SOE in Jamaica Will be Lifted at Midnight | TVJ News – Nov 27 2021


  1. The whole scenario about crimes and violence in Jamaica is a big joke, what that guy is saying about social programs in the area. It is the same Jlp party government ministers them dismantled those programs in the 1980s, by the pm Edward George Seaga. Becaused he didn’t respect the poor people them in Jamaica,all the social programs was destroyed by the Jlp party government ministers them in the 1980s. Plus Westmoreland parish was doing very good in the 1970s, because the ganja trade was helping out and. The jlp party government ministers them allowing the United States government,to send two black hawk helicopters 🚁 in Jamaica, going around. Spraying off the ganja fields and, also killing off the Jamaican coconut 🥥 crops. So what is happening in Jamaica,it was what the jlp party government ministers them. Creates in the 1980s is now affecting them big time,there is no jobs opportunities nowhere in Jamaica. Plus the poverty rates is so high, nobody cannot hardly buy anything at all.Becaused the dollar is less than one us cent , and the high cost of living. They created this coronavirus disease pandemic situation, and it is affecting the world. It is going to get worse, where crimes is going to get higher ok .

  2. Clearly it’s not working. They use it too much, its like nothing now. Anju have no crime plan coz he is one of the criminal elements

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