Sofía Jirau becomes Victoria’s Secret first model with Down syndrome | USA TODAY

Sofía Jirau becomes Victoria's Secret first model with Down syndrome | USA TODAY 1


  1. this is funny because its all the backlash they got for saying plus size and trans women arent a part of the “fantasy” of victorias secret lol. good for her though

  2. She’s the best looking one of them all. I’m tired of this culture we have of shaming people who are beautiful, skinny, or people that work hard to be healthy and fit. They’re also going against Marketing 101, to know your customer and who’s buying your product. Most women (it’s biological folks!) want to look sexy or attractive for their mate! It’s not about inclusivity! It’s about beauty. And to shoo the prior VS angels away and demean them as not being “accomplished,” although they likely worked hard over years of their career to fit such a high standard, it’s a slap in the face. Truthfully, all aspects of wokeness is for the sheep. The people at the top know what they’re doing. I will never lower my standard, standards exist for a reason. There is still such a thing as beauty and ugliness, both inside AND out. Congrats VS, you’ve lost a customer and many others for the sake of woke politics!

  3. Another Blonde? Big Deal! 🙄 Anybody Else Not Surprised? All of the Different Types of Girls With DS They Could Have Chosen From and the First One Just Happens To Be Another BORING Blonde! Like We Don’t See Enough Blondes?

    1. Aww, someone’s triggered by the pretty girl’s hair color. It’s gonna be okay. Maybe she’ll read your comment and dye her hair just for you!

  4. And as a mother or father I would be with my daughter EVERYWHERE!!!! I don’t trust the that world. Congratulations Sofia

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