1. @Kelley Snider I wonder if democrats were in the other shoe…..what would you say? Anyone in the world right know thinks democrats would be burning stores, looting, destroying property, even I expect killing. This is why this needs to be resolved regardless of the consequenses, because we cant move forward unless this is resolved. This is beyong Biden or Trump.

    2. @ron Dec 12, 2020- Michigan Dominion Voting machines forensic examination results are being hidden/blocked from the people by Michigan district court and Michigan democrats.
      The officials first wanted to delete the data but ordered to preserve by the court and proceed with forensic examination across the state.

    3. @ron BTW As of Dec 12, 2020 – Peace between Israel and Morroco thanks to President Trump leadership. Biden and democrats had ZERO nothing to do with peace.
      The covid vaccine was approved by FDA and being distributed out.
      and Biden, democrats, the media, much less Obama, had ZERO ..N O T H I N G to do with it.

  1. How many times do they have to say it? They didn’t come up short, democracy was served and that’s what matters!

    1. @Caroline Weimann Joe Biden is a fake president. Trump was just a wrench in the wheel of the NWO and it doesn’t stop the wheel from turning. Undertaker Biden and his venomous poisonous snake assistant come to bring Satan’s gift of death to America.

    2. @Caroline Weimann Fair Warning, If You Voted for Biden

      How Joe Biden “Won” This Election

      Joe Biden Holds Campain Rally For Satan at His Global Citizens Festival

      The Unforgiven IV, Global Citizens, The Children of the Apocalypse

      Bonus Material
      Warning to America, A Real Fireworks Display

      Mostly Peaceful Protests (Special Edition)

    3. @Fair Warning
      10000 comedians out of business and you’re trying to be funny? Lmao!!!!
      I got to admit though you are funny

    4. @Fair Warning And STILL not a WORD about ABORTION or Homosexuality.
      200 times “Care for the poor, the homeless and the sick”
      WELL, CHRISTIAN? Which do you think was HIS Priority? Have you done that yet? Or did YOU decide for him what his message SHOULD have been?? Look up what he said about Self Righteousness. you Whitewashed Sepulcher

    1. @hurricane So be it. I taking a calculated risk, betting on him to be the lesser of two evils but bringing this issue up and putting it to an end is the only way we can all be sure that we will have representative government.
      I think it’s been corrupted enough and so much evidence that’s been both intentional and unintentionally destroyed that there’s no way to do all the proper forensic audits that need to be done.
      So many of us seem to be looking for a reason to unite our country once again. Right now, I can’t think of a better issue that could actually bring us all to consensus on something.

    2. @hurricane To be more succinct in case you misunderstood my sentiments:
      What I mean by “an issue to bring us together” is election integrity. I understand the a re-do would upset some of those who believe Biden won legitimately or wanted Biden to win. Therefore, if there were something that CAN unite us all it is a grass-roots campaign to ensure the integrity of our elections from here, forward.

    3. @hurricane “to my knowledge no real evidence has been shown” ya man you don’t just care or your hell bent on concreting your narrative

    1. If you look at the history of Trump. His entire life he has extorted, robbed, blackmailed, terrorized anyone he sees as his enemy. He was notorious for not paying his employees. Especially contractors. Where some had to claim bankruptcy. I know of one contractor who committed suicide because of what Trump did to him. When Trump came to power , he had already been sued over 600 times. IT IS APPALLING THAT THAT THE REPUBLICAN CONGRESS IS SUPPORTING TRUMP. YOU JUST MADE A DEAL WITH THE DEVIL

    1. @Yellowowl Nighteagle
      ..depends on what you mean by ..
      “mean by”.. tch..
      we know that you know that we know that you know..
      that everything he accuses others ..he’s done and does and will do

    2. The Q Psy op was part of the plan to use them as the bait needed to start the division necessary to install the very things they most fear, no doubt in my mind. Many now want to secede and to have civil war to make it happen. The language of “New California” and “New Nevada” was a veiled threat, and the court was not amused.

  2. “amidst further attempts at mischief”. Can we please stop acting like this is anything other than treason?

  3. My god, when will the country rid itself this parasite. The media Must stop giving him a voice when he’s out.

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