Soboroff Believes There Needs To Be A ‘Re-Examination’ Of America’s Immigration Policies | Deadline


    1. @aaron turnupseed
      Actually, the wire enclosures had probably been there longer than that. But the “cages” aren’t the main issue. It was Trump’s new policy of purposely breaking up all families and losing the records of who the children belonged to. Don’t try to defend the indefensible

    2. I wonder what Joe’s movers reactions were when they found his open Barbie doll collection hidden in the basement

    3. @aaron turnupseed Spoken like a true Trump follower. Deflect….I guess Trump didn’t have a choice but to fill the cages with children in the last four years?

  1. both sides are complicit…..always have been…..and many of these are our essential workers to this day…..we americans need to wake-up and see who is supporting whom.

  2. Pretty much everyone has agreed for decades that the immigrations system needs to be overhauled and reformed. They just can’t agree on how.

    1. Yes. Everyone is agreed that illegal immigration into the U.S. is too high. What they’re arguing about is what to do with the children born in the U.S. to illegal immigrant parents.

    2. Well they have caravans in the northern triangle countries right now maybe Biden can send them busses to take them to D.C. He can make it a sanctuary district and not have to worry about those pesky states.

  3. Soboroff has done phenomenal work relating this horror for years. Thank you. This is a crime against humanity. 🗽😥

  4. The fault/liability falls on all of us as Americans who stood silently by saying nothing LOUD ENOUGH to be taken seriously

  5. The riches want cheap labor to reap their profits but they don’t want them to stay, can’t have both ways

  6. Yes these children should be united with there parents but where r u going to but every one at the border when millions of united of Americans out of work and homeless 🤔 let me know I am trying to stay alive and live take care of home first

  7. The reason trump was able to seperate children from families was because he was the President and he told people to do it. The overall structure of the immigration system had nothing to do with it.

  8. It’s pretty sad that most of the people against immigrants are only here because their families were immigrants to begin with.

  9. The entire American government, policies, corporations, banking, wages, healthcare, education, ALL OF IT, must be completely redone for the disease of hate & corruption has poisoned too many.

  10. The immigration policy engraved on the Statue of Liberty seems just fine to me. So if we aren’t going to live up to that ideal, then just tear the statue down, as it no longer stands for anything.

  11. Why is there so much hate against immigrants? Why can’t we, as a species, not attack the new and not fear the unfamiliar?

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