‘Smoking Gun’: Feds Arrest Giuliani Allies In Trump Impeachment Probe | MSNBC

Julia Ioffe, GQ Magazine Correspondent, calls the federal indictment of two Giuliani associates linked to Ukraine plot the ‘smoking gun’ in the Dems impeachment probe. Ioffe argues the two associates are ‘in violation of election law’ for ‘funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars’ into ‘Trump PACS and to Republican candidates.’ Nick Akerman, who worked with Rudy Giuliani at SDNY, argues Giuliani has become ‘completely unhinged’ and it ‘strengthens the Democrats’ impeachment probe.’ Aired on 10/10/19.
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'Smoking Gun': Feds Arrest Giuliani Allies In Trump Impeachment Probe | MSNBC


  1. GOOD JOB Fed’s for fighting corruption in the intrest of the nation and American people! Great job!

    1. Let’s create a special medal to honour the men a woman who followed these two criminals even though they connected directly to the bandido in the Whitehouse

    1. @Dale Cox <--<< It is a Youtube video. Rudy is in a dress with a wig and stuffed bra. He and Trump are in a department store. Rudy is trying on perfume and Trump is perv-ing on him and Rudy is pretending to be offended. It is gross, ugh

    1. @Cycle of Life – cattycorner prefers NOT to speak of her days at Trump U, the poor dear FLUNKED out ha ha!

    2. The best…only the best… tremendous people…they are perfect people and we only have perfect phone conversations.

  2. The whole Trump Administration is infected with Russian money and power and dictatorship willing to sell America out to anyone who pays even Trump supporters are willing to say and do anything to save their Dying Breed Hang Em High

    1. Kevin McCarthy, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, his wife, Susan Collins (her husband), Ron de Santis, Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows………….did I miss anyone?

    2. I used to ask at what point will the number of Russian connections to Donald Trump and the Trump Administration be enough for his supporters to say “I’m leaving”. I have a feeling that was not the right question. There IS no question, they’re never leaving Prump, it makes no difference to them that foreign governments are allowed to prang our country. Donald just makes his supporters feel too good about themselves to allow things like foreign intervention and putting America up for sale to ever bother them.

    1. Exactly. When pressed about these two guys, Trump protests basically “I don’t know them. Talk to Rudy. I don’t know them. Except maybe there are pictures. But I don’t know them. Talk to Rudy.” Very reminiscent of his airplane denials about Stormy Daniels and why Michael Cohen paid her off, “I don’t know. I don’t know why Michael did it. He is my attorney. Talk to Michael.”

      Yep, Rudy just got a taste of the Trump bus. He is probably finding himself persona non-grata on Trump’s calendar…this will be fun when Rudy starts to sing.

    1. @Jordan Xander When asked if he knew the men arrested, his response “I don’t know them” later photos on a Facebook account showing the culprits with Donald Trump. Who’s lying now? The simple doubt that the President has violated the constitution of the United States should have not happened. No matter your political affiliation the President, the Congress and the Senate duty is for the people before Party or themselves. Trump will answer to please, he is corrupted and doesn’t care about someone bellow him. The guys has no caracter at all. A man with caractere will admit having made a mistake and say that he is sorry for that but Donald Trump cannot do that it is not in his caracter he will only try to save the face by deflecting any remarks that are not flattering. Fox News poll says that 51% of citizens want Donald Trump impeached and removed of office. He Tweeted that the polster at Fox News are the worst but it is not the case they are very professinal. If something good happens, he did it even if he is not involved he will take full credit but if he make something bad he will accuse somebody else like a kid will do it “I didn’t do that he did”. If this guy has nothing to hide he would disclose his proofs. He said that he cannot defend himself in this inquiry but the constitution is not providing that The House has the sole power to impeach and it means that they are the prosecutor and what does a prosecutor? Mount his case by accumulating proofs so in a way the constituion gave the United States to investigate any president that is supspecte to have commit an act that is againts the United States constituion or againts his oath of office. This is good in a way because this is justice. After the prosecutor here the Congress has made its case they will present it to the Senate and there will be a trial then an like a regular court witness can be eard and then the Senat has the obligation to evaluate the validity of the witensses and the proofs and then give a verdict. Now Trump wants to change that wich is in a way another violation of the constitution and by obstructing the congress, he does not help his case at all. The President is not above the law and must respond of his action no matter his political affiliation. Unless you want Donald Trump to rewrite the constitution and pass the actual one in the shredder and we start a new country with not a president but a dictator who will destroy free press, free religion, and be the only one to govern the United States as he sees fit. Donald Trump said that article 2 of the constitution gives him unlimited power but cannot talk about it. He can’t talk about it because it is not there and it is there with a few condition and for that I will ask you Jordan to read the constituion and find where is it sait that a president has complete unconditional power. That he can make false claims, accusation, ask another country to investigate his political opponents just because he is the President of the United-States. Here’s a link to be able to read the constitution do your home work https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/GPO-CONAN-1992/pdf/GPO-CONAN-1992-6.pdf

