1. @Андрей Кошкин Pisz po angielsku albo po polsku, nie znam moskiewskiego.
      Twój skorumpowany, żałosny reżim kłamie, łże, rozpowszechnia nieprawdę i obrzydliwą anty Ukraińską propagandę. Nikt nie wierzy w wasze gówniane kłamstwa o “nazistach” albo “ludobójstwie” w Donbasie. Bombardujecie Harków, Kijów, Mariupol, Sumy. Mordujecie cywilów, są filmy, zdjęcia, relacje ludzi.

      Jeszcze nie widzisz jakie będą konsekwencje łupoty Putina ale zobaczysz, to koniec powojennego porządku w Europie. Jeżeli uważasz, że to coś dobrego, to jesteś tak samo durny.

      Jebać kurwę Putina, jebać go i jego wojnę.
      Rozumiesz co mówię w polskim, słowiańskim języku czy przetłumaczyć?

    2. @Андрей Кошкин
      Foolish President is a comic actor who once played the role of the president of the country in a comic movie and continues to play that role after becoming president. For him

    3. @carol kelly In American English, “badass” is a compliment; it means something along the lines of “awesome”, “impressive”, “courageous”, etc. Although occasionally used to in reference to purely physical power/ability/etc., the term is more commonly used to characterize someone’s personality/spirit. We can probably just start using Zelensky and the Ukrainians to *define* “badass” though 🙂

      P.S. I lived in the UK for a while, so I’m entirely sympathetic to misunderstanding slang from the other side of the pond. (E.g., I learned the hard way that “pants” does not mean the same thing in British usage that it does in American usage…)

  1. I’m Ukrainian and I’ve never thought that war would be near my home, it’s the most horrible that could happen and I wish peace to everyone, all Ukrainians want peace, people don’t have to die!

    1. @Edward Lajada I’m sure he does, doesn’t mean it’s something that was happening plus that still does not give putin the right. These people picked their leader and want to be free from Russian dictatorship

    2. @J Reyes you’re a fool if you think you can appease a dictator like Putin with a simple promise of neutrality. Come on now.

    3. @Jason Villalobos And you are a fool if you think America should rule the world.
      America is facing their own Civil War because they are heavily divided.
      They cheat their elections and attack their law enforcement and attack Jews at will.
      America is no longer credible.
      They are anti God and only use the word God to overwhelm others.
      America has also enslaved people, committed genocides. forcibly taken lands of their neighbors and always profiteering on its or other nations wars.

    1. @Kow Baah eh yeah. some jurisdictions impose criminality to escape taxes via off shore accounts. In fact, all jurisdictions should do this. Rich and corrupt ppl like Zelensky should not be able to defraud their fellow tax payers and governments to attain personal wealth. Answer me this question: why should working class Ukrainians pick up arms and die for Zelensky, when he can’t even do what is right and pay what he owes on his taxes? Workers in Ukraine do their duty and pay their taxes. Seems to me like Zelensky is fraud, is he not?

    2. @matt sieg and keeping your money on an offshore account do not necessarily means you are invading tax.. some people save in offshore account !!

  2. Zelensky will go down in history as a President of the people. What modern leader would take up arms to defend their country? Not the US, not Russia, not the UK, nobody. Mad respect.

    1. @noemi gonzalez So Biden has dementia but is crafty enough to decieve the entire world with his omnipotent power and influence around the globe? Lol I think you’re giving him way too much credit.

    2. @Luis Pereira ?you can’t just say my list are nonsense. I listed everything in A B C, 1 2 3. Name a section you disagree and give your counterpoint plz. If you can’t, that means my point is correct and this war and all the soldiers dead are on USA

    3. @Steve Palmer I cut and paste from my own comments somewhere else, this are my original thoughts , I did my research , I also read reports from us russia China Taiwan Britain Germany , if you disagree , nam a section and give your counterpoint , if you can convince me, then I won’t blame this tragedy on USA

    4. Ukrainians are showing what true and brave patriots look like. The president, mayor, previous president, have all taken up arms with regular citizens and their military. That’s leadership.

    1. yes we don’t see cowardly Putin leading the invasion, yet here’s Zelenskyy leading the defence of Ukraine, bravo!

  3. President Zelensky is such an inspiration. He is right there with his people fighting for his county and democracy. We should all learn from the incredible bravery of this man and Ukraine people. Truly inspiring.

    1. He’ll soon be a martyr.

      Putin will have him and his family murdered no matter where he might go.
      That’s why he stays and fights.

    2. A disgrace. He is just a puppet of the USA. Pushing his people to die absurdly, that’s what the US government wants. Because the more ucranian deaths the better, more sanctions for Russia to destroy their economy; Russia will not be allowed to sell gas and oil to Europe, so the US will sell it at an even higher price.
      In addition, the sacrifice of this unexperienced civilians will cause some casualties in the Russian army.
      That’s a perfect plan for the USA!! Damaging the enemy economically and military without wasting American manpower.

    3. Will you fight for Mother Earth? Make God Proud? Reincarnation
      Or run away & hide in heaven – religions have parked Sugar Daddy Gods in the sky with nothing better to do than to keep billions of their followers in cozy comfort for eternity – live like shameless prostitutes/gigolos/leeches/parasites do down here sponging off their rich Sugar Daddies
      When did God become a Sugar Daddy?
      When did billions become shameless leeches, prostitutes?

