It is like handing megaphones out. Maybe most folks are reasonable, but it is also handing them out to the guy (or gal) who, forty years ago would have been hauled off for a mental health evaluation because they were saying random crap in the middle of the street.
    We live in complex times and I do not think that, because one guy seems like he might be sane, handing over control of that much megaphone distribution to that one person is a good idea. That is before factoring in the Hitler/Stalin/Putin syndrome: too much power is, in and of itself both corrupting and crazy-making.

  10. As an A-political American, I am ALL for Musk transforming twitter to really be a freedom of speech platform! You should not be able to buy a narrative that makes you look your best!

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