Snowden Reacts To Trump’s Remarks About A Potential Pardon | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Snowden Reacts To Trump's Remarks About A Potential Pardon | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


Donald Trump has not ruled out a pardon for Edward Snowden, the American exiled in Russia after he leaked NSA secrets in 2013. Snowden joins from Moscow for an 11th Hour exclusive to discuss that and more. Aired on 09/11/2020.
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Snowden Reacts To Trump's Remarks About A Potential Pardon | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

93 Comments on "Snowden Reacts To Trump’s Remarks About A Potential Pardon | The 11th Hour | MSNBC"

  1. Voting is like driving. Use the R if you want to go backwards and use the D to go forward.

  2. Trump would dig up Charles Manson and make him his VP if he thought he could get re-elected.

  3. It’s a trick on Trump’s part. Do not believe him.

    • @hanz patinski okay? I’m an atheist.

    • Take his upcoming coronavirus vaccine. 60% chance you’ll grow a 3rd limb in 5-10 years!!! You can’t rush clinical trials to humans!!!! Just MORE proof he doesn’t care about ANYONE but himself!!!!

    • Lakshami Ganesh | September 15, 2020 at 5:28 PM | Reply

      @S Al Snowden is his own man , and not controlled by anyone or anything ! He is a Superhero ! All of us should be like him !

    • Lakshami Ganesh | September 15, 2020 at 5:37 PM | Reply

      @The Truth No you’re the stupid one ! You think that because you are faithful to our satanic Gov. that there are no faithful patriotic citizens left ! I believe and WILL DEFEND to my last days on earth the Constitution of the United States of America ! Since you are not a Proud Supporter, feel free to leave ! I Know You’d Love It in China !!!

    • Lakshami Ganesh | September 15, 2020 at 5:38 PM | Reply

      @Angel 1973 Thank You, and God Bless You !

  4. My goodness is this man aware of anything? The amount of subjects he is looking into, wow not alot of time left for golf.

  5. Between tweeting, golfing and watching 8 hours of Fox news every day, there is no time for Trump to ‘look into things’ or do his job.

    • @NEMEZIZ” For many you cannot tell them the truth.
      You must show them.
      Only at the precipice will people find the will [strength] to change and break the system of control [be free].”

    • Sowar and isn’t that a very sad, bad state of affairs for our country…..that we have a (so-called) POTUS that we hope does other things than the job he was hired to do….because he is so unfit, incompetent, and morally corrupt to do the job

    • @Kingsley You should be sorry as you take a pathological liar’s word as truth. This circular reference is illogical.

    • @CHIBI MOON lol. 🤷‍♀️ Oh the mindset of the radical left never ceases to amaze me. All will see soon enough. Very soon so I’m told. I’m not sorry at all. I’m not blind. I see truth and through the BS. I’m a realist not an extremist. Most certainly I won’t apologize for my beliefs or my values. I stand for our great flag and the blood that was shed representing our great Country, freedom and our Constitution. I kneel to pray and one day will kneel before my Heavenly Father and thats it.
      Many choose the path of least resistance.
      For many you cannot tell them the truth.
      You must show them.
      Only at the precipice will people find the will [strength] to change and break the system of control [be free].
      Have a great day!!! 🤭❤️🇺🇲 #TRUMP2020

    • Kingsley You are a laughable lunatic.

  6. Edward Snowden is the most rare of modern-day humans: he is driven by unshakable personal integrity and ethics.

    • H

    • If he can’t open up our eyes about the military industrial complex, who will?

    • Carolyn Talbot….you’re joking right? You drank the koolaide 😆The man is a traitor. And when he went to Russia he became a Russian agent….anything he took with him to Russia is in the possession of the Kremlin 🙄

    • @Angie Luna Everything he had, you also have possession of because he made it public. Are you worried he might sneak back in?

    • Lakshami Ganesh | September 15, 2020 at 2:17 PM | Reply

      @Angie Luna Anyone that calls Snowden a traitor is not a patriot and should be giving their walking papers ! Snowman exposed our ” Criminal Nazi Gov.” for their crimes against the american people, the ” Constitution of the United States of America, and people , & countries in the rest of the world ” ! Our U.S. Gov. Is Anti- american, just as You Are ! Snowden is a Real American Hero ! Many people are grateful to know that our very own Gov. Can’t be trusted, and has Deceived and Betrayed the american people for which it is supposed to Serve !!! Snowmen was obligated as a patriotic citizen to expose our domestic enemies, which are and is our U.S. Gov.! Our Anti- American Gov. And You Anti- American citizen Do Not Have The Right To Call Yourselves American Citizens or The Right to Live Here in This Country ! It takes a lot more than just to be born here to call yourselves an American citizen ! The only Americans are the PATRIOTS ! If your not a Patriot You Are not an American !!!