      Come back & fight for a better earth. Make God Proud!
      Choose to be with God for God is with the living, not the Dead!
      Choose Life – REAL LIFE!

  4. Zelensky is to be admired, a true hero.love and prayers to him and the Ukrainian people 💙💛💙💛💙💛

    1. Will you stand and fight for Mother Earth?
      You have a choice – either run away to Heaven and hide – care no more about the suffering of your loved ones much less the rest of the world! Poverty, discrimination, drugs, climate change, covid19, health issues & so many more!

      Religions have parked Sugar Daddy Gods in the sky with nothing better to do than to cater to billions of lazy bums shamelessly sponging off them, living like prostitutes/gigolos/leeches/parasites do down here shamelessly mooching off their rich Sugar Daddies and living a life of ease & comfort
      Not one asks – when did God become a Sugar Daddy?
      When did billions become shameless prostitutes & leeches?

      Reincarnation asks us to come back and fight for a better world! Make God Proud!
      Choose to be with God for God is with the Living, not the Dead!
      Choose Life – REAL LIFE!

  5. “If not us then who? If not now then when?” The whole world should be working together to stop this injustice

    1. The European leaders should be leading the hue and cry to stop Putin’s aggression.

      I’m terms of naked self interest and security, Ukraine is a pearl of great price.

      A country acting as a buffer zone, with its own substantial military and the population and resources to put up credible resistance to Putin’s machinations.

      You just have to give them a hand every now and then to keep them from being overrun.

      Instead, we get a bunch of excuses why Ukraine cannot be defended.

      If Ukraine is overrun and its government executed, I am not interested in defending nato countries that watched as Ukraine burned.

      “They can’t be defended because they aren’t nato member” is such dishonest bullshit.

      Being a nato member means you *have* to send troops – not being a member doesn’t mean you can’t.

      And the reasons for not allowing Ukraine to join nato are hogwash.

      “Too much corruption”

      Like there wasn’t corruption in almost every other new member country that recently broke free from oppression.

      What does that have with nato membership?

      Put tighter controls in place if you think they are going to steal the silver.

    2. And yet the vast majority of people hope for a magic man who is coming any day now to fix things, lol
      The knight in shining armor is coming any day now to save us damsels in distress!
      We get to run away & hide in Heaven – no work, no worries – uncaring about our own loved ones down on earth, much less the rest of the world! Live like prostitutes, gigolos, leeches, parasites do down here shamelessly sponging off their rich Sugar Daddies!

      Reincarnation asks us to come back and fight for a better world for as you said, if not us then who?

  6. *This president and the Klitschko brothers are true men and warriors, they could have run away and be now lounging in gold but then on the side of their people, real life men and warriors* 👍

    1. But you will run away & hide in heaven? No work, no worries? You don’t even care about your own loved ones down on earth much less the rest of the world?
      Some nice Sugar Daddy God will keep you in nice comfort? Live like prostitutes, gigolos, leeches, parasites do down here shamelessly sponging off their rich Sugar Daddies!

      Reincarnation says you can come back and help make this a better world!
      Choose Life – REAL LIFE!

      Heaven is for the coward, the weak, the shameless & the uncaring
      Reincarnation is for the Warrior, the Strong, the Moral and the Caring!

  7. This is a pivotal moment. Think of WW2 when US hesitated to act and millions died waiting for matched capability to stop dictators. We need to protect basic human rights and suffering for those who cannot defend themselves

  8. This man is a TRUE Patriot. A hero. Sending so many prayers. We stand with you Ukraine!!! Stay strong. 🙏🙏🙏🇺🇲🇺🇦❤️

    1. The GOP are Trump’s puppets, as are the MAGATards, and Trump has always been Putin’s puppet, and Trump rants: ‘beware the radical left’! Open your eyes MAGATards and look at where you are now!

  9. Zelensky is writing history for World freedom, courage and leadership not many you can say for in this world. Respect from England.

  10. No matter what happens, Zelensky is already a hero in my view. May God continue to bless him and give him safety from harm. God Bless Ukraine, some of the most wonderful loving people in the world with a great rich cultural history! I stand with you!

  11. The embodiment of warrior of Washington, the bravery of Lincoln, the patriotism of Roosevelt.

    President Zelensky represent this. He is our modern day Spartacus.

    Glory to Ukraine.

  12. Zelenski’s reply when asked if he wants to be evacuated: “The fight is here. I don’t need a ride, I need ammunition”. He IS Spartacus.

  13. Much admiration for Zelensky. He shows what a leader should be and not hiding in the basement. He is there for his people of Ukraine. God Bless this man and all of Ukraine.

  14. Zelensky is the “anti-trump and anti-putin”…He has courage, he’s a true leader, and he loves his country. I hope that he and the people of Ukraine can keep their democracy from the filthy hands of a dictator.

    1. Why would you ever compare an elected official of the free world to a authoritarian who was not elected to his position ? You far lefty’s need to stop playing these kind of games you make us normal democrats look bad

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