Smith: How Many Times Must A Black Man Be Murdered At The Hands Of Law Enforcement? | The Last Word 1

Smith: How Many Times Must A Black Man Be Murdered At The Hands Of Law Enforcement? | The Last Word


Sen. Tina Smith tells Lawrence O’Donnell that protesters in Minnesota are feeling “exhaustion, grief, anger and frustration” over another killing of an unarmed Black man by police. She says the system of policing that leaves communities of color feeling “over-policed and under-protected” has to change and hopes that Congress can “find the will” to pass meaningful police reform legislation. Aired on 04/15/2021.
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Smith: How Many Times Must A Black Man Be Murdered At The Hands Of Law Enforcement? | The Last Word


  1. Peaceful protesters. Surprise!! They do exist! And despite the rage that many doubtlessly feel, these people are good people, not rioting, not killing, despite what has been done to their peers. Dont let the people saying these people are all rioters forget! For every one bad actor there are ten reasonable people desperate for change.

  2. I don’t believe “law enforcement” even knows what the problem is: Police are trained to escalate minor stops into major crimes knowing Police will not be held to the same standards as citizens.

    1. Yep, and they cruise right past columns of drug dealing gang bangers to catch up to some middle aged guy on his way to work for a flickering brakelight and write him a citation.

    2. @FrostyGT given that it happens with a statistically significant correlation with skin colour, it is a race issue.

    3. @FrostyGT or tell the police to stop targeting poc as they clearly do. And stop racist filth like you from making racist attacks.

  3. Why does American Law Enforcement deal with traffic violations? In most other countries there is a separate Traffic Police Department. That way you never have excessive force used on a traffic stop.

    1. He had a warrant. He resisted then ran. You do realize more people usually end up hurt during a police chase right?

    2. American law enforcement “deals” with traffic violations because typically, this is the pretext they use to harass brown and black people who, once stopped, have their tags run; because they are likely to have something in the “system”, the cops now have their basis for taking it further. Here’s all you need to know, if the George Flood bill which proposes removal of qualified immunity for cops gets no traction in the generally non-working Congress, American policing remains the racist, dystopian nightmare it’s always been for minority communities!!! It’s exactly as the representative from Minnesota said it is, intentionally racist and designed to do what it is doing….

    3. @Alex Mangual Again, when dealing with brown/black folks, traffic is the pretext. It’s only “crap” to someone who has the luxury of living in fantasy Americuh where you get to pretend this isn’t a dystopian “hellscape” for those not looking like you, Mangual!!

    4. Exactly, if we in the U.K. have ANPR cameras (automatic number plate recognition) that as it says, automatically flag a vehicle, then surely that technology is available in America. Minor “offences” are dealt with by the Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority by mail. Some are done on the spot with a fine, generally by Traffic Police. More serious offences are dealt with by the Courts who impose a fine & “points” that are put on your driving license. If you exceed the maximum number of points the license is taken off you & it’s illegal to drive any vehicle for a period of time as handed down by the Courts. Motoring offences are not considered, for the most part as being criminal. Obviously if you are being pursued for dangerous driving or attempting to leave the site of a criminal act/being in possession of a firearm, considered to be a significant threat to the public, then that’s a whole different scenario & the probability of armed Police officers comes into play. Certainly not for a minor traffic offence.

    1. @Andethidial bubabibub have you ever walked with both? if not shut up! there are tasers that feel exactly like the handle of a weapon. and if you people actually understood weapons you would know that but you idiots don’t

    2. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH Obviously you have no idea about what these weapons feel like. They are in no way similar. Stop trying to justify your racist and political views by lying.

    3. also, you shouldn’t resist arrest and jump into a car where you might have a weapon, putting law enforcement into panic mode thus enabling a situation prone to accidental death

    1. The real answer is “When those embedded in the Military, police, and judicial systems finally get their much desired race war.” — I believe that is when police will stop when they finally get to tear the country apart and the “south rises again” least that is what I’m getting from the overt racism I constantly see.

  4. In my very best C3PO voice, I (rhetorically) ask “will this ever end?!?!”….. ANSWER, IT WILL NEVER END.

  5. That cop is full of bs. She knew what she was doing. There a side those tasers are on, they weigh less, the feel is different. SHE knew what she was doing..And now America, here we go again….IN 2 weeks we’ll be commenting again on the cops killing or wounding someone else. That’s what sharpten said, & I think he’s right

    1. I see where you’re coming from……and she deserves prison….
      But do you really think this is how she wanted the rest of her life to go?
      To spend the next 10+ years in a prison cell for killing someone? Just as she’s about to retire after a 26 year career?

  6. I won’t end until the lawsuit payouts get much larger and come out of police salaries and pensions.

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