Socialist India B. Walton On Her Shocking Victory In Buffalo 1

Socialist India B. Walton On Her Shocking Victory In Buffalo


India B. Walton speaks about her surprising win against incumbent Byron Brown in the mayoral primary in Buffalo, N.Y. If she wins the general election in the historically blue city, she will be the first Socialist mayor in the United States in half a century. 

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    1. @edward cunha Trump never called anyone who served lisers…you watch too much of this channel

    2. @Courtney yes they do. It’s corporate socialism and they pay very little tax. We subsidise their lives.

    3. @Centurion97 It’s the government owning the means of production. Also these social democrats believe in redistributing wealth too.
      I am just not naive enough to believe that in the state our country and economy is in, that all these pie in the sky promises will work.

    1. Simple as voting her out if she can’t do the job.
      But like y’all said to give trump a chance then you must give her a chance also.

    1. I think quite the opposite. Buffalo is going to see the negative effects of Socialism and it’s economic hardships and crime problems will worsen.

    2. @Rude Sword I’m almost 30 I don’t want Hollywood movies though. Not a fan of supporting p3dos.

  1. “The problem with socialism is you finally run out of other people’s money.”
    New York State has been out of other people’s money for three decades… Good luck, Buffazuela…

    1. @Iris Cullen Were you part of Occupy Wall Street? I was. At least until the black block came in and started segregating people by race. Don’t talk to me about handouts when it was the left that broke up that bipartisan movement.

  2. Wow, she took over a low info/low turnout voter base? Can’t wait for this dumpster fire

    1. Maybe if America incouraged voting then more would turn out but dudes like trump and other right wingers our trying very hard to create low turn out in democratic areas.either way you got no choice but to except the results of the election.

  3. A write-in campaign would only split the vote and run the danger of a trump-clone victory. He took the voters for granted. He needs to look for another job. Amazon is always hiring.

  4. She basically said: “We somehow won because we ran, that’s pretty much it”…..

    Something doesn’t seem right.

  5. As someone who is not a socialist, I sincerely hope India Walton runs Buffalo well and improves the standards of living for its poor residents. Considering she’s likely the most powerful socialist executive in the US rn, she has a huge responsibility on her shoulders to prove the other bozos in these comments dead wrong.

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