2. The first Russian state 1000 years ago had capital in Kyev. Ukraine stood with Russia as one country against Poles, Ottoman Turks, 1st world war, 2nd world war, and many more. Europe, UK, US have no principles. They support Ukraine in joining EU, NATO, it’s independence, it’s war against Russia, but won’t support indepenent Catalonia, Kurdistan, Palestine, Uyghuristan, Tibet… & they are so willing to accept Ukrainian refugees (which is the right thing to do), but look how refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan… were & still are treated. It’s all about interests for west & it’s their interest to cause as much as possible damage to Russia, while they support Israel in it’s NAZI behavior towards Palestinians (lebensraum on the east, genocide, war crimes), won’t support independent Kurdistan… I’m sick of this war! It’s a senseless war.

    3. Potato, on live tv in 4k, gave puin permission for a “minor incursion” into Ukraine.

      Hunters emails: moscow and Ukraine gave $ to bidens

      God save Ukraine

  1. The odds are tough for the Ukraine for sure but the stories that many of the Russian forces were told they were on an exercise and are now inside Ukraine might give some rational why in this story when one died they all ran. The fact that the Ukraine is fighting on their own land to protect their own land vs the seemingly less motivated Russian rank and file soldiers gives hope. The fact that Russian citizens in the heart of a dictatorship are risking their freedom if not their lives to protest tells me at least some of those sentiments would likely be in the ranks of the military as well. At this point I am confident a lot of average Russian soldiers must be starting to think if only to themselves “what the Hell are we doing here?” and if the Ukrainians can hold on and make their lives a living Hell with a fierce resistance they might start saying it out loud and behaving in ways that are less about winning a questionable war and more about self preservation. I may be wrong but it does seem that the high moral from feeling you are on the right side of a conflict and fighting for your home vs being a pawn for a dictator might make more difference then is being given credit for.

    1. @Revolution Outdoors And Stuff! Let’s see, who is the most trustworthy? Media in almost the entire world, or the Kremlin? The Kremlin that even has a history of lying repeatedly. So get out of here, you Russian troll. Your propaganda may work on many Russians but it certainly doesn’t work here.

    1. @Витя Коваленко
      The UPA only changed its name because the Bandera followers are common and still present everywhere!!! As you know very well!!

  2. Those guys are legends man! the fact that they’re standing they’re ground against the Russian force is mind blowing 🤯And the Ukraine president my God🤯 what a True leader , what a patriot, what a worrier, he is a Living Legend. God Bless Ukraine 🙏🏻

  3. Don’t Russian commanders know that tanks and vehicles receive -10 defense points when fighting in urban environments? and -10% morale when fighting away from homeland? Ukraine receive +25% defense bonus when fighting on homeland, stack that bonus with the x2 damage multiplier when using javelin and stinger units, along with the +5 line of sight from and 10% ambush effectiveness from their territorial defense forces. Ukraine is showing the gaming world how to really stack bonuses for maximum effect. lol

    1. How many percentage points do soldiers lose when they have no idea _why_ they are fighting? Because that’s the case for most of the Russians.

  4. Please put an end to this senseless war..both soldiers for ukraine and for russia have families and children waitng for them to come safe and alive..why not resolve it in a peaceful ways rather in a bloody mess..it ain’t right..all of us has no right to take lives..but it is every human’s right to live..GOD HEAL THE WORLD..GOD SPEED!!! LET THERE BE PEACE IN THE WORLD…🙏🙏🙏

    1. Pretty easy to choose sides here. If a man gives you a gun and tells you to kill innocent people with it, you shoot that man with that gun.

  5. I agree about the Ukrainian people and will add: the Ukrainian army is not the strongest in Europe but can still fight to the end even though they have not many army.Ukrainian people over without a doubt some of the most brave and resilient people on earth, they all deserve massive respect.❤🙏🇺🇦I hope this war ends quick, wish the best of luck for the Ukrainians people. ❤🙏🙏🇺🇦

    1. Chechnya with its population of slightly more than 1 million (at that moment) managed to hold out for 10 years before the partisan movement was strangled completely. Ukraine has the population of 41 million people and if Putin manages to occupy the country, it is supposed to be the bloodiest and most exhausting occupation for Russia as a result of which it falls apart. The Ukranian people will never accept any puppet and will kill them one after another.

