SOEs to be Reimplemented in Jamaica | TVJ News – March 31 2021


  1. Mister clueless PM. Weh di crime plan deh Andrew! How comes yuh nuh have none? Mi did think seh people did a go sleep wid dem window and doors open or was that just another of your scheme? Mi nuh figet. We want tangible solutions and not lip service.

    1. Waste man that cause the same night him say dat in parade a two man dead in the same crowd of supporters then he put these useless police on licky licky solider in mobay cause I am from that city an u know what they did was to issue tickets in the community that them put SOE YET THEY find no criminal on police dying t houses away from dem on just stress out us but ppl here in mobay a clown cause they are political blind cause they encourage the SOE YET get no benefit from it

  2. Wait nuh dem same bad man song deh unno did a play pon di campaign trail so how now yuh have an issue? I think you would have been able to smell the hypocrisy

    1. Bounty killer an others did a tell jamaican but di man dem did take di thing fi jok now WI c for our selfs

  3. This man nav a clue how to stop crime,just know how fi emplement more rules to have us living like slave dogs,and crashing the country cause clearly him ca drive nor streer di bus,so him crash it wid we inna deh an him jump out an lef we fi dead,but we ca dead cause a di almighty a keep us

  4. I hope Jamaica’s government realize that it is not producing anything and until it does crime will be an issue. Too many idle hands 😔🇯🇲

    1. @N N the island is unproductive so its continually showing in the economy. Needs more industries. However, what do you think it needs? Maybe you have a better idea 🤔🇯🇲

    2. @Ask Neilly I absolutely agree with you! I asked (the previous question), to ensure I understood your initial comment. I think even if the Jamaican government takes small steps in production, it would make a positive impact and attract healthy partnerships/trade agreements. Also, maybe minimize selling assets to foreign countries, which cause losing the rights to local assets. Part of the issue too, is that some locals, just don’t want to work and also, prefer to the “boss.” I’m not an economist, so I really don’t think I have the answers for this topic; however, I really do believe Jamaica has alot to offer (more than realized), that can increase independence and profitability. Some of the things/trends that are brought back from international travels are implemented for irrelevant reasons. They should be patterned with the intent to make money and foster sustainability. This will lead to great profits, a surge in jobs getting birthed, career progression, ambition and entrepreneurship.

    3. @N N we are on the same page. All I was saying is that crime is a distraction (not that its not real) and that the people needs something to do.

    1. Never thought l would say this but I “agree” Jamaica needs a Brutal dictator who carries out Public executions.

  5. This government need to get rid of poverty people are hungry and starving out there too much that is the only way to solve crime

    1. People are starving all over the world. Some of the poorest countries have way lower crime rate. If you give these same so called hungry people money the crime rate wouldn’t go down. Scammers have lots of money, don’t? Do they stop from commit crimes? It ‘s not hunger, it’s respect for the law and for one another. Medz deeper!

  6. Violence is plaguing the country bcuz ur a devil worshiper. UNLAWFUL CHURCH SERVICE law? Boy u silly. Zoe zoe caa help Jamaica. Country need prayer

  7. Mr pm you know why Barbados doesn’t have violence music? Do you know why Trinidad has violence music? Jamaica had violence before the music and it simple the system was broken long time ago by government and it was never fix very simple

  8. Ja don’t need a state of emergency, ja need a government that works, we have a coulter that also worship mad man, everyone is talking about, violence against women, we supposed to take a stand against all violence, a life is a life, and it should have the same value, the same murderers who is killing men, are the same murderers, who is killing woman now.

  9. Sell out the country to the devil 😈. Lock up church, people hungry and stressed out what is your answer commander in chief.

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