Snowstorm hammers Denver with biggest two-day snowfall in 30 years | USA TODAY

A snowstorm slowly pushing eastward caused has put more than 24 million Americans under a winter weather advisory.

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"Winter storm continues for the Upper Midwest (and) Great Lakes Thursday with heavy, blowing snow leading to dangerous travel conditions," the National Weather Service's Weather Prediction Center said in a statement.

Additional snowfall totals of around 6-12 inches are forecast for portions of the Upper Great Lakes, and locally higher totals over a foot are possible, the statement said. Much of the snowfall is expected to occur over a period of a few hours. Snowfall rates of 1-2 inches per hour and gusty winds could make "travel difficult to impossible."

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  1. USA Today could have included the most important part to their outrageous headline: January. This record is for one month, not for the eleven others. Please be accurate, FFS!

  2. Really? I think it was 2014 when I was living there we had a blizzard that shut down all of denver for 3 days. I was one of the few people on the roads at all. I’m from Montana and was used to LOTS of snow in the winter. It was really nice, by the 2nd day there was no smog or anything, and you could see the entire city, and all of the mountains behind it. It was beautiful. Normally you can’t see it.

  3. Buffalo New York is laughing at us. There was far more, and heavier, snow in the last snow we had around Christmas.

    I’m in Longmont. Not sure what the hype is about. Roads are dry already.

    1. …I am going to call bullshit on that. It’s 90 in Denver in July, it’s in a valley.
      According to a quick google the last time it snowed in Denver in July was 1872.

  4. It’s the middle of the country, exactly on the other side of mountains from huge jet streams that enter the US on the coast.
    When I lived there I also thought the weather was weird till you think about it.
    They had flooding, when I lived there, that was part of a 50 year weather pattern.
    Some of the pictures looked like Florida during a hurricane.

  5. Idk where these people are getting these “records” but I’ve lived here my entire life and INCHES has never been a record. We’ve had blizzards for days that shut down the state damn near so these news agencies reporting record snowfall seems odd.

  6. My husband checked that indeed 4 ft. Of snow fell……in Crested Butte and the mountains. That is NOT Denver!

  7. This was nothing! They must be including the several inches of snow that haven’t melted yet from the previous snowstorms.

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