SolarWinds Hackers Are At It Again, Targeting 150 Organizations | MSNBC


    1. @Ix -XIC lmao! Yah, cuz I got kicked off for calling someone names. I had to make a new account.

    2. My Tale,these hackers can be traced! There needs to be a law passed to give the death penalty when the are caught, no matter what their nationality!

    3. @Brent Nuckolls better then it going to billionaires like republikkkns.
      The poor pay the most in taxes!

    4. We seem to be continuing to reward the Russians. Trump impose sanctions on companies working on the Russian natural gas pipeline and Joe lifted those sanctions for some reason.
      Then Joe took a unilateral action to stop the Keystone XL pipeline which destroyed thousands of high-paying construction jobs in the United States. It also upset our friends to the north, several Canadian lawmakers wanted to impose sanctions on the USA.
      I don’t understand the thinking when we want to reward to Russia and harm Americans.

    5. @T. R. Campbell Actually Canada cheered for the closure of the XL pipeline, which was a disaster on every level.

      As for the “sanctions”, the last administration’s sanctions didn’t actually affect Russia, but other nations working on the Russia originated pipeline, which drove more countries to get direct contracts with Russia as it was costing them money to do so with America. But hey, believe FOX all you want I guess.

      Also closing the XL pipeline cost 1300 temporary jobs, most of which were minimum wage, non-union jobs. Meanwhile his new energy plans are creating millions of permanent, high paying union jobs. So that definitely works out in America’s favor.

      It’s amazing how you celebrate an open traitor, yet complain about the guy actually making the country a little better and standing up to America’s enemies.

  1. Who would have thought that people would attack our infrastructure after we paid the bad guys last time?

    1. Russia will do a anything for their boy trump and he doesn’t care about how much it hurts America

    2. @Thomas Harte Ahhhhh, Trump is in Florida enjoying life and playing golf. Joe is in DC or have you forgotten.

    3. @T. R. Campbell
      Yep and his sponsor Vladimir Putin is paying for his great lifestyle while most ordinary Americans are struggling due to trump

  2. And they will continue as long as they don’t have to face dire consequences and are not stopped

    1. funny…i was nodding my head ,agreeing…then i realized that you were not talking about the Jan 6 attempted coup. rather than than this ,the latest attack on American life.

    2. @mactec54 yep that’s one way to help stop to the hackers, don’t open spam but that may be a bit difficult because some important correspondence may also come via spam..

  3. Geeee….who would have thought that capitulation to hackers and giving them money would have encouraged them to do more hacking and terrorism???… idiots.

  4. If they can’t find and stop those spoofing phone calls as where they are coming from, how do they know it is Russia behind this?.

    1. @TIHS PID the REKCIL TILC I wouldn’t be so quick to just write everything off to fear mongering.

    1. First, this is a different group than the one that attacked the pipeline company.

      Second, the company decided to pay the ransom, despite government recommendations not to.

      Third, since the orange traitor basically gave Russia carte blanch to attack the US at will, and literally covered for them as they did so… they’ve gotten vastly more bold with their attacks on America.

    2. @Adam Taylor what does this not being the same group have anything to do with paying or not paying ransoms?

    3. @Adam Taylor this is all happening under Joe Biden. Stop blaming someone else for the woes of your geriatric president.

  5. If only there was a group of people, like an agency, that could find out who they are and stop this, permanently…

    1. @RM M and hijacked airplanes are? Ships? CEOs, and their families? I never claimed it was run by the government. They just reserve the right to arbitrarily shut them down. And no, I was a few points short of “genius” last time I tried. I qualify to join MENSA though.

    2. @John Q Public What are you blithering about? What does the government have to do with CEOs and whatnot?

    3. @RM M who do you think these people and corporations call when something is hijacked or kidnapped, Batman?

    4. @John Q Public No, their IT folks. But the point is they have no policy not to negotiate with terrorists.

    5. @RM M as a private entity no, but capitulation to these terrorists can only lead to further incidents. That’s why airlines took a hardline stance against paying hijackers in the past. Imagine my complete lack of surprise to learn today that the same alleged hackers who made $5,000,000 off colonial are now robbing more people.

  6. You would think things like a local gas pipeline would have a closed system. Not like they need to control it from Europe or anything. What is the point of globalizing things like this? I would have ran its own network and kept them as a closed system on its own internet.

  7. Imagine intelligence agencies protecting people instead of covering for politician’s malfeasance

  8. Please can I hear a report about American hackers cleaning out Putin’s secret bank accounts for once!

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