  6. 🇺🇦 Ukraine will definitely win. Ukrainian people are really amazing. – I’m sending you support in Korea 🇰🇷

    1. @Marty Yo really? have not be paying attention, that the russians are still advancing on the map does not mean they winning they already lost close to a hundred aircraft and a 1000 armoured vehicles and Ukraine Army is receiving more heavy weapons every hour from Nato.

    1. @Elmosweed trump was going to leave and biden agreed with the idea of leaving cause he followed up on it so you cant say just trump wanted to leave. Biden also agreed cause he could of went against that. The problem was biden left millions of dollars in vehicles, aircrafts, guns, and other military equipment behind for the enemy. He also left people behind. Trump and biden both were on board with the decision of pulling out. The difference is how he pulled out like a unorganized lunatic leaving equipment and people behind. Trump wouldnt of left people or our stuff behind.

    2. My outmost respect and admiration for Ukrainian people. Even though they are fighting against an overwhelming enemy, outgunned outnumbered, they still resisting hard.

    3. @W M Yes Trump was going to leave- that was part of the surrender agreement he made with the people who killed our troops.
      The weapons left behind were the weapons that we had left for the Afghan army. We had no idea they would lay down their guns and run.
      Would not have been very nice to take their guns away from them as we leave.
      The Americans that ignored Biden’s warning to leave the Country is on them. They are the ones that forced our troops outside the wall that day.

      Same in Ukraine currently- If any Americans are still their- that is on them

    1. @Real Angel 777👼👼. don’t you dare fire a nuc. This world will have so much fallout radiation if you start a nuclear war because ALL OF RUSSIA WILL BE A BLAST SITE. Leave the Karen Empire alone and don’t you dare touch us. We are the nation of safety and comfort. Hurt feelings cause protests and managers everywhere tremble under the mighty fear of the Unities States of America. If you don’t cease now Russians will be wearing bumpits and will be driving soccer mom SUVS this time next year. Don’t think we won’t invade and conquer.

  7. I just have this strong feeling that the reason the Russians aren’t doing very well is because their hearts are not in this fight. They know it’s wrong & that the Ukraine ppl don’t deserve this

    1. @Ralph Conner The men on the missiles are hitting civilian apartments, even at a hospital, and killing kids.

      News media may lie, however, as truth is the 1st casualty of war. Put-in DOES lie, always, so there’s that.

    2. @Marina Volkova I simply don’t believe u based on the evidence that I personally researched and critically analyzed, and based on what I’ve known about Putins decades long authoritarian behavior, I think you’re a Russian propagandist spreading misinformation in an attempt to justify a murderous dictator

  8. Amazing that the Russians have forgotten the fact that cities favor the defense. They defended Stalingrad and leveled Grozny, so their conduct here is perplexing. They really underestimated the Ukrainian people’s patriotism.

  9. People! I’m from Russia. And I live In St. Petersburg. Understand, we are all worried about this war, for people. We are not to blame and our government did not ask the people to attack or not. They just did it. Every human life is important. But I would like to ask you to think with your own head and not believe everything that television shows. There are a lot of lies, not the truth, and they are just trying to escalate the situation. World peace and health to all.

    1. Stop your Euro war before we in America get drafted. We don’t want to spill American blood in World War 3. As Americans we should never have to face discomfort, recessions or hard times and y’all are really making it difficult to live up to that American ideal

  10. Whole heartedly stand with the folks in Ukraine, standing their ground, not backing down, and willing to fight to the death.. even the women out in the Ukraine are not afraid! I hate to say this, but most American people are not tough like this, we are such a overly sensitive and cowardly nation.. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  11. I’m surprised Ukraine hasen’t collapsed by the weight of their citizens and army massive balls already
    Stay STRONG, Stay FREE like every country deserves to be
    слава Україні 🇨🇦❤💪🇺🇦

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