  7. Katerina Luna diCamella | September 12, 2020 at 2:13 AM | Reply

    I wouldn’t trust Trump for anything, he’s not a man will honour his own words, Trump is a liar

  8. Whistle blowers should NOT be prosecuted, they should be honored!

    • Lakshami Ganesh | September 15, 2020 at 6:16 PM | Reply

      @MatchstalkMan If it weren’t for our Gov. we NEVER would have had a so called planned 911 attack by the c.i.a. & George Bush ! Just another planned strike at our freedoms ! All PATRIOTS know that ! Every single attack our Gov. Commits against its own citizens they ALWAYS Blame on Someone else !

    • Lakshami Ganesh | September 15, 2020 at 6:28 PM | Reply

      @hiiamrick Any law that goes against the Constitution is a defunct law and not valid ! The Constitution needs to be upheld at any and all costs ! We out it , we fail as a nation ! When our Gov. Goes against the people that it is supposed to serve, that is not just betrayal, it is Treason ! Our U.S. gov. Not Snowden is Guilty of Treason ! The U.S. Constitution was made for everyone , not just some !

    • Lakshami Ganesh | September 15, 2020 at 6:33 PM | Reply

      @Alehia klorian Our is trying to get rid of PATRIOTS and the Constitution ! And they have ungrateful people like you helping them ! You should be ashamed!

    • Lakshami Ganesh | September 15, 2020 at 6:34 PM | Reply

      @J O That just shows how little you know about him !

    • @Lakshami Ganesh He knew what he was doing was wrong. What he did made no sense. He did not need to commit treason to blow the whistle. nobody put a gun to his head so it made no sense still doesn’t

  9. This is Trump’s way of dangling a shiny object to fish for votes. Plain and simple. Don;t fall for it.

    • @Lakshami Ganesh Listen commie we have a way to do things in AMERICA posting classified information on Wiki Leaks aint one of them. LASTLY so funny the current US president tried tried to get John Bolton to use the NSA for that very reason where is your fuss about that. Concerns over civil liberties have been reignited after the Trump administration applied to reauthorize a National Security Agency (NSA) spying program that had gathered millions of U.S. citizens’ call records.

    • Lakshami Ganesh | September 15, 2020 at 8:18 PM | Reply

      @Alehia klorian listen stupid, do u even know what a Communist is ? I doubt it ! So don’t just go throwing names out because you have not the education to argue in an intelligent manner ! When the rich take and or steal from the poor to stay in power that is communism ! And I believe the exact opposite ! So listen up , dummy and learn , Snowden did nothing wrong ! He fought for our rights ! And right now YOU are Spitting on the graves of people who died so that we the american people could have rights ! You Are a DESRACE ! Maybe you are a paid Gov. Troll ! Or maybe just like I said before a willing Slave & a Sheep ! Maybe you’ll be stupid enough to take the Bill Gates vax and live forever as a demonic cyborg ! Not too bright are you ? Daa !

    • @Alehia klorian they HAVE swayed the election, proven by the GOP’s own counterintelligence probe despite the fact that the R senators verbally denied it (probably because they knew his supporters wouldn’t read it). It’s all in there, bipartisan agreement of ‘mountains and mountains of evidence’ in the report. The misinformation campaign for this election is much more sinister than the Wikileaks propaganda. His supporters don’t realize if he overthrows the democratic government like he’s trying to do, they’ll suffer for it too…Unless they’re in the top 1% financially, which of course most aren’t.

    • @Lakshami Ganesh speaking of sheep, you’ve been brainwashed with Russian propaganda posted by a neo-nazi pig farmer (isn’t that fitting) on his message board. Do some research and find out what happens after you play the part as a pawn in fascism taking root in America. Ask yourself honestly where the proof is for the claims you’re believing. Treat it like a research project in school; if you couldn’t use the source in your paper, then it’s probably not reliable.

    • @LB Walker Unlike your little mind I can think for myself , do not listen to propaganda, don’t care for nazis, or pig farmers ! Your just throwing words out the window , because that’s all your capable of ! If your not for the constitution you’re against it ! LEAVE MY COUNTRY ! You’re Not American ! Snowden is the Greatest American that ever lived ! And your jealously, doesn’t change that ! It is everyone’s obligation to up hold the constitution ! Snowden exposed criminals ! That makes him a hero ! Instead of badmouthing him or me , you should be kissing his feet in honor !!! China & Korea don’t have a constitution, I’m sure they would happily except you ! Feel free to move .

  10. “I’m not that aware of the Snowden situation.” Has anyone noticed that Trump doesn’t seem to know much about anything?

  11. For being such a genius,WHY is he so unaware all the time when reporters ask questions?

  12. It’s funny how Barr and Trump are in DC and Snowden is in Moscow.

  13. Barr is vehemently opposed to TRUTH!

  14. President never seem to be aware of anything.

    • Plausible deniability.

    • exactly. I cannot imagine how he could not know exactly what Snowden did, how he did it, why he did it, and what it means, and be President of the US 3 years later. Like, how could you have missed any of that?

