'So Many Missteps': Inside Trump WH's Handling Of The Coronavirus 1

‘So Many Missteps’: Inside Trump WH’s Handling Of The Coronavirus


Reporters Yasmeen Abutaleb and Damian Paletta join Morning Joe to discuss their new book on the Trump administration's handling of the coronavirus and how former President Trump's battle with the virus was more serious than officials alleged.

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'So Many Missteps': Inside Trump WH's Handling Of The Coronavirus


  1. You can’t expect a person with narcissistic personality disorder to care about people. People are just numbers to him.

    1. Not only that, they had no idea , what they were doing. The entire administration was a disaster.

    2. @Kalle Bengtzon You are right. What I meant was numbers in terms of the number of people who got infected/died of covid a year ago and made him look bad because he kept denying the seriousness of the disease and in terms of numbers of people supporting him. He doesn’t see human beings, just numbers of people who died or who support him.

    3. @Eric Staples more than Republicans who just want their monthly checks from big pharma, NRA,etc.

  2. Why would anyone think someone who failed at so many different endeavors would be able to run Our Country…..

    1. @Tex AJP That would make it the ‘Drumpf Virus’ then wouldn’t it? Spanky was CiC at the time was he not? Are you saying that he then falsely blamed another country to cover up for the screwup under his administration? Are you saying that the US should pay the ‘trillions’ Spanky wants the falsely accused country to pay?
      BTW…. There is no such entity as ‘usaiid’. There is USAID which is the agency for International Development. FFS… could you halfwits just do the slightest bit of actual research into your invented fuckwitery before you go about spewing it. What you probably meant is USAMRIID, The Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases which, I’m sure even your limited intellect can appreciate is very different from USAID and even more different than your imaginary ‘usaiid’.
      I’m not really surprised that an anonymous halfwit, spouting Chinese embraced nonsense would get simple things wrong though. English can be a tough language for the dimwitted to get a handle on. I’m sure a proficient translator can help you with some of the unfamiliar words you will probably have trouble with…Just make sure you ask them nicely for the help cupcake.

    2. @Hair is MyLove You really don’t want to talk about “tuition” where Trump is concerned do you. Do you deny the fact that his “college” had to refund millions because it was a scam. Stop getting your info from Tucker Carlson. They used his show as a defense in a lawsuit. Their defense was anyone who believes what he says is stupid and his show has no basis in facts. That’s a court record.

    3. Lol!!! We got sleepy biden who can’t walk up steps without falling and having note cards…Lol!

    4. @Lisa Lee try hard. Tired old crap. Trump used notes everybody does. You think the media does everything from memory. Only on Broadway

    1. @Richard Grier
      Once again,
      I’m getting them up FASTER
      than you can make
      them “go away”…

    2. @Richard Grier
      You know, the “communists” are
      particularly “enamored” with
      stifling the “FREE SPEECH”
      of others…

    3. @Allan Burns And there’s still nearly 600 kids missing. Because trumpers got rid of the Data Bases set up by the previous admistration. I think slimy Steven Miller was responsible for that. One trump was shot and killed January 6, 2021. Too bad the dumb B***H was the only one.

    1. Lol. Naw. They were actually pridefully ignorant and hostile to the truth…. So God saw fit to humble a proud and obstinate people.

    2. @James Lynn Looks to me like you trumper’s are the ones detached from reality. Oh, and btw, your beloved leader is getting charged with crimes tomorrow 😀

    3. Exactly. Because he’s a little punk who has always known that he is a total failure, and used his position to do nothing more than stroke his own fragile ego!

    1. @Prxperty He actually ranks BELOW average. It’s ANOTHER lie that he sold. Just like “Like a miracle, Covid will disappear.”