    2. @ritaperdue Let’s wait to see what happens. Trump may be corrupt, but Biden is definitely corrupt. Most likely another big nothing burger

    3. @Marcus Cato please link to evidence that backs your claim that Joe Biden is corrupt. This whole thread contains links and verified truths about Trump corrupt activities, and Several Trump associates in jail, many more sacked from staff, and two more Russians arrested yesterday.

    1. @TintoBrassic So now that he disagrees with you and shows you facts on why he does he is now labeled as a Shill. You can’t make it up.

    2. no-one cares about impeachment any more, already bored of it. no-one cares what new twist or what smoking gun you think there is. Trump is just going to drag this way out into 2020 and the Dems don’t have the guts to do anything about it, they are so weak

    3. In NY the Trump family was known for incompetency. That’s why “The Donald” tried to buddy up to mobsters & hired Roy Cohn as his evil attorney.
      The mobsters laughed & Cohn died of AIDS.
      Now Ghouliani just signed his impeachment endorsement!! Lol

    1. @cattycorner You’re right. My own eyes and ears deceive me. I should believe someone else’s thumbs. My own mind cannot comprehend the clear and concise laws of our land and that it is okay and in no way immoral or illegal to ask other countries over multiple years to meddle in America’s election process. Trump must truly be a stable genius. Did you know that his first time playing golf he was 11 and played 1 less than a perfect game? He shot once and made it into 2 separate holes.

  3. The rats were trying to escape and now Ghouliani is about to get thrown under the bus and experience the Cohen’s treatment…get ready for impact 4…3…2…

  4. If you were going to imagine what Giuliani henchmen would look like, you would imagine guys who looked exactly like these two goons.

    1. @Juan Pablo Rojas <---<< Track suits in the morning but leisure suits from the afternoon on. Polyester leisure suits treated with scotch guard to make it easier to clean the blood spatter off.

    2. Geo misfit
      I hit the pause button at these guys faces and started reading down the comment section, all the while thinking “those guys don’t look like businessmen, they look like bag men delivering brown paper bags full of cash in the dead of night, wearing russian-made knock-off wingtips!” Especially the guy on the right. Most businessmen have necks.

    1. Dennis Harrell  no he will blame everything on Obama and he has nothing to do with any of this but Trump will try

    2. @kelden robertson – Then he’ll say it was all Biden’s and Hillary’s idea, and they met w that Rudy guy who he barely knows, and Rudy didn’t tell him anything until a year later. His moron cult will still believe it like the zombies they are lol!

    1. @Jim Myers 🤔 You’re correct sir & good point! 🧐
      Cohen, Mike Flynn, Bijan Kian, Rick Gates, Paulie Manafort, Georgie P. etc.
      😒🚔🔐🔒 #JailBirds #CONS
      *The Mueller Report Convictions* 😯

    1. He was probably shaking them down too! Mr stop and frisk! No one believes the black folks tell you theres a problem….

    1. What do you want? Its not a case of being called into jury duty. If there is illegal business going on espically involing other countries savatoging our elections or deals being made for foreign aid, it needs to be investigated. There is no margin for CONVIENCE or turning your head. If you were not kept informed then the complaint would be, they are hiding things from the public. If you are bored and don t want to hear it, watch net flix.

    2. @blair elander <--<< You don't know .......is right, you don't know. One thing I know is you sound like a troll. Be sure to say hi to Putin....you commie.

    1. @eva camille thoroughman never know Barr might send in his special guards. This whole story is like dealing with 3 yr olds. You want to yell ‘WHAT NOW’

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