1. @Dave Waldon The Republican Party gave us the antichrist in their new world order. They teamed up with the evangelists (selling the Holy Spirit for money) they gave us a narcissistic billionaire (who tried to overthrow the government) and the concept of fake news (alternative facts) coming out of social media (fox news) who tells us truth is not important anymore only opinions and religious dogma in knowing reality as it really is. When our children are throwing the Bible into the trash it’s still nice being able to laugh about it… LOL

    1. Very sad! SNL use to be funny a long long time ago not anymore!

      Side note, Pete looks like a spaghetti noodle version of Rogan!

  1. Really??? This is the best they can do to try to make fun of joe??? They should at least get some actual speech patterns or mannerisms. I this is a clapture type of joke

  2. One of the funniest SNL skit. It’s funny when it tells what really is going nowadays with humor.

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