Solomon breaks down the latest details on the Raj Grewal charges 1

Solomon breaks down the latest details on the Raj Grewal charges


Evan Solomon has the latest on new details that have emerged about Raj Grewal, who is facing fraud charges.


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    1. @J Aitken Yes but not from parliament which it could have done by a vote so a boot out of the party but not out of a job is a big nothing.

  1. How the f we gonna allow foreigners to be in politics? They prove time and time again they arent up for the job cause they simply cant do it and they only care about their own anyways

    1. Yo Joe ohhh so that makes him canadian? Lmao, so if i move to china im chinese? Or my kids will be accepted as chinese? Your out to lunch bud

    2. @SpongeBomb IsraelPants Your the last guy who should be talking about ethics. Your country breaks international law everyday by building on land that isn’t yours.

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