    • All this from a traitor


    • ArkadiosTheodulus | September 15, 2020 at 8:52 PM | Reply

      @Trish Boyd What he does? The adderall addicted con man spends hours every day watching TV, golfing, and whining and telling lies on Twitter. 🤣

  15. When Trump says that he doesn’t know about someone or something, he is just pulling a stunt. Trump is BS 24/7.

  16. Linda Scarafiotti | September 12, 2020 at 12:32 PM | Reply

    Snowden is a patriot period. He was a whistleblower and needs to be pardoned. However I wouldn’t trust this administration.

    • Did you call him a patriot period when Obama ruthlessly tried to take him down? More liberal logic and double talk, I suspect

    • Why have you followed “period” with more banal drivel?

    • RiverRain Choctaw | September 15, 2020 at 9:25 PM | Reply

      I don’t know how you could say that considering the FBI has already proven that Obama used and abuse of power. Spying on the president elect during his campaign. Recorded conversations pictures etc. Clintons Obama Biden all included in this report. I’m still waiting for the bottom to drop out I don’t understand how criminals are getting away with the things they are these days. Snowden was framed set up, he even tells he’s at an airport trying to get out of the country. He receives a car and it’s from Biden he ask him all I’m asking is can I get a public trial so everyone can see what’s taking place. Biden tells him I can’t promise you anything other than you might get the electric chair or something with his remark. This man here programmed or Ai intelligence. If the president were smart he would pardon him hire him if there is anyone that could dig into hidden files erased emails this man right here would be the man to do it. I think it it’s sad in America you work for an entity and you’re told what to do. But if you get a bit too close and they’re afraid of being exposed all of a sudden you’re a traitor. And that’s what they did to this man he was just a young man a kid, and I didn’t stop there they went on with his girlfriend. I Hopis pardon as it is he said making any type of calls there he takes a camera out of the phone puts a separate microphone so he knows he’s not being traced. That’s not to say he’s doing anything wrong He said Americans are being spied on 24 seven. Google big-time enemy of the people. But unfortunately Americans don’t have too many options if they want to use the Internet and such things. I’ve heard the DuckDuckGo is the safest place also you will find articles there that have been hidden by Google.

    • Yes as a peace deal is getting done

    • RiverRain Choctaw | September 16, 2020 at 1:30 AM | Reply

      John Thomas For one Patriot is what. A Republican correct. It is a fact that Snowden is a Democrat. Not this interview but the one prior to this he repeatedly made the comments he and his family where sworn Democrats.
      His exit out of the country he was waiting for clearance or should I say acceptance into another country. Where he is told he has a phone call. It is from Biden, who tries to convince him to return. Snowden tells him the only way he will return is if he is allowed to have a public hearing. Biden pretty much tells him the only thing that he will promise is that he will be tried as a terrorist and more then likely receive the death penalty.
      Russia the only one to except him.
      If I where anyone I would have been more concerned of this. Because this his young man even the day he left the US there was probably wasn’t many if any programs he wasn’t able to break into.
      He also had a great deal of knowledge about the US hidden information that only Top Secret knows. If I where the now President I’d pardon him because one because it would be the right thing to do. Second in his last interview said he would gladly work for the White House. As many times as Trump has said there’s information being hid, this man here no doubt could retrieve it.
      Which takes us back to Russia, wonder if he’s helped them in any way shape of form. Russia and China are now in he process of creating their own privet internet and such..
      it just would seem at the information this man knows and is able to retrieve he’d be very important to someone. One thing for sure he hates Google said it is one business that is always watching Americans 24/7

  17. When Trump says ‘No, I’m not aware of it.” You know he is.

    • justgivemethetruth This is some thing that really scares me because he can’t be bothered with reading his daily morning security Briefings on hotspots around the world etc …His lack of reading comprehension and his lack of focus frightens me .So in order for him to want to look at any paperwork from what I understand , it Has to be full of pictures and diagrams with his name all over it!? I’m so disgusted by him ….

    • justgivemethetruth that’s really a scary thought to me … I’ve been worried sick over our lack of national security because he’s not paying attention ! So who’s guarding the hen house ? Or he left the gate open for them to raid the henhouse ( USA) while he gets paid for it , or better yet , he has been paid off to let Russia or any other foreign power destroy us and our democracy

    • Val Syaranamual | September 14, 2020 at 5:52 AM | Reply

      I wouldn’t bet on it!!!

    • Val Syaranamual “ I wouldn’t bet on it “ then what is it you won’t bet on dude ?

    • Yeah, he’s hoping the interviewer will reveal what the public knows so Trump has an idea of where he stands.

  18. “When Exposing a Crime is Treated as Committing a Crime, You Are Ruled By Criminals.”

  19. Lol. He’s a fool if he trusts their “pardon”.

    • Bryan McCormick | September 16, 2020 at 9:38 PM | Reply

      Snowden’s always seemed at peace. He’s the last person to be unaware of his own vulnerability, in America or Moscow.

  20. Well, let’s see. How was a Whistleblower treated during Trumps impeachment?

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