1. Two takeaway options:
    A: the polls are all wrong, all the time
    B: the election is counted ‘differently’

    1. Or…that so few Americans actually vote is pathetic and completely undermines any semblance of democracy.

    2. @Luis Lopez I called you a moron because you are one. You’re saying how Trump feels and yet provide no valid evidence to support it. Just speculations from statements made out of context. Called me out on what? The G.W. thing? How? If I stated that trump doesn’t literally view himself as a king why would the George Washington bit be relevant? Moron.

    3. Maybe the president isn’t elected by polls taken 5 months before the election. Maybe, the media lies to you

    4. @Cary Revels It wouldn’t surprise me with the amounts of uneducated people mixed with the ignorance. I sure in the h3!! hope not. Either way November or 4 years (or if all those hamberders finally set their toll). tick tock tick tock tick tock… then the hopeful healing of all the damage the tax evading, draft dodging, 26x accused perverted, dictator loving, tweeter not a leader will be out and ha ha ha ha for the last laugh.

  2. Not that I’m a fan of either but…..what sounds familiar is the spouting of polls and then being wrong like in 2016.

    1. @Francyne Lane Many people who wouldn’t vote for Trump or Republicans nonetheless had such antipathy towards Clinton that they simply could or would not vote for her. This time around Trump is a known quantity and the worst fears have been realised, but Biden doesn’t invoke the same degree of hostility from Democrats, Independents and Republicans who want rid of Trump that Clinton did, so the abstainers are much more likely to come out and vote for Biden and/or against Trump. Massive voter suppression and free use of AG Barr’s legal powers (e.g. allowing armed white supremacists to stake out voting stations under the pretence of being “observers” to ensure there is no “voter fraud” (yes, this has already happened).

    2. They weren’t wrong in 2016, trump winning was within the margin of error. It wasn’t “magic” it was a large number of undecided voter all voting trump.

    3. @Charles L Jones You sure about that friend? or are you again listening to democrat polling firms? 2016 said the same thing.

  3. This reporting shows exactly what happen in 2016 ! We can’t rely on polls , we have to get out there and VOTE VOTE VOTE !!!!!

    1. Jennifer Moore
      Voting is important, and so is volunteering, canvassing, donating, and getting a list of your candidates accomplishments out there.

    2. *No Vote Left Behind!*
      Everybody needs to exercise their one prerogative worth a damn at this point in time…

    3. Trump has a better chance of beating Biden than Hilary so I’m not worried that Trump will loose in November but we have to just get out and vote vote vote Trump 2020….. can’t let Biden win it would be a disaster for our country

  4. Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) — Nov 6, 2012
    “The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy.”

    1. @Tom Golledge I sincerely hope not
      How can you possibly think he USA good for Americans when 140k have already died on his watch in a pandemic he denies is a problem?
      You guys are in a literal death cult

    2. Dr. Ellie Sattler
      Why stop there, Doc? The death toll on his watch far exceeds 140K, is all of that on him too, and why not mention of the Chinese who let the last two viruses out of containment? Like any problem, Doc, we bring our personality to it, and we can either mind Milton, or not, but one thing is for sure, when you have one tree only, it gets far more TLC than if you have a handful of equally pressing issues.

    3. @Up Stairs blaming the Chinese for being the world’s covid hotspot is like blaming ford because you drove drunk and crashed your car.

    4. @Dr. Ellie Sattler yeah most of those deaths came from a democrat run state that put covid 19 infected people in nursing homes and who is let New York become a war zone

    1. @f t ppl i can ist and ism all day. What you say doesn’t change the fact that we are a 2 party system, until that changes we will be in this loop until we either figure it out or self destruct. I’ll be dead by then so good luck.

    2. @Tom Golledge Based on what, little moron? There ISN’T a “Silent Majority ‘ for Trump. Trump was elected on a MINORITY. Do you REALLY believe that a majority of people approve of Trump?

  5. Is anyone else getting the feeling that some sort of Biblical showdown is about to happen in three months?…

    1. The world is going to be in shock. This will bring mr T into another 4 years hands down. The dems are done for good.

    2. @Reg U HAHAHA, made me laugh! Geritol Joe’s been hiding in his basement for how long? Takes how many questions? Doesn’t know the difference between his wife and his sister but can tell you about every little girl he’s ever sniffed. Only opens his mouth when trying to read off a teleprompter and even screws that up! What a guy!

    3. @ggyou only in you’re world. It’s the other way around the Republican party destroyed itself for momentary gain. all the lying and repulsive behavior put off 70 percent of Americans. In you’re Hick state full of conspiracy theories and outright lies the Republicans will still thrive but most of America finds them repulsive cowardly liars.

    1. Trump didn’t have a chance to suck as much before he was president. It’s not the same circumstance by a longshot.

  6. From the UK.. to all my American friends… normally, I’d probably be a Rep… but please, please for the sake of your own country and the world… get rid of this grotesque reptile!!!

  7. Shoot somebody on 5th avenue? He’s already killed a hundred and forty thousand Americans with his dereliction of duty.

    1. @44 Wicket The USA has most deaths and cases in the world. All the western countries have it under control now. But the difference is they have real leadership and not someone who tries to wish it away: “Like a mirracle”. He is downplaying it all the time and misinforming the American people.
      Exactly what Angela Merkel (German president) said

    2. Track Record: 9000+ Opportunity zones created in dem-ignored minority communities, zero NK nuke tests, Iran under control, China being held accountable for IP theft/currency manipulation/unfair trade practices/virus, ISIS caliphate destroyed, multiple HIGH ranking terrorists killed, Right-To-Try, Prison/Justice Reform/First Step Act/2nd Chance Initiative…

    3. @Brian Fergus The US death rate is actually the LOWEST among G7 countries. That’s why Trump called it fake news….it is 100% about convincing the American people that truth is fiction and fiction is truth.

  8. Don’t rely on the polls. We need to get out the vote. PLEASE 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  9. The polls were correct in that Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million.

    The electoral college put a reality TV personality and New York conman who lost the popular vote in the White House and now all of America is on Survivor. Let’s all remember and vote him and his administration off the island come November.

  10. Prediction for November 4th 2020: All the screaming Karen’s heads from the 2016 Election results will explode.

  11. He’ll look so adorable in his cute little orange jumpsuit, with matching orange shower shoes when they drag him out of our White House and place him in Rikers.

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