    2. @Borvo I mean he did lol. All you need is a simple google search. Even libs know the economy under him was amazing

    3. @Emery Coppola Jr. Ranks below average according to you lol. You’d just have to be a hard head or not live in America to have seen the record breaking economy smh. A simple google search will do It for ya

    4. @Prxperty Apparently you have never done the “simple Google search.
      I also note that you don’t even mention that Obama had to pull us out of the George W. Bush (Republican) recession.
      The actual numbers for USA GDP growth from 2008 (last year of Bush presidency) to December 31st of 2020 are as follows

      Date Value
      Dec 31, 2020 -2.3%
      Dec 31, 2019 4.01%
      Dec 31, 2018 4.87%
      Dec 31, 2017 4.76%
      Dec 31, 2016 3.56%
      Dec 31, 2015 2.96%
      Dec 31, 2014 4.49%
      Dec 31, 2013 4.43%
      Dec 31, 2012 3.56%
      Dec 31, 2011 3.65%
      Dec 31, 2010 4.19%
      Dec 31, 2009 0.47%
      Dec 31, 2008 -0.83%
      And some additional information for you:
      In Obama’s first 4 years of pulling us out of the recession the debt increased by $4.829 trillion dollars and in Obama’s second 4 years the debt increased by $3.659 as he was very conscious of the debt and was interested in not increasing it unnecessarily. Then enter Trump, and during a booming economy when he should have been paying down the debt (he did promise t pay down the debt) he instead, prior COVID-19, was on track to adding $5.088 trillion to the debt; – – – that is he was inflating the GDP numbers by spending the USA into debt.
      Note: Trump di manage, through his mishandling of the economy and the pandemic did manage to add over $8 trillion to the National debt in 4 short years.
      That is, the Trump economy was far from “AMAZING”.
      BTW – In addition to destroying the economy Trump is responsible for the deaths of over 600,000 Americans. He is undoubtedly the WORST president in the history of the USA!

  3. Those weren’t missteps, accidents or stupidity. He knew exactly what he was doing and he should be in jail right now because of it.

    1. @MrEkzotic “Why is he not in prison?”
      because he didn’t fund it.
      some lab in Texas funded it.

    2. @Hey Yo “If he was a real doctor he would know that hydroxychloroquin and Ivermectin would be able to help ”
      multiple medical research papers say you’re wrong.

    3. @V for Wombat Fauci admitted it. He’s not in prison because he’s the Democrat’s golden boy…he will be protected for life, just like Comey, McCabe, Brennan….all who clearly broke the law.

  4. Trump was by far the worst president in U.S. history. You need scare quotes when you mention his title.

    1. @zrex808 Actually, Fuaci was funding the covid research to the wuhan lab. So guess what, the blood of all is on his hands. 2nd, demorats are blocking the probe into the origin of covid at the lab, Why?. 3rdYou have zero proof that anything could have been done any different. Hindsight is always 20/20. Everyone talks a big game when they are not the ones involved. Jan 29th WHO announced the pandemtic, Feb. 3rd trump announced the health crisis. We had hydrochloroquine to help until we got a vaccine, but you leftiest cried about it and shut it down. To this day, doctors are giving hydrochloroquine shots before the vaccine. Feb. 24th Pelosi was telling everyone it was safe while she was in chinatown. these are all facts. try coming up with some of your own to back up that mouth of your.

    2. @daniel banks
      Keep running Daniel. You’re exposed.

      Explain exactly how with Credible Facts only (not your baseless feelings) how Trump is “Pro-American” when…

      1. Trump incited the Jan 6 Insurrection & then told his “Terrorist” supporters (as defined by US Law) that stormed our Capitol that he “loved them”?

      2. Trump inexcusably lied to the American people about how deadly C19 was stating it’s “just like the flu” despite admitting in private earlier on Feb 7th that it was “5 times more deadly than flu” & “airborne”?

      3. Trump inexcusably saying “it is what it is” to the knowledge of thousands of innocent Americans dying daily under his C19 leadership?

      4. Trump inexcusably failed to Plan, Prepare & Act early & effective enough to the imminent C19 threat that other leading C19 nations did, which directly resulted in over 1/2million+ innocent Americans perishing to death needlessly when this Trump mass death was PREVENTABLE as PROVEN by leading C19 nations and their live-saving C19 responses of 243,000-510,000 LESS DEATHS per Capita than Traitor-Trumps deadly response?

