Snowbirds want to be exempt from Canada’s new travel restrictions

Snowbirds want to be exempt from Canada's new travel restrictions 1


  1. Rules are meant for all and no special exemption should be given for these who “WANT” to travel south. They should be held to account for their actions if they want to get around the rules.

  2. As a senior myself, I have no sympathy whatsoever for these snowbirds. I love to travel yet I chose to stay home and adhere to the government regulations.

    1. What a comical thing to say. “I’m old. I voluntarily gave up my freedoms. Therefore you should give up yours too.”

    2. @campion04 sacrifice for the safety and well being of others isn’t “comical” it’s honorable. and your blatant disregard for others health and well being isn’t funny either.. its sad.

  3. But the immigrants who work in Canada don’t have to stay at a hotel to quarantine? Or get a test when they come here because they are “essential”? If you have a job you are essential period everyone needs to work to live which is essential

  4. My Grandparents spend 6 months of the year retired in Florida. My grandmother can’t even move in weather too cold but they haven’t been since early 2020 because they know it’s not worth it. If you take the chance, pay the fine.

  5. That’s a nasty little, and was NOT confirmed in the interview. What a dishonest and divisive way to operate.

  6. If they choose to fly during a pandemic then they should pay for everything cause they are knowingly going against advice

  7. TOO BAD SO SAD. Suffer the consequences of your actions. Stupid is as Stupid Does. 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  8. You want to wander around
    D the country…you know better..I am a senior and I know better….you want to travel exemptions

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