1. @Nera Kar

    2. It doesn’t matter who they interview. I don’t need anyone to describe what a turd smells like. I already know

    3. @Nera Kar
      “ and viewers just watch and pretend like this person is completely non-biased“. 14.5 million subscribers and you PERSONALLY know all of them are pretending “like this person is completely non-biased” ? You are completely wrong about this particular viewer. I don’t care if the person is biased or not. I watch CNN because I believe there are only two types of people in this world. Democrats and assholes. I like CNN because they’re on the side of the Democrats. It’s media channels like this that helped get the orange Analwart out of the White House. Bless CNN and all left-wing media. FDJT

    4. @Nera Kar Nope. Never noticed. Because it’s not true. Plus, they probably invited Stewart himself but for some reason….he couldn’t make it. Lol

    5. Oaf keeper Elmer Fudd Stuart Rhodes mad his wife become a stripper while he was pursuing his Law Degree at Yale University. Pimping 101

    1. At least she’ll be safe as long as he’s in prison. That guys a sociopath. I’ll bet she’s so appreciative of everyday life not being around that idiot.

    1. Remember when Trump said go ahead and hit someone I’ll pay the legal fees? That right there started it all, the emboldment went off the rails and these people felt like they can storm the Gates of Heaven if they would storm the gat
      es of Heaven if they disagreed with God.
      If 45 is not made to pay for his crimes then this will continue.

    2. Should we get rid of the entire Constitution then? Or just the parts that allow people you don’t like to do things you don’t like?

  1. When people say it’s all your fault, that’s what I call blame transference. They never want to take the blame for their own actions. They are completely incapable of controlling their own emotions as they would rather experience all the emotions they can.

    1. @Erick Borling emotions can be controlled- it doesn’t mean you can’t/don’t feel them but it can be dangerous to be solely guided by emotion, especially in the heat of a given moment.

      Therapy helped me and MANY others realize this 💯

    2. @Erick Borling
      I’m roughly middle aged. I work at it. For example we all the choice to go to church, work, the movie theater, or the bar, the place with the sign that girls girls girls, the drug house, the brothel. On either side of the or, you can plunk down a few etceteras. Some people live on both sides of the or.

      It takes work. When I watch a tear jerker on TV my emotions hardly ever control me at all. When I watch a movie with good guys and bad in it, my emotions hardly ever control me. Momentarily sometimes. But that’s what practice is for. That’s what all the temptations of this world are for.

      I believe we were created in the image of God. God is stronger than eviL, because he’s in control of his emotions. We can be as emotionally strong as our creator. If we want.

      I like to look at the word EVIL and see it as an acronym composed of two phrases. Emotional Vilification and Irrational Logic.

      The reason I spell eviL with a capital L is because I believe eviL is against all who Live.

      Putin, along with the Russian Orthodox Church ( F. K. A. the Byzantine Catholic Church ) are attempting to do just that with the west ( us ). Putin is trying to plant the seeds of hate in his people’s minds.

      We think nuclear war is impossible, but we’ve been warring somewhere on earth since the dawn of man. We think God will never allow it. But he’s never stopped us before. Why would he now. We can’t go into are immortal lives the way we are now. We’ld just make war.

      Pope Francis is someone you might want to do a search on. See if you’re comfortable with news ( new stories ) about him.

      Either way, God wins, because he’s no gambler.

      Be strong.

  2. Imagine being such a horrifyingly bad human being,spouse and perhaps a father,that your ex-wife sighs in relief when that role model is convicted and sent to prison!!!

    1. @SteuerInnenzahler if you weren’t a sexist, you wouldn’t post jackshit. As it is, you post jackshit.

    2. @jan tegnér Actually, I don’t think she is. A lot of people feel sympathy for Melania because Trump is such a monster, but they’re wrong. Anything Trump did she approved of, and stood by his side. She supported his birther conspiracy against Obama, she wore a blouse with a p****** bow during a debate after the Access Hollywood tape came out, even when the Stormy Daniels scandal came out she couldn’t have cared less! She stays with Trump because she’s exactly like him…evil, money-grubbing, and cold as ice! People need to stop feeling sorry for her because she’s exactly where she wants to be.

