Smerconish: We need a better vaccine carrot -- and a bigger stick 1

Smerconish: We need a better vaccine carrot — and a bigger stick


To get America to herd immunity, being vaccinated should be incentivized. If that fails, CNN's Michael Smerconish proposes the government and businesses should consider measures to exclude the unvaccinated from the workplace and events.
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  1. Eliminate the no-liabiliy clause for big pharma and I’m sure more people will gain confidence.

    1. Let the chips fall where they may. If someone is elderly they get the vaccine. If people don’t want it let them die for Gods Sake. They have a right to choose. The US kills people all the time in drone air strikes, Biden never put a moratorium on them. Who cares of people choose to get sick and possibly die. By know all of the people that want the vaccine in the US should have it. I got them both, I was exposed to Covid by son and his girlfriend last year who had it, and I am type O. I have decided NOT to get anymore booster’s for variants even if they do come out with them. Let people choose.

    2. @trebochet and with that if the US decides it is going to war with China or Russia without being stressed directly then I won’t support it. I won’t go into what not supporting means, but I have the right to choose.

    3. @cowardlycourage Nonetheless….NONE of the covid mrna vaccines are approved for medical use by the FDA.
      “It’s not rocket science”
      Nope it’s a psyop.

    1. I just read about her. Why she died is unknown, LOL. Sure it is. I guess deaths from vaccines will be labeled “unknown” going forward.

    2. @iSlandeRon pretty much. Wait until people figure out that theres a massive backlog of reports waiting to go into vaers.

    1. @Michael Martin And your evidence for this being a trap is…..? Which peer-reviewed academic journals would you cite? Include statistics, numbers, and data in your analysis. Thank you.

    2. @Queliosha here in America it’s a proverb, of sorts. The hunter uses the carrot to catch the rabbit

    1. I ain’t getting it either. Why play Russian roulette with your health? The chances of dying from covid are less than 1%.

    1. If we distrust observable, quantifiable, verified scientific facts, or distrust all sources willing to provide fact checks & documentation of those facts, we succumb to just following confirmation bias, ie, to forming opinions & making decisions based on a combination of outdated/ incomplete/misrepresented data we recall & the deliberate manipulation of our emotions. In such a state, we’d find ourselves SO cynical, we reject information, regardless of merit & accept other information, regardless of merit. We’d become vulnerable to outlandish, unsubstantiated conspiracy theories & rumors, while avoiding rational thought & discourse.

    2. As someone who worked for government for over 30 years, government is only as evil as who we elect into office…from our city councils all the way up to the presidency.

    3. Vaccines are the results of science, not government. Government merely does the logistics. Stop spreading antivax lies.

    4. Yes yes yes to those who pointed this out already: has nothing to do with trusting the government. It has to do with evidence. You either understand that, or you are a head.

  2. Johnson&johnson just got in trouble for knowingly selling cancer causing talcum powder. It only took the “medical experts” 50yrs to figure that out!

    1. And, they use material from in the production their Covid-19 vaccines per letter from the Bishop.
      Moderna and Pfizer do not. Theirs were only developed and tested.

  3. What about the variants? Is Covid ever truly going away. Sound like a consistent income stream for Pfizer, jnj, etc. Just do what CNN tells you and there will be no problem.

  4. of course if you exclude us from the work place, you’ll have to give us stimulus checks instead )

  5. So now we’re going with hypothetical now to scare people. I mean if we’re playing that game, a super volcano could erupt tomorrow and kill us all out and making Covid irrelevant

    1. Remember what CNNs own Charlie Chester told us about this network. They’re nothing more than propoganda grifters.

    2. That’s actually a remote possibility so don’t ginx it. It happened once before in early human history and almost wiped us out as a species. In not even joking, there’s very little genetic variety among humans. A fruit fly has far more and far less DNA.

  6. I suggest THE place for a telephone pole sized stick, whilst nibbling at A.C.’s carrot.
    Have a nice day.

  7. I just took my blood pressure that is a l w a y s low, recently. And, it was high.
    *Hint: I was wearing a mask.

    All of these mask mandates and restrictions are doing far more harm than Covid-19 could have ever done.
    And, my pulse was high, too. Why???? Because the body has to work harder when it’s harder to breath because of those masks!!!

    1. What scientists back up your theory? I worked in an OR where masks were worn all day. No problem.

  8. I got a polio vaccine as a child, a friend got polio. She nearly died then lived with crippled limbs. I’m fine. I think the risk was worth it. Glad everyone else took the vaccine which was very new too. Feel the same now. My parents got Covid and died right before vaccine came out. I drove for three hours one way to get the vaccine. Very grateful and relieved. I feel like I am helping to stop the disease going to others too and mutating to a worse kind.

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