Solomon on Trudeau-Payette tensions: “A stunning trolling of the prime minister”

Evan Solomon breaks down the growing rift between Julie Payette and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


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  1. Resigning meant she keeps her pension and such when she doesnt deserve it.If she were fired she would lose it all and then spill the beans about illegalish matters that have been done.

  2. Criminal charges should be filed. Trudeau will be facing Criminal charges within the next year I am willing to bet too.

    1. @Joe Issac Canadians don’t love Trudeau, barely a third of the registered voters even voted for him. The Opposition party got more votes than he did….

    2. @Derek Woodford I get it. But we go by federal Electoral Districts not by popular vote. He who wins the mighty Ontario & Quebec rules Canada!!! Remember how on last election when Saskatchewan/Alberta/BC didn’t even finish counting an the election was called 😶. Personally what we need is a electoral reform & become a republic.

    1. At the moment so is the PM position. Get rid of ALL of them and start again or else life as we know it is doomed

  3. Unbelievable she as nominated by the Prime Minister following the revelations of her 2nd degree assault charges in Maryland.

  4. Heavily redacted!!!!Rings a bell??????WE CHARITY documents that Pierre Poilievre was throwing them in the air!!!!These are the Liberals, this is Trudeau!!!!

  5. Did she do something as bad as Cameron Ortis? She welcomes an investigation, but has no voice it seems. Just like Cameron.

  6. The prime minister should be trolled. Even dollarama checks references… you think a position like “governer general” of a country would include a basic background check. Julie should not be given the chance to enjoy a taxpayer funded retirement for the rest of her life.

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