    3. @Lexicon 67 ,oh i hear you and totally agree! There is no need to feel sorry for Melania! She is just as awful of a human being as Dump is,a golddigger that met her match! She got what she wanted and that is his money and a name for herself other than a failed modell, a name in tatters granted but she got what she strived for! And don´t feel anything for Melania other than disgust! That goes for the vast majority of the Trump family crime syndicate too! Cheers spitfire…

    4. @jan tegnér get off your holier-than-thou, my poop don’t stink soapbox. You don’t know me or my ex, but you have it figured out.

    5. @Plen122 He is facing 60+ years. I bet a good pair of shoes is enough to ‘outrun’ him if he survives to the end of his turn.

  3. This woman is intelligent and BRAVE. I would be very scared to give an interview about armed angry illogical goons like the oathkeepers… !!! Kudos to her. Good thing she is kept in contact with the FBI.

    1. I wouldn’t be scared. The truth is the truth and some people NEED to be exposed for the monsters they are

    2. @John Wall Actually the DOJ did a report months ago that showed that police departments in many states had law enforcement officers who were members of the Oath Keepers. The FBI agents wouldn’t need to be a member of any militia unless they were infiltrating the org as an informant. Militias are low-tier and any real involvement with those losers would be a career ending move. That doesn’t mean that there weren’t Trump supporters in the FBI and the DOJ…I’m sure that there were. I’m also sure that they were shown the door once Garland got there. And as members of the DOJ were standing outside giving a standing ovation to Garland as he entered the building, I’m inclined to believe that it wasn’t very many.

    1. I hope you are in a better place now. Abuse is a really though thing to get rid of, to wash yourself clean of even. I know from experiance.

    2. I remember getting yelled at cause it rained on his day off. Given God like powers, while have real power squashed.

  4. Imagine what courage it took for her to leave this monster and when she finally gets out the police tell her “go back home to your husband”. I’m sure being in a town that’s mostly comprised of far right wing lunatics including the entirety of the police force must’ve made her escape seem almost impossible. Thank goodness she was successful. I hope this traitor stays behind bars for a long time…for her and her childrens sake.

    1. @Erick Borling what? I never said that it was. She obviously isn’t still with the guy as she said if he was acquitted he could just show up and take the kids as he has 50/50 custody. She obviously thinks he’s a threat because she tried (unsuccessfully) to get a restraining order against him. I was commenting on the small part of the story where a woman with six children found the strength and courage to get away from a clearly intimidating spouse only to have authorities tell her to go back to her husband. That’s pretty shitty…for any person to endure. She’s obviously still afraid of this man as well, so I imagine she’s relieved the guy is going to prison. It’s not like she’s the one who brought the charges against him for sedition so your point is confusing.

    2. @Rachel Defaut She’s got better than that. Sounds like some degree of police protection possibly because of the right-wing nutjobs threatening her. In this instance, seems being armed is a necessity.

  5. It’s so sad seeing the fear and anxiousness in this woman. Thank goodness the jerk got convicted! He’s a monster. 👎

  6. Tasha Adams, you are one amazing woman. Brave, strong, resilient, and a fantastic role model for everyone. Thank you for sharing your story. You, and your voice, are worthy of being heard.

    1. Nope. She was part of starting the whole bigoted oath keepers movement. She was a co-founder. She didn’t object when they went and terrorized the people of Ferguson. Her hands aren’t clean

    2. She also looks so much better than when I first saw her interviewed, just after his arrest. She can now start to live the life she should be able to have.

  7. What a horror that poor woman has experienced! WOW.. I could feel the pain and fear… and I am not even an emotional person!

  8. I thought of her first when I read about the conviction. The level of relief she must feel is probably not even expressible. I am so glad this dangerous man is going to prison.