      Answer each question with objective credible facts and NOT more baseless sycophant feelings & lies.


  5. So by saving Trump, many thousands EXTRA had to die… They should have left Trump to rot in a migrants-cage !

    1. @daniel lothamer For over 60y I didn’t get the flu shot, and maybe got the flu 2x as a kid with typically mild symptoms. As a healthy 60-something I’ll continue to get it and Covid vaccination (likely combo shot) until Covid is like Polio or small pox… vanquished by high rate of vaccination. Similarly I wear a mask to protect loved ones… children too young to be vaccinated, thus remaining at risk. No offense but trusting scientists over random YouTuber on its effectiveness.


    3. It turns out he was right about hydroxychloraquine. If they would have allowed everyone to use that they would have saved hundreds of thousands of lives. There would have been no need for a vaccination or masks.

    1. So who do you all blame gave it to the rest of the world? Because last I knew, the entire planet has the same problem and if it wasn’t for Prez T, 2.75 Billion would not be vaccinated right now and within 10 months. He did push for it and you all said he was crazy. Did you take Prez T’s vaccine. If so, Shut up then. So Prez T’s vaccine has saved Billions and you all still blame him like children.

  6. besides treasonous acts, crimes against HUMANITY, how can this man be walking free amongst US?

    1. @daniel banks I did??? Where? When? That’s your pathetic response to getting owned? To push it on me? C’Mon smart guy.

    2. @daniel banks boy? You talking about your mom/sister? Because we know she’s the same person

    3. @covfefe Kids in cages?, you did get owned. You couldnt come back with any substance or factual argument. Instead, ya went to a 3rd party saying i had no facts, of which i had just given you one. You deflected. It is you that is uneducated at every turn. So far, i havent seen a single fact come from you. Typical demorat.

    4. @daniel banks yes your right .. and they should all be in jail too… just because 5 people do a bad thing doesn’t mean its ok when you do it .. my grandma taught me that for Christs sake … but apparently thats like to big brain for people these days…

  7. Nothing to do with “Missteps.” Everything to do with, “I am Donald Trump, I can do what I want, and no one can stop, or question my authority.”

    1. 45th said “he was the chosen one.” I agree. He was chosen to demonstrate the racism, misogyny and ignorance that is swept under the carpet in USA.

  8. So the reason why Trump let so many Americans die, is because Jared said mostly black people are affected and dying.

    1. Trump and Azar were literally saying “Let it Ride” when they found out that it would affect blue states and cities more… Then they started pushing a false “herd immunity through mass infections” theory, that was complete nonsense. Trump himself was the first masses of people gathered at his rallies, one of which killed Herman Caine.

    2. @Jonas P Trump was working on China deal in late 2019 , which he saw as a rump to his re-election. He didn’t want to spoil the negotiations, as the result he downplayed the seriousness and ignored all alarm bells. And then virus became rampant , but since he already downplayed it, he doubled down (as what he always does) by ignoring health experts advice, masks, the gravity of the situation and came up (in tandem with Faux) counter talking points – liberty, voodoo medicines, and the rest of the garbage. The rubes had followed

    3. @Darling Dear Exactly! Of course, his supporters conveniently forget about his secret bank accounts over there & the fact Ivanka picked up 16 trademark deals from them worth $760 million. And of course, they seem to forget that every year he was in office, the US recorded record trading deficits with China. The highest of the highest of grifts, all for the Trump cash cow.

  9. Trump’s egregious irresponsibility with mishandling Covid directly contributed to an untold number of American deaths.

    1. There’s no bigger thrill for a sociopathic narcissist cult leader than knowing people are dying as a direct result of his actions. That’s why cults almost always turn into death cults.

    2. Australia has just under 1,000 deaths. USA population is 13x, which, per capita, should equal 13,000 deaths. Of course, that’s over-simplified but it just shows what could/should have happened.

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