  9. Everyone say a prayer for this lady an her family that God keeps her safe in Jesus name. She is so brave.

    1. Did you miss the part about her helping him to found the oath keepers? She is filth unless she denounces the whole of the Republican Party and turns into a left winger

  10. Good interview. 99.99% of all people just embarrass themselves by fumbling inarticulately in interviews like this. Ms Adams gives a well-spoken description of the sudden relief and newfound hope. You go, girl!

    1. Well, of course, victims are often burdened with the job of being good speakers to be believed and helped, and often pitted against lifelong psychopaths, liars, and manipulators. People will refuse to do any work to protect them so they have to do it all themselves just so they, the victim, can be granted any justice.

      And she’s been fighting for herself for a long, long time.

    2. She had a lot of public speaking practice when she helped her husband form the Oathkeepers 10 years ago.

  11. You can tell how frightened she still is of him that she’s scared that he can magically be pardoned and still come back to punish her for disclosing his awfulness as a human. Malignant narcissists are the absolute WORST partners to have.

    1. Wouldn’t you be? Even if he’s sentenced to a long prison time, he has his gang out loose. And that pardoning fear – it’s real; nothing magical about this abusive GOP

    2. @Lockwood Peckinpaugh Congratulations on touching a couple of sensitive nerves! What was their problem with “male character” getting called out? This woman evidences experience with male law enforcing Rhodes’ male privilege, and that’s just the personal level, part of the background noise to his feeling empowered to violently invade the Capitol of Our Country.

  12. When you have battered wife syndrome it can take years of counseling to begin to get over the trauma. My heart goes out to this woman.

    1. @Magic Mike oh yes, she assigns her ex near magical powers. Her fear is palpable. My own traumatized brain triggered.

    2. @Mary anne Lawless I’m sorry to hear that happened to you. You’re lucky to be alive. If someone had asked me if I had been abused I would’ve laughed at them because I looked at abuse like what happened to you like physical, verbal or sexual abuse. It took me years to figure out I was psychologically abused and what that even was. Also I grew up in a dysfunctional family and was use to being treated badly. I think the greatest form of abuse is psychological abuse for men and women. It’s hard to put your finger on and offers the abuser plausible deniability.

      Cluster B’s are devils. I hope you are healing from that poisonous vampire. At least I learned about cluster B’s so I’m not as naive as I use to be and have worked on my own family of origin issues. I wish you the best.

    3. @Brian Walsh I agree the psychological abuse trains your brain and untraining it is a lifetime of effort, assuming you realize what’s happening and get help. I was “lucky” lol, to have experienced a decades of both. Grateful for life and freedom. All the best to you. Glad you came out the other side.

    4. And being a MAGA is like being a battered wife. Just picture all those MAGA sissy men following trump and being trapped by their husband – trump.

  13. The police telling her to go home and denying her a restraining order, this is a huge problem in law enforcement facing so many people, especially women. It’s horrifying to be in this position.

    1. I’m not defending Elmer he probably should have had a protection order. Police don’t make restraining orders that would be a court. If she couldn’t get one, her case was weak at the time or she had a biased judge. The larger problem with restraining/protection orders is not the same problem you think it is– there is rampant abusive use of them and I have been a victim of it twice. It is not any different than getting raped by the invisible man. Women actually do not have obstacles to obtaining such orders and they are easy to get, and that’s a problem. So many people out there with unfounded orders against them.

    2. Regarding the restraining order to the best of my knowledge it’s not up to the police, it’s actually up to the court and generally the woman will get it. Anyone that’s been married with kids, and is it was in a difficult relationship knows that there’s always two sides of the story. That said on this occasion this lady appears very genuine, and it’s obvious that she was downtrodden by her husband. Well not to worry as he will rot out probably the last days of his life in prison, Wish her all the best moving forward.

  14. I appreciate her. She recognizes the danger he poses to all of us, and is using her own personal experience to try to reach people who would normally back him, regardless of his actual crimes. Sometimes you have to fight the fight you can, and hope it makes